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Rotating ZAL

I still think this is one of the best models Ninjatoes has ever made...and I haven't even played Twilight Princess!
You can see him in more detail here: [link]
Part of a series of rotating papercrafts:
Luigi: [link]
Mario: [link]
Kurt Zisa: [link]
Aryll: [link]
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Oh wow! That's a really well done model!

The rotation is a little fast though, it makes it difficult to really appreciate the details.
TouchFuzzyGetDizzy's avatar
Right, the rotation gif was an experiment and I hadnt really got it quite right. You are right though, I think it should be slowed down.
Lub-Lubs's avatar
link in zora armor: super hot

Link: hey midna! look at my new swimsuit!
Midna: link, what the...? you look ridiculous
CheeseXCrackers's avatar
That's so cool! 8D
nightmaredude456's avatar
Where did you get this?? I'd love one!
TouchFuzzyGetDizzy's avatar
You can download the templates to build your own from Ninjatoes' website: [link]
SuperBrownMan's avatar
You haven't played TP yet! you are one deprived individual! GO FIND A COPY AND PUT IT IN YOUR WII!
TouchFuzzyGetDizzy's avatar
I don't have a wii either! Turns out I'm far more interested in the art of video games than the gameplay...I've probably papercrafted more in the last year than played games (and that's not a testament to how much I papercraft).
SuperBrownMan's avatar
now that's alot! all i do fro papercraft is an airplane! wasn't very good at it!
PrincessGoo's avatar
This is really good!
devoutburrito's avatar
hell yes zora armor!
LunaticEyesInaba's avatar
Wow, that's awesome! Seriously, it's amazingly detailed and amazing. The thing is, it's kind of rotating a bit too fast. But, at the same time it's kind of fun to watch.
TouchFuzzyGetDizzy's avatar
It was sort of hard to balance between good image size and a small file this is the result.
LunaticEyesInaba's avatar
Ah, okay. It's still really awesome looking though. XD
Paulo-Onate's avatar
Cool papercraft :>
shadowluminata's avatar
Love the armor.... Never finished TP, but I love this!
TouchFuzzyGetDizzy's avatar
Never played TP but I love this!
LeTourbillonEnchanT's avatar
DicesukeInuzuka's avatar
awesome! This link looks so cool!
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