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Hello, i decided to open the 5th PSD to everyone. 
and the the password is "greatestwatchers" remove those quote unquote and you can unzip the rar from my download link. 

link of the psd:…

I think thats all i got i hope u guys read this status 


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hello just an idiot who makes gfx for an hobby i never gain anything from this hobby as an real money, the donation are gained from pure comission to make some original content like render some model or anything else.

Terminated, everything in this gallery is not pure art or raw art whatev how you call, so this entire gallery just a edit/gfx. if you have some trouble with my edit you can contact me in person at note or at discord (Totoro-GX#5584)

i take this as a hobby…

i'll try to credit every artist that provide amazing source to me and i could spent my time with them for a long time.

I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh Pedobear by Cornebus Oz Vessalius Stamp by babyoreo Alice Stamp by babyoreo Alice Wins in an Arm Wrestling by babyoreo

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Hey guys its already been long time since i write another journal and the good thing is i almost hit 5 years by the mid october when its happenin'.  and i would like to say thank you for you're all support until this day! i know i'm kinda douchebag that are lazy to say thank you in front of internet but today i've other thing to discuss especially for a people that loss interest with other thing. lets jump into it.

since i stay with this platform i learned a lot and gain lot of friends as well, but the reason why i'd like to write journal like this is because this thing always stay in my mind for quite a while.

first and foremost I really love Editing/GFX i think when i saw someone make their Signature on MAL i think thats a good thing that he/she could do something like that, until i discover another website called deviantART and i got more hooked with this kind of thing, a lot of people could do many style and the others just could do 1 style until they decided to go away from this kind of hobby.

When i do GFX i spent my time mostly alone, i always try to find some resources whether its legal/illegal and i found good atmosphere between the "Model" and the "Background" i always find it quite interesting to do it until the end of my process. I think making GFX is a attempt to relief my stress from a fuck up thing. and I ENJOY HELL OUT OF IT.

Its always fun to see other people got improved or get rusted when they try something and the think is no one could stop you, because we are alone. i mean making GFX mostly for hobby (am i right?) so why did people still come to attempt making GFX? when i think many answer to that question i'd always come up with depending answers, lots of newcomers try to make something similar from their inspiration and the oldcomers just doing it because they dont feel good about themself, it could be because of they dont have good thing to spent or they just want to their shit altogether.

I think this kind of hobby could be beautiful yet dangerous for our behaviour or daily routine, the beautiful thing is we could improve our skill whether your understanding in the application or improvement of your skill. i believe we're all gonna improved by the meant time but i just want to remind you about your daily routie.

Doing same thing everyday its gonna kill your desire or passion, and its not about GFX as well it could be your another hobby or work, i thing if we want to relief ourselves we have to find another behaviour. i think keep in touch with another hobby with another strangers (until you call him/her friends) could be your answer to stand up from your bad daily routine.

And if you're still loss and can't find no one to talk its always easy to find help over at your internet stop doing same exact thing everyday and try to come up with another ideas to fullfill your momentum.


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Mistarooni Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I honestly do not understand the "Render" community on here tbh.
Artist, especially JP artists on pixiv do not like their work edited or modified in any way shape or form, and go out of their way to say it with disclaimers. (The unfortunate part is not all of them know/speak little English)

I understand that it also takes effort to edit the art for posting, but It doesn't make sense to me. Why take what technically isn't yours??

Care to enlighten me, friend?   No hard feelings smile 
Totoro-GX Featured By Owner Edited Nov 2, 2018
Hi mistarooni, my first intention when doing renders was sharing it to the public that has same hobby as me ex: gfx makers. i know its a illegal thing to do, i even rarely ask the artist for the permission to render their arts. but everything back to my motive, it just for sharing

i hope it explain everythings.

P.S GFX maker was an individual that edit a image from various artist and combine it in one result, well i guess its fair to called it sins hobby 
Mistarooni Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
yes that makes sense.

I hope you have a good day now! kaomoji set 1 9/19 
PeterKmiecik Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I really enjoy Your recent deviation :squee: I'm watching You, hope You do more :w00t:
Please watch my profile if You like my art :dalove: :heart:
..and here's LLama badge for art motivation! :wave: 
Totoro-GX Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018
Hey its and honor to hear that from amazing like yours truly. have a watch back +1
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