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Deviation Actions

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  • All DeviantArt rules apply.

  • Tokotas is a PG-13 rated game; your content should adhere to this rule.

  • Mild cursing is allowed, but it may not be directed at other members or staff in an aggressive or disrespectful manner.

  • All PG-13 'mature' content such as blood and horror should use the appropriate DeviantArt filters to be submitted or used in the group.

  • Depictions of nudity, sexual acts, or other inappropriate topics are prohibited from being submitted to the group.

  • All works or conversation in official group spaces must be held in the English language. Our admins are an English-speaking team and most are not fluent in other languages.

  • Official group spaces are including but not limited to:

  • Literature submissions.

  • Questions to Design Central admins over corrections.

  • Replies to Random Events.

  • Group notes.

  • If you ever have any questions about the group, feel free to comment on the corresponding journals or ask in our Discord chat.

  • If you have any questions or concerns for any aspect of the group functions, you may note the Tokotas group directly.

  • Do not reply to your own note if you have not been replied to. This marks your note as read and is less likely to be seen by admins.

  • You should never note or DM an admin unless:

  • You are noting one of the group "Dads" (Barking-Birds, Demonicrose) about a very sensitive topic. This can include topics about:

  • Other admins.

  • Topics you are not comfortable noting the Tokotas group with.

  • Notes about Bans and Suspensions should be noted to Totemspirit, not the "Dads".


  • Harassment of any sort is not allowed. Examples of harassment include:

  • Harassment of members

  • To sell or give free items, Tokotas, slots, etc.

  • Harassment of admins/staff

  • To sell or give free items, Tokotas, slots, etc.

  • Asking about wait times. (All aspects of the group will be processed upon admin availability.)

  • Asking admins to give behind the scenes information, information on another member, information on another user’s ban, etc.

  • Harassment to other groups

  • Including but not limited to:

  • Repeatedly or aggressively telling a group they look like Tokotas.

  • Reporting harassment

  • Note the Tokotas group with all details. This includes screenshots and links to any comment threads or notes that are accessible on DeviantArt.

  • If you do not feel comfortable noting the group, or if an admin is harassing you, you may note any of the “Dads” of the group (Barking-Birds, or Demonicrose).

  • Blocking admins is allowed. However, be aware of the following:

  • Your submissions or requests may be skipped if the blocked admin is working in their area of the group.

  • Your skipped submissions and requests will be gotten to by another admin upon the department admins’ availability.

  • Harassing admins over your skipped submissions and comments is prohibited.


  • Tokotas is an LLC with a legal claim over any and all official artwork, literature, assets, and import lines. Repeated failure to comply with our Copyright and Takedown Requests may result in legal action.

  • You may not claim to own official artwork, literature, assets, or import lines.

  • Any official paid work created for Tokotas LLC is considered work for hire. Artists do not retain any rights to the works; however, these works may be used for portfolio purposes.

  • You may not use Tokota import images, official artwork, literature, or assets off-site in any manner.

  • No embedding, thumbnailing, or etc.

  • Linking text back to sources is allowed.

  • No uploading/embedding import images, import lines, official artwork, literature, or assets to, imgur, your DeviantArt gallery, Google Sites/Sheets/Documents or any other website.

  • This will result in an official warning, ban, and/or a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown.


  • Import images may not be used off-site at all. No thumbnailing, embedding, etc. Imports should only be on and TotemSpirit. Linking text to the imports on is fine.

  • No uploading/embedding import images, import lines, official artwork, literature, or assets to, Imgur, Pinterest, Google Sites/Sheets/Documents or any other website.

  • This will result in an official warning and an informal takedown request.

  • Failure to comply with warnings will result in a ban, a