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Star Wars commission for:icontexanjoe:
another star wars commission :D
another Sith, a Pureblood Sith that is, hehehe

i really enjoy painting Siths, i can feel the anger, it makes me take my pen, strike my tablet down, and make my journey to the dark side complete. . . wait what?!?

any ways, another fun piece
doing the texture was fun as well :D

other Star Wars commissions:

this is our fully painted style commission with simple BG
spots are still open so just drop us a note if interested :D

drawn on Paint Tool SAI and painted, added effects and edited on Adobe Photoshop.

line art & paint :icontotmoartsstudio2:
edits & assist :iconpj731::heart:
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These are pretty cool I like the Sith
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Magnificent work the dark side is strong with this one :)
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The greatest commisionners are in the SW univserse since they are ship designer and also since SWtOR open his doors !!!
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This is awesome!
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Wow I'm blown away again your attention is incredible. That is one intimidating looking Sith. Beautiful work.
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finally a good one
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Hello! ^^ Would it be alright if I used this for RP/Fanfic/General Writing purposes? I will credit you and provide a link as to where specifically if interested.
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this is amazing the art graphic love it
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If i could afford it, i would want a commission from you, so bad.
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I love that pic <3
The only difference between this Sith and my own is that mine is suffering from Dark Side corruption: the veins, scars, red eyes, and whatnot. Truly magnificent artwork.
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this is griggin awesom
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Another outstanding composition! I may have to commission you for some work creating some of my swtor toons!!
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hehehe sure thing :D
and thanks :D
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I love the metal effect!
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M.A.G.N.I.F.I.Q.U.E !!
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This one just looks amazing, very imposing looking
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lol at your artist comment. hope your tablet survived being struck down. lol

this is really awesomely done lots of vibrate colors and details that keep my eyes wondering with amazement.
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well it did survive and is now part of the dark side :jedi: hehehe
oh and thank you :D
Theo-Kyp-Serenno's avatar
welcome to the darkside Darth Tablet! XD

your welcome.
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