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this ones for:iconcgpintor:
my entry for our latest DISNEY VILLAIN ART JAM

this is my take on Ursula from The Little Mermaid
cant think of any villain at the moment so i ask my girl *PJ731 and she suggested her, i dont know why:rofl:
any ways, just a quick(well, not so quick painting)
i did before going back to reviewing for my exam(damn you *scarypet for pressuring me to finish this, i barely have time to review! waaaaaa!!!)
any ways hope you like this one

oh we're also planning on opening a commission type like this soon:D
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Awesome!!  I love the looks of the gills in her neck & the webs between her lips in the corners of her mouth!! She'd look fantastic with webbed fingers, too!!
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Wow, spooky. Very Cthulhu-lady :P
elphieofkiamoko's avatar
This is intense owo
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It's davy Jones's wife :noes:
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Omg.. I wouldn't like to be under her chin.. If I can find it.
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I don't remember her being this scary-looking. It's flippin' sweet nonetheless.:D
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This is a very cool reimagining of Ursula, she's always been one of my favorites, I like your take on her a lot. The coloring is fantastic!
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And yet this will likely not stop the massive influx of pornography dedicated to her.
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I really like it! Good job.
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ikaw pala ang gumawa nito^^
totmoartsstudio2's avatar
uu kaya wag na ipagyabang:rofl:
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ay sorry naman uli! :D :D :boogie:
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nice lighting..
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ick she truly is nasty.
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Ursula looks scary on this but this is really cool :) lineless :dance:
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Looks good - detailed, colored and evil enough...
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