TCA Rehoming Project - Aug '20 - May '22 [OPEN]

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Welcome to the Tokotna Cultural Association's Rehoming Project!

Our facility is located in the depths of Iluq Forest; here we keep Tokotas who have been given up, abandoned, or just forgotten about from previous owners, homes, and packs. These Tokotas can come in all shapes and sizes, from the shortest Toki to the tallest Dire! Their quirks and fun personalities just make them shine past their past!

Please come take a look at the Tokotas we have available; if you see one you're interested in, read below on how to take them home with you!


As you walk into the small, stone, lit facility you are startled by Alabastor, a salt-and-pepper bearded man who grunts at you before shambling behind the desk. He will make sure you make it through the application process for the Tokota you are interested in, and hopefully get you to the proper place to meet the Tokota.

Niamh jumps out of her seat when you appear. You can hear Alabastor's groan from the main desk. She has her black hair in a messy bun, and she grabs your hand and pulls you through to the area in which your desired Tokota is located. She gives you a sheet of paper with more information on the Tokota, which includes habits, favorite treats, and personality. She will also answer any of the questions that you may have about the Tokota you're interested in and help make the meet and greet process as well received as possible. The rest is up to you!


Adoption Policy and Rules

In order to apply for a Tokota from the TCA Rehoming Project, the following requirements must be met. Please be sure to read all requirements carefully.

All entries must be submitted via the correct comment thread below.



  • Anyone may enter! You do not have to be a newbie to tokotas.

  • You may only enter once for each tokota.

  • We’d prefer it if you kept the original name of the tokota however you are allowed to change it

  • You may enter once for each tokota available, but you are only able to win one per round of adoptable tokotas

  • All entries must be your own work, not commissioned or drawn/written by someone else

  • If you win in one round, you cannot enter the following round. You must sit the next one out as a "cool down" to keep things fair.


  • At least 75% of the tokota must be depicted in order to be valid.

  • At least 75% of the handler must be depicted.

  • Must be relevant to the meeting between your handler and the tokota.

  • A semi-complex background is required (it doesn't have to be extremely fancy, but more than just ground shapes/blobs/gradients). You may not have large blank spaces where there is no color/shading/difference in tone. This generally means you must have 3-4 elements for your background.

  • Black and white images, as well as color-palette-themed images are permitted; however, they must be sufficiently detailed and the tokota's individual markings must be discernible without difficulty. Comic-style B&W images are also allowed if they use enough variation in values to illustrate each marking.


  • Must be at least 1200 words.

  • Must be relevant to the meeting between your handler and the tokota.

  • Your handler must be a significant part of the story. (Mentioned by name or nickname at least 7 times)

  • In order to receive the pack mate bonus (or any other bonus involving another tokota), you must also include it as a significant part of the story.

Special Requirements

  • NONE

Judging Process

  • All entries will be assigned a number and a winner will be randomized.

  • Once the winner has been drawn, ownership will be transferred and the new owner may do what they like with the tokota!


Prompts for Entries

These prompts are available to get you inspired for your entry. These prompts are not required, and you may submit an entry not based on any of these prompts.

  1. You’ve just been let out into the exercise pen which is a large, grassy area covered in small flowers with a white picket fence surrounding it; the big, snow capped mountains of Tokotna in the background, with the tokota you’re interested in applying for; what do you do, how do you interact with the tokota?

  2. You’ve been given the task of giving the tokota you’re applying for a bath; does it end well or does it end up with you having the bath?

  3. You’ve been let out onto a large agility course, with many obstacles including jumps, weaving poles, and a tunnel chute. Will you be able to get the tokota you’re applying for to complete the course?

  4. You’ve been given the task of desensitizing the tokota you are applying for to many different items (examples: trash bag, cars, metal items; etc.). Is there a particular item he/she is afraid of? Can you get them to overcome their fear?

  5. You and the tokota have been taken out on a mock exploration expedition in the nearby forest to see how well you work as a team; what could possibly go wrong?

  6. The tokota you're applying for has a companion; draw or write about how you interact with the tokota and its companion

  7. You’ve been sent out to a fenced in paddock to help one of the tokotas learn to socialise, how will you interact with one of these tokotas?

> Please post all Questions here! <

Rehabilitation Levels

Each tokota from the Rehoming Project will need to complete a series of Rehabilitation Levels. These levels are listed below and require set amounts of HP in order to be met. The adopted tokota must reach a minimum of 35 HP to be classified as completely rehabilitated.

You may complete one level at a time, or all four at once. HP can be earned through any means, excluding the activities that the adopted tokota has not unlocked yet.

To submit your rehabilitation level confirmation requests, please go to the Hierarchy Updates journal from the Cycling Hub.

  • Level 0: New Beginnings - May not be used for any activities listed below.

  • Level 1: Gaining Trust - Requires 10 HP - Unlocks ability to participate in Group Events.

  • Level 2: Developing - Requires 15 HP - Unlocks ability to participate in Exploration activities.

  • Level 3: Confident - Requires 20 HP - Unlocks ability to participate in Hunting & Fishing activities.

  • Level 4: Rehabilitated - Requires 35 HP - Tokota is classified as completely rehabilitated, and may now participate in all aspects of the group.


Available Tokotas

ID 58638

[comment here to enter]

* * * * *

ID 58639

[comment here to enter]

* * * * *

ID 58640

[comment here to enter]

* * * * *

This raffle will end 5/31 at 10 PM Central.



How often are new tokotas added?

  • New TCA rounds are done on a quarterly basis. Event specific rounds may occur during group events.

Will I be given the Hierarchy updates?

  • No, you will be provided a PSD for the Tokota so that you may do the updates yourself, or find someone else to do it without having to recreate the design.

Can I ask the admin who designed it to do any updates for me?

  • Yes, but admins are not required to provide any alterations to the PSD, and they may charge you for the service if they desire. You are not required to go through the designer to make any changes or updates.

Can I make alterations to the design or items of my tokota?

  • Of course, the tokota belongs to you and you may do with it what you like.

What happens if I make a mistake in my entry?

  • If you are notified by an admin 24 hours or more before the due date, you will have until the date to make the changes. If you are notified by an admin after the due date, you will be given 24 hours to make the correction. If you do not submit the correction by that time, you will be disqualified from that raffle.

How are winners decided? Can I up my odds?

  • Winners are decided by 100% RNG. All entries are assigned a number, and we use a random number generator to decide the winner. There are no ways to increase your odds.

Can I enter for more than one Tokota?

  • Yes, but you may only win one. The order for rolling winners is random, so if you really only want one, only enter for one as you will not be allowed to choose.

Can I use other's entries for the tokota I adopted as rehabilitation HP?

  • No, just like wilds, you are no longer allowed to use the entries others post to count for the 35 HP needed to get your tokota rehabilitated! Please keep this in mind while submitting them.

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