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July 3, 2010
Super Smash Brothers by ~TouchFuzzyGetDizzy is simply jawdropping! Mario and Luigi never looked so alive!
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Super Smash Brothers

Great outdoor pic of my two best papercrafts to date.

Edit: Woah, logged in today and just had a ridiculous amount of messages and found the cause to be I got a DD! Awesome! I can't thank everyone for all their very kind words individually so...thanks to all! I can answer some of the more specific questions that came up though:
Size: Mario is 40cm tall and Luigi is 50cm
Templates: Mario can be found here [link] and Luigi here [link] A lot of the credit goes to Ignatius of the nintendopapercraft forums for editing and designing these fine models...
Instructions: I intended to make instructions for Mario and Luigi but never really got around to it and now I'm too swamped in projects to find the time for them. Let me say they're not easy but if anyone wants to attempt them I'd be happy to help them with any questions they might have.
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 the link of mario is broken. :(
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These look really incredible! And they look gigantic! (even though they're not. :XD: )
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File Removed for Violation.... ?
Mario's link doesn't work... Any other way to get it ? :/
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Speaking of smash... There's a Free Giveaway + HD Smash 3DS Stream on It's US release:…
Mario`s link is off
hey! I have a question. I am making mario, but doe to the thickness of my card stock, there are these white lines everywhere!! What do I do? Also, the part where his front leg bends looks terrible... What do I do to clean it up?
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I saw this in an issue of nintendo power
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Legit Paper Mario Bros! :love:
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Is there a chance you still have to PDO file for Mario? All download links seem to be down.
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This was in an issue of Nintendo Power, wasn't it?
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are you taking foam and covering it with paper??
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Oh wait nvm. Woooooww....
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Hey, I don't know if you know, but a chinese site is selling your models. [link]
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Don't know if you know, but a chinese site is selling your models. [link]
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they're not his it's his photo but the models are Ignatius'
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woow is really cool x3
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> paper
> outdoor
> pic
> pic

These are real?
What. Amazing.
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