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Published: February 16, 2011
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My friend said I should draw my laptops as people and I lost a bet. If my laptops were personified, they would look ilke these faggots. Desktop computers not included. Maybe later, I'm lazy bro. :iconhappytimeplz:

Tony - Macbook Pro
Lol named after my idol forever ok. I run Windows and Mac on this so if any PC FANTARD comes to preach, I'll just boot Windows and give them the third finger. I have to use this for my presentations and office work, uhh basically graphic shit and illustrative work that I can't post here. It can open any type of goddamn file and I've updated Flash and CS so many times I can reformat it and I bet motherfucking Adobe Flash will still be on it goddamn. I hate MSN on Macs forever and ever.

Admin - Compaq HP Pavillion
I use it as a cloud and server, basically. When I'm in the 2nd house, it's used for grabbing wifi signals since the Mac desktop sucks at that. It hosts all my programs and other nice things like Hyd- movies and backup files. I stuck coffee stickers on it. I never login to online accounts on this computer and it's saturated with 10000000000 proxies. Admin is a whore laptop because my friends use it all the time due to it's RAM and programs FFFFFFF..

Veritas - Alienware M11X
sasjkfdjg my favorite laptop in the entire world mog never regretted ordering it from the UK. My friend said it looks like Julian Assange on meth, ok I accept. It was awesome for being a TOR bridge for my Egyptian friends when they raged in Tahrir, long live freedom! :peace: Veritas is a slave that never sleeps because I use it for feeds and every day stuff like coding lessons and for the god program SAI and Counter Strike forever. Veritas was my old grief gaming name so basically it acts like a prick. ñ________ñ

Tadzio - Dell Inspiron Mini
Oh.. I almost turned it into a hackintosh at some point but I was too much of a nooblet to do so. My lifelong Starbucks companion and portfolio slave. Forever and always. It has a shitton of stickers on it because my friends like to vandalize my stuff. It's named after the actor from "A Death in Venice". I use it for most of my writing when I'm out, I always hang out at Starbucks, the baristas are probably sick of me, HAHAHAA

Pls don't start OS wars with me, I will tear you apart because I've tried everything and I use them all to my advantage aaaaagh. INB4 all your preaching.
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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh
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FlawlessPenguHobbyist Digital Artist
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RipminHobbyist Traditional Artist
Xbox app on windows 10 is Microsoft's equivalent to PlayStation's remote play.

OSX sux.... OS 10 and OS Remix rulez. :meow:

Anyway.... I wonder what the PS3 3rd gen would look like? It has a PS2 chip and a PS3 chip.
Sooo...... two chips = two heads? And four usb ports = four arms? :shrug: meh, the world may never know. :XD:
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NattoArt2012Professional General Artist
<font><font>I LIKE TADZIO</font></font>
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ChocoreaperHobbyist Digital Artist
DUDE. You got so many laptops. and phones. makes me wonder isn't that a lot of money to spend on.
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Well, I dunno. I just spend according to how much I earn, those laptops were bought for my freelance work, programming classes etc. I don't have a car so I guess that's why I can afford these things, hahaha.

Costs about 20k-ish to start up a decent workplace, I think.
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ChocoreaperHobbyist Digital Artist
i c. maybe I should get a decent job after I graduate to buy all those not-so-fancy things then
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VinesdarklyStudent Digital Artist
Lol, same opinion on OS, though I have a friend that loves to make linux look like macs and windows to mess with people
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are they good for gaming?
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StabuwitabrickHobbyist Digital Artist
shit yeah
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I absolutely love your designs! Especially Admin <3
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ayuICHIHobbyist General Artist
Super epic and awesome, I approve.
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Senor you make me want to draw my BEAT UP SHITTY ACER, HP Notebook punches the hell out of it.

Admin is so...cute..
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:| I want an admin sticker :w00t:
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....You make me want to draw my Dell Inspiron Mini...HE'D BE SO RETARDED. Does yours act irrationally too?
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Mine's pretty okay, I run Windows and 10000000 types of anti-virus software on it. Only my phones act irrationally, they're all retarded.
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I <3 personified technology.
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I love this. <3
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I can barely keep up with two machines, let alone four. It must be all the cocaine and hydrocodone you live off of. :3
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I used to call my old compaq pc The Three Year Old because it didn't like to do what I told it to and kept picking up cookies.
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FFFFFFFF that is the best idea ever.
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So amazing and cute ;A;

I recognized the design of the first one instantly, god Tony as a chibi is so adorable 8D :heart:
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Gracias, Marat. 8D

Tony Montana, forever and always.
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