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I would love to be a Core Member

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 2, 2016, 11:30 AM

I'd like to be a core member, but my parents don't let me it. They said maybe later. (that probably means "never" -_-"). So I thought I try it: Can you give me come membership?
I'm offering you:

And if you want one free chao from here: (which it still adoptable)
Chao adoptables :CLOSED: by TothViki

2 free commission from here:

Point commissions CLOSEDI drew some bases, you can use them if you want but please identification the source! ^^ :) And I thought if you want to commission me to draw your fan characters in these poses send me a note or a comment, and a picture of your character if anyone interested. ^^ (These bases are mostly female and hedgehog bases but I can edit them to males if you want to commission a boy character. I will make some male bases soon. :)
The fullbody pictures would be cost 50Points ( 1. , 2. , 3. , 4.)
The halfdoby pictures would be cost 25Points (5. , 6.)
The 2 characters fullbody pictures would be cost 100Points 
The 2 characters halfbody pictures would be cost 50Points
And if you want a background (a , b or c) it's +2Points  :)

5 free gifs from here:

Animated avatar and ID picture commissions CLOSEDHi! ^^
I made some gifs of my character and I thought I could make commissions like those. If you are interested write a comment or note! ^^
(These are girl gifs but I can edit them to boys.)
A gif like these would be cost 5Points  (1.)  (2.)  (3.)
A gif like these would be cost 7Points  (4.)  (5.)  (6.)  (7.)  (8.)
And a gif like this would be cots 10Points  (9.)
If you commission 2 or more gifs it's 2Points cheeper.
And an ID picture like this would be cost 25Points  

And 2 free commissions from here:

Easter Chao Commissions :closed:04.02. Edit: These commissions are closed right now but if you want commission aks me. :)
Hello! First of all, Happy Easter to everyone!! ^^
I decided to make Easter Chao commissions. I hope you will like it. :)
So I thought you may like this one:
Here's a Chao model (not mine!!):
and I can recolor it. I can recolor it's arms, legs, eyes, eyelids, wings, body, bow, and that ball thing over it's head. And I can draw some simple lines to the arm and leg if you want. And I can animate flying. Heres's an example:

It would be cost 25Points. (If you commission more than one it's -5Points) I know it's a little bit expensive but it's not just 5 minutes to make one. :/ I still hope someone will commission me. :)
Pls send me a picture of your Chao or tell what colors do you want me to color the Chao. :)
And an ot


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CyotheLion Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist
I would like to be one too. But I am afraid if I need to pay bills for it.
TothViki Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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April 2, 2016