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The primary hub for reporting Import Errors on our companion site and for fixing discrepancies between dA Imports and Tokotna Imports.

Anyone can report errors, you don't need to own the tokotas needing fixes! Be aware that if fixing the error requires additional proof (like a link to the original breeding or submitted for DC approval) you should provide it in order for us to be able to fix it.

Please note that dA Imports are slowly being converted into the new import format, and discrepancies between, for example, current ownership on dA not matching Tokotna should not be reported! The dA imports are no longer being updated in their current state to match their Tokotna counterparts so any new information/changes will not show on the dA imports. As long as the tokota's information is correct on its Tokotna profile, it is not an error you need to report.

Please report any and all kinds of errors you encounter on this journal! If an error doesn't seem to fit in any of the other categories, please post it to the Miscellaneous Errors thread!

If you want to voluntarily Decease, Revive or Sterilize your tokota, please head over to

> Specialized Import Requests <


> Ownership Errors <

If you are missing tokotas, have tokotas showing on your profile that are not yours, or encounter any other error pertaining to ownership, report it here.


> Gender, Build and Mane Errors <

If your tokota is displaying the incorrect Gender, Build (dire % included) or Mane, report it here.


> Genotype and Phenotype Errors <

If your tokota is displaying the incorrect Genotype and/or Phenotype, report it here.


> Mutation Errors <

If your tokota is displaying the incorrect Mutation or is completely missing their Mutation, report it here.


> Physical and Non-Physical Trait Errors <

If your tokota is displaying the incorrect Traits, or is missing them, report it here.


> Hierarchy Status Errors <

If your tokota is displaying the incorrect Hierarchy, report it here.


> Rites or Fertility and Bonding Errors <

If your tokota is displaying an error with their Rites of Fertility and/or Bonding badge, such as missing it, having the badge when it shouldn't have, having an incorrect/missing date on the badge or the RoF badge score (Novice/Average/Excellent) is incorrect, report it here.


> Health Status Errors <

If your tokota is displaying an error with their Health status, such as missing their inbred label, incorrectly being marked as inbred/infertile/sterile/deceased, missing their injuries and so on, report it here. Some tokotas got erroneously marked as sterile/infertile during the import migration process, these tokotas do not require additional proof of sterilization, as long as their dA import does not list the sterility/infertility.


> Design Credit and Decor Errors <

If your tokota is displaying an error with, or is missing their Designer Credits and/or Decor, report it here.


> Lineage Errors <

If your tokota is displaying errors in their Lineage, such as missing relatives, has the incorrect sire/dam and so on, report it here. Please mention if your tokota has been bred before or has uploaded offspring!


> Tack and Companion Errors <

If your tokota is displaying an error with their Tack or Companions, such as missing them, having Companions they shouldn't have or they are doubled (not letting you apply tack on Tokotna), report it here.

- Note: Do not report Companion color variant discrepancies, you can change the color variant yourself by pressing the Edit button on your tokota's Tokotna profile!


> Award Errors <

If your tokota is displaying any errors with their Awards, such as missing their CE trophies from their Tokotna profile, report it here.


> Miscellaneous Errors <

If your tokota is displaying any other kinds of errors that don't fit in any other category, report them here. This may include, but is not limited to; Do-over errors, ID errors and ID double-ups, Applied HP errors, Extra Companion/Trait Slot errors, image errors on dA/Tokotna, such as the tokota's import image missing and so on.

- Note: Slot amount errors and errors on the Lifetime Breeding Tracker should not be reported here. The Lifetime Breeding Tracker has been retired completely and all Tokotas' slot amount information is found from their Tokotna Imports (Slots page). If you find errors regarding slot usage amounts, please note the Tokotas group to get them fixed!

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