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I was very tempted to entitle this as fick dich because of my current mood when I was colouring this but I resist, haha. FUCK WORK DUUUDE WHO THE HELL WORKS ON SUNDAYS fuck you advertising industry WHY. Yes. Yay.

Wow. It's been like a few months since I inked anything. I'm going rusty, I'm afraid. I was inspired to do some ink drawings after looking at my friends ~Sasuru and ~Jarahamee's traditional drawings. Also some comic books which I've been reading was a strong inspiration for me.

Since I drew Gertrude I decided to draw her two other friends. *u* Vehrzimmel is the shapeshifter and Lustig is the one with the weapon. It's just a little musing, Iseii and Tsurutsuru play a betting game and let the two fight to determine who gets to spend lunch lol. Such pitiful men who serve narcisstic and ambitious leaders.

This reminds me so much of my Chaos comic style lolwhuttt...

P.S. Werewolf tards make me cry. :iconfacepalmplz:

Lustig :iconwalleyedplz: [link]
Vehrzimmel, but more commonly known as Zimmel the fat shadowbumnutzi [link]
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Very nice!!!
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Great stuff, kinda feeling I'm going for in something I'm working on.
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This picture is featured here!
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Yay! Hawt werewolf guy!

CRY Toten, CRY. >=-)
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niiice, I love werwolves! =)
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Lustig, he makes a great face~~
I love this style, it's so crisp and awesome looking~
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This is fantastic. It looks like it could be the cover of a graphic novel, or a band poster... seriously, this just reeks with style.
I love the limited colours, and the textures look real nice. <3
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I want this on my fucking wall.
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It has such an intense feel to it!
I love it!
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Great use of silhouettes and red. Great drama!
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OHDUDE D: I'm playing so much FABLE lately and it reminds me of those damn balverines that want my delicious flesh that I won't give to them. Damn werewolvy things.. LEAVE MY SKIN ALONE. ;0;

I love this, the gruff feeling, the textures.. and I love Lustig's face ..AND THAT DAMN SWORD, which is strange <3 it looks like the one I'm using in Fable right now and I have uber amounts of silver augmentationss on it.. WATCH OUT YOU FRIGGIN' BALVERINES, it appears I have the right WE-P0N.

Vehrzimmel better not be cheating, it's not nice to cheat :c
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Yay your awsome!
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I feel your pain, I worked every sunday in the summer.
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ohgod we should meet up to have ice cream :iconbawplz:
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What if I had worked at an ice cream shop?
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I still want my ice cream >:I
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I love that kind of pics. Excellent use of red, black and white =)
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ooh, consists of red, black and white. my favorite colors :3
i can never ink manually..i prefer to do it on photoshop lol

ah, ficken's German, right?
i've been wondering..does it mean "fuck you"? XD
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Looks powerful..
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This has limited colors but it's still awesome. XD

Yay werewolves! 8D
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Awesome job! :headbang:
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