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Sister My Sister?? The movie, i mean, and the real storie is based on, maybe?

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Very impressive, beautiful depiction.
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I would love to know the story behind this! Gives off a melancholy vibe that is portrayed beautifully.
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This looks like something right out a drama or horror movie. I love how you're not sure what exactly happened here or what will happen but it's interesting and it looks gorgeous.
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So beautifully!

Is there a story associated to this incredible work??
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well, by the looks of it, this is the aftermath of a dissatisfied master to the maids.
s/he was most likely very angry with an issue and took it out on the maid. 
Thus she was weeping, eventually her friend discovers and comforts her as he lay in her despair.
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쩐당 awesome as usual !
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This reminds me of an old movie Sister, my sister.
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There's something really powerful about this. Their posture, what I perceive as a look/gesture of forgiveness from the one on the right... all very powerful and beautiful!
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This is so amazing! Excellent work! :) 
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Excellent work!
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Looks like a scene from a movie! ;)
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Wow this is gorgeous and a bit eerie, they both stand out amidst the chaos of the room.
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This is fantastic!!!
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What happened? Did she slip?
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