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Seeking Calm In the Storm
“Daddy! Da-ddyyyy!”
The cries tore through tension heavy air as he fought for patience. The bear must’ve come down from the mountain during the storm. It looked malnourished; skin sagging on bone swaying as it tried half-heartedly to get at his daughter through the debri over her. Drought had been bad this year prior to the storm. Rain had come little until it came howling with harsh winds that ripped apart everything at the seams.
Tauran wanted to tear the animal away, but fought for patience. Afraid that any reckless action could cause him to lose his daughter to the starved, enraged animal. He’d already lost the twins to the storm, . . the thought of losing another child was anathema to his soul. It just couldn’t be allowed to happen. Taking a second to suck in a breath to lungs that already hurt from strain, he whispered up prayers to several deities just in case then began to maneuver around predator and prey.
Hand gripped the large hunting knife hars
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There's A Hiccup (Final Version)
Tumbling down,
There’s a hiccup shaking my foundation,
unbearable emotions fracturing burdened beams
in resonating spider patterns leaving m
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The Vanishing Stars: Prologue
The stars were going out. Each distant, shining ball of gas blinking slowly out of existence as though someone had stretched a hand upward to pluck them out of the black backdrop. Those who dwelt below, dancing and drinking, sought to forget it for a little; desiring a night of reprieve from the suffering their world already faced as a result of the voice above them. Away from the revelry that celebrated the union of the Mayor's eldest daughter to a merchant from the capital sat a lone figure. Hands curled into fists as a rest for the chin and contemplative eyes the shade of burnt copper shifted from the void's emptiness to the surrounding stars as another light vanished. Each person knew of the prophecy that spoke of the fading stars, but none knew the meaning like Muirenn, and none would ever understand the sacrifices that would be required of all of them when that day arrived.
Though the stories had been told before they had begun to twist until they became tales tha
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The Vanishing Stars: Char. Names and Minor Notes
Muirenn Mulloy (Female Main Char. #1) — Muirenn is the overall focal character of the story. Her role is large within the setting especially in regards to the plot. She is the younger sister of Anara. When we first meet Muirenn she is simply tending to her garden. I have not thought much on her as a character yet, but as I write she comes together more solidly. I hope to have more of her to show you all later.
Anara _____ nee Mulloy (Female Main Char. #2) — Anara is the older sister of Muirenn. When their parents died it was her responsibility to take over teaching her sister about the vital role she would play if the prophecy should come to pass. Unfortunately, a hefty dose of denial and the distraction of her own family, consisting of a husband. Tomas, and (at least) six children, kept her from fulfilling these duties. Now, she strives to make up for it in the only way possible: by protecting Muirenn from those that threaten her well-being.
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The Vanishing Stars(Excerpt)
“Were ye followed?”
The voice was deep, vibrating with strength and energy, and at first Muirenn could’ve swore there was the growl of a wolf accompanying it in the dark. Flickering shadows appeared as the room brightened; the light a comfort to her shaken mind as she processed the question. After a moment her head gave a hasty shake.
“Nay. Checked before I opened the door. We’re safe.”
There was a snort in response as a tall, muscular man melted out of the shadows. The lines of his face were angular and sharp where spotted through the scruffy black-and-silver hair along his jawline. The beard blended easily into the near shoulder-length mess of black hair at the spot where sideburn met cheekbone. Most startling though were his golden colored eyes and the jagged 4-lined scars of white stretching over left eye, cheek and jaw, and along part of the neck. The form of it resembling the claws on a wolf’s paw.
Muirenn took a quick once-over at the wo
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There's A Hiccup(original draft)
There’s a hiccup shaking my foundation,
cracking it in resonating spider patterns
And leaving me distraught in their splintered wake —
undoing all the stability to toss me into a sea of confusion.
Words with the force of a quake
tearing at my heart until there might only remain shreds,
in the end — if it’s the end.
Hope keeps my lips sewn tightly shut,
when it comes to telling those close to me;
Until only solitude allows sobs to split them apart
and I fear what it’ll mean when no longer am I able to hide the tears —
Outward evidence of the pain slowly eating me from the inside.
More than them finding out,
and witnessing openly my crumbling facade,
I fear the end of us in a manner of finality.
While my bleeding heart stubbornly holds onto hope
my brain constantly gnaws on the anxiety coated ‘What ifs’;
These thoughts that plague my waking moments
and occasionally invade my dreams with
vivid images that wake me in tears;
Making me want to
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There's A Hiccup(WiP Poem)
Tumbling down,
There’s a hiccup shaking my foundation,
intolerable emotions fracturing burdened beams
in resonating spider patterns leaving me distraught;
with the spread of each thin, structural damaging CRACK!
         Undoing coveted stability that I was beginning
         to find and tossing me into a pit of unfettered confusion.

