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In the tokota world, there are many wild packs. Individuals also roam as loners, though all are closely monitored by the TCA's Wild Pack Safety and Preservation Bureau. This organization keeps a close eye on pack history and trends, as well as the potential of domestication for each. As of today, there are only a few packs with enough domesticated blood to be valid prospects for taming; most of them live close enough to human villages to have experienced some deal of interaction with people, and therefore are not typically predatory or aggressive toward human beings.

Overpopulation has urged the TCA to make the tough call of allowing outsiders to come in for taming, though a close eye is also kept on this process as well. Below are the four most prominent packs, and the only ones where individuals are allowed to be tamed. The TCA will announce upcoming wild tokotas nearly 24 hours in advance before the taming process begins.


Ila Pack

Meaning: "Companion"

Resides in: Qammutiq Flats

Pack LeaderBeowulf 32541

(Barren, snowy valley, surrounding Qammutiq Lake.)

The largest of the four.

The Ila pack is a closely knit pack of remarkably well disposition individuals. Aesthetically, they appear to be comprised of mostly bright colors, and tend to lean more toward a diet of hare and small mammals rather than large game.

Upcoming Wild(s):


Taktuq Pack

Meaning: "Fog"

Resides in: Iluq Forest

Pack LeaderFreki 32540

(Snowy forest that ranges for miles, has a somewhat spooky vibe)

The second largest of the four.

Taktuq members are often withdrawn and reclusive. They can be extremely hard to locate, and are often skittish or flighty. Grey seems to be a prominent color in this pack. Taktuq individuals are adept at hunting birds, deer and caribou.

Upcoming Wild(s):


Release Date: N/A


Yakone Pack

Meaning: "Red aurora"

Resides in: Kesuk bay

Pack LeaderAsena 33216

(A quiet, warm (for the location) bay, frozen in the winter)

The most mysterious.

Yakone members are hard to come by, but usually have good dispositions. These are inquisitive, highly intelligent creatures, and will often follow travelers, as well as lead them astray. Yakone is known for having exceptionally interesting and rare coats. They are adept at fishing, and hunting seals.

Upcoming Wild(s):


Desna Pack

Meaning: "Boss"

Resides in: Tartok Mountains

Pack LeaderFenrir 1886

(Treacherous, cold mountains.)

The smallest pack, with the biggest members.

The Desna pack was only recently "officially" discovered, but has been terrorizing locals for years. Nothing comes into Desna territory without the Desna pack knowing. Almost entirely comprised of what is now called the dire build, Desna members have only rarely mated outside the pack, and thusly these massive beasts have managed to keep their titanic size. Most of the individuals tagged in this pack are very carefully selected, due to the size and aggressive tendencies of some members. Desna pack members are adept at hunting large game and bears.

Upcoming Wild(s):


Release Date: N/A


Wandering Tokotas

Some wild individuals exist outside of a pack. While many chose this solitary lifestyle, others may have been forced into it by a previous pack or other occurrences out of the ordinary.

Upcoming Wild(s):

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