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This Journal is for Outpost entry submissions only.

Each raffle will have its own prompt or specific way to enter, so you'll need to keep an eye on this journal for that information. However, general information on how to participate in the Outpost and requirements regarding art and literature entries can be found on the Outpost Information journal. Make sure to read it carefully before entering!


Current Outpost Group Goals:

Bonds are growing between the akotas and their handlers, and they're putting their teamwork to the test! Show all of Tokotna what you and your akota are capable of...

Current Goal: Win 100 of EACH PvP class!

Last Updated: 06/08/2021


075 / 100 Safest

042 / 100 Risky

072 / 100 Dangerous

Bronze Dangerous PvP Trophy



Feral Akotas Available:

None currently! Keep an eye on this journal for news!


:star: Orphaned Akota Pups (genos) Available: :star:

Male, Natural Mane

Average - Healthy

Canarctos rex


Marked cream sable dun brown with pangare SS: Kodiak 31056 DD: Grizzly 31651

* * *

Male, Short Mane

Average - Healthy

Canarctos rex

ee/aa/Tt/nM/nBr/nFl/nPb/nL Marked lilac tundra piebald with bearmarks and flecking SD: Maritimus 31057 DD: Equinox AF11

* * *

Female, Half Mane

Average - Healthy

Canarctos rex

ee/aa/Tt/nM/nA/nPng/nD/nDp Marked dun tundra with accents, pangare and dapples

DD: Kermode 31652

SDD: Comanche 23245

* * *

Female, Rough Mane

Average - Healthy

Canarctos rex

ee/Aa/Tt/nSbl/nPb/nSm Sable tawny piebald with starmarks

SD: Maritimus 31057

DDS: Prince Charming 42161

* * *

:star: HOW TO ENTER :star:

Tokotas is a wonderful group full of amazing people. I personally have been blown away by the love that was shown during the fundraiser for the Trevor Project and couldn't be more proud to be part of such a great group. Simply comment on the linked thread to enter - feel free to tag someone in the group and let them know they're awesome. :heart:

  • You may only enter once. This will enter you into the raffle for all available genos.

  • You may only win one Akota geno.

  • Winners will be chosen randomly via RNG.

  • This raffle will end July 1 at 10 PM CST.

>> Comment here to enter <<


Starter Akota breeding slots Available:

None currently! Keep an eye on this journal for news!


Wild Akotas currently Available:

None currently! Keep an eye on this journal for news!

Wild Akotas can be tamed by anyone, but increasing your rank at the TCA Taming Academy will boost your handling ability of these beasts, thus increasing your chances!

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Comment here to enter the raffle for the genos.

You're welcome to tag someone in the group to let them know they're great.

Or you can simply comment "entering" if you'd prefer.

You guys are amazing!

:heart: Khaj

EllieARPG's avatar

Definitely entering! And tagging @Eeve30 so they know about this too! And of course to let them know they are awesome ;)

leafstep's avatar

I’d like to Enter!

Attemiff's avatar


Thanks to @FantasyToArtt , @Furreon , @FennARPG , @TokoQueen , @nobletraitor , and many more! You make this game fun <3

RuneHarpy's avatar

Entering! I want to tag @LoneAnubis for being my wonderful friend ;3; <3

Cani-ARPG's avatar

Entering!! Id like to tag @FratARPG :3 Their stories are so cool and they are ao dedicated to their characters I just. WOW!! I want that for myself smh. ily frat please keep creating cool stuff

FratARPG's avatar


Snowstorm1123's avatar
EemsArt's avatar

I would love to enter please! @Cani-ARPG your art is so stunning and I'm excited to see more of your work in the tokotas group!

Cani-ARPG's avatar

AAAA oh my god that means so much to me i will cry thank u eems!! 💖

onegas's avatar
nobletraitor's avatar

Entering! @Attemiff, thank you for everything all the time always.

Also tagging @Vaemi, @EemsArt, and @S-Marley. I love the stories you give your tokotas. When you draw them, you make them feel alive.

BlazingFlames93's avatar

o: Ohhh Entering!~

SpraklingPurpleCat's avatar

Excited to enter! Thanks so much :D

MarbleSplotch's avatar
aracollie's avatar


Big shout out to the admins, you all are amazing :,)

AutumnFlick's avatar

Entering, thank you!

SunnyDaez's avatar
ThePaintedKitsune's avatar

Entering please!

@MuddChi you're epic!

amoniwolf's avatar


(Also tagging @Queen-Anarchy )

BleuSpirit's avatar
AVlC's avatar

Entering! <3

hRhianne's avatar
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