Distant words beating with the force of a quake
compressing a fragile heart until there remains only pulp,
in the end — if it’s the end?
Futile hope ke
:icontotiltwithwindmills:totiltwithwindmills 7 11
Rebellion(981 Words, Fiction)
“Neme, get down! You’ll ruin your new dress.”
Whispered words, heavy with their lecturing tone, made the small girl look back over one shoulder to where her Mother waited; the movement worsening her already precarious hold on the railing as her sandaled feet wobbled a little on the bar beneath. Her Mother was always yelling about one misbehavior or another, and they were usually aimed in Neme’s direction — for good reason. Today was such a case, but the excitement of the day drowned everything else out.
“I want to see them!”
This was the only position where Neme could see the docking spot down below given her height. If she moved then it’d be impossible to watch her Father and brothers returning from the mines. Her Mother didn’t seem inclined toward sympathy over her plight, but before another chastisement could be given the platform began to shake; people around them crying out in panic and confusion as Neme was yanked off the rail
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A Hundred Times: A Domestic Violence Poem
A Hundred Times: A Domestic Violence Poem
A hundred times I screamed
tortured, begging cries —
“No, please. Stop, stop. . . Don’t.”
that tore from my aching throat;
clawed at your arms, pushed at your chest
until my body went limp from exhaustion.
And all you did was smirk as
Your knuckles hit my ribs with a crack!
Sending me reeling backward into the wall — again.
Body vibrating with pain and eyes closed
While hope finally died with my last
Gasping sob. . .
:icontotiltwithwindmills:totiltwithwindmills 3 2
Mature content
Joy So Fuses :icontotiltwithwindmills:totiltwithwindmills 2 2


Mobius FF- Pollensalta by anotherwanderer Mobius FF- Pollensalta :iconanotherwanderer:anotherwanderer 1,278 36 Mermaid Blend by Glamourgirlizeme Mermaid Blend :iconglamourgirlizeme:Glamourgirlizeme 22 5 Path In The Woods by DominikaAniola Path In The Woods :icondominikaaniola:DominikaAniola 82 7
Sound Carries Near a Salt Flat
the noise of a dying man
is that of a humpack whale
reverberating across the desert thermocline,
tunneling between the dune
and the horizon.
he whines,
low, not loud, but it surrounds us;
ocean pressure straining
at the sides of a submerging ship.
the harpoon head of
the frag bomb burns in his leg -
flesh irreparably breached -
as that groaning
calls navigation signs
to some unknown counterpart far
across the sand.
I can swear to you
he will be gone in forty-eight hours from the sepsis
if medical can't make it to this fucking
shelled-out excuse for
a town
by tomorrow evening. I give
a sedative
still, his cries carry
like those songs deep in the dark water that we hear
but will never understand;
some forgotten, desperate code
that isn't ours to know,
until we're dead.
:icondoughboycafe:doughboycafe 22 22
Great City of Laelith by Fred73fr Great City of Laelith :iconfred73fr:Fred73fr 143 50 Serne-1 by Fred73fr Serne-1 :iconfred73fr:Fred73fr 121 12 Splacement Pattern 1 by tigaer Splacement Pattern 1 :icontigaer:tigaer 120 8 com-cept 29 - Victory by tigaer com-cept 29 - Victory :icontigaer:tigaer 168 2 Splacement Pattern 3 by tigaer Splacement Pattern 3 :icontigaer:tigaer 146 9 The Unknown Huntress by tigaer The Unknown Huntress :icontigaer:tigaer 196 4 Welcome Home by tigaer Welcome Home :icontigaer:tigaer 343 20 com-cept 23 - Let's Take The Boat Out by tigaer com-cept 23 - Let's Take The Boat Out :icontigaer:tigaer 324 7 Towers Of Entropy by tigaer Towers Of Entropy :icontigaer:tigaer 526 17 A Promise In Light by tigaer A Promise In Light :icontigaer:tigaer 218 9
she dances with the wind, not understanding
any of my cares, and yet - she cares
for all of them. I tell her "I deserve better than this
old abyss again and again."
and I am tired enough for an entire forest, but
old pine, mother of wings, stands still and
nurtures many things (me being the smallest of them, only
a whisper of a girl), and in whispers I learn
how to nurture something
not fire or dark, something like roots
or strong rainstorms
or the slow patience, the unafraid confidence that lets her stand tall
and be touched by nothing but wind
and sunshine and all the good things,
none of them human, none of them harm.
one day, I will stand
as tall as her, impossible
to take down. knowing
the secret art of growth,
of peace, of waiting for winter
and then summer again while a life passes by.
I sit on these steps and tell a tree
"I deserve better than this."
"I have seen this dark and I recognise
its heavy warm arms and I am not going
back down there." she understands.
lets me r
:iconladybitterblue:LadyBitterblue 19 12
.moonlove, sundrenched.
today, I find
I am made of the same fabric
as the moon at night - which is to say
only a little softer.
:iconladybitterblue:LadyBitterblue 19 9


Homecoming 1 by JonasDeRo Homecoming 1 :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 2,862 80 ambrosial by loish ambrosial :iconloish:loish 13,787 292 Morning by loish Morning :iconloish:loish 14,818 469 gumdrop by loish gumdrop :iconloish:loish 8,933 160 scales by loish scales :iconloish:loish 13,592 323 breathe by loish breathe :iconloish:loish 13,533 282 Wall Market by jordangrimmer Wall Market :iconjordangrimmer:jordangrimmer 3,302 93 Road to Avalon by jordangrimmer Road to Avalon :iconjordangrimmer:jordangrimmer 1,464 29


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Is simply what the title says: if you are from Paris or visiting Paris, please let me know you're safe. My heart hurts and my stomach is sick over what has happened, and I worry for those I know through this community. My thoughts are with those who have died, been injured, and/or lost loved ones during this time. ‪#‎MyHeartAndThoughtsWithParis‬ ‪#‎LoveForTheCityOfLight‬
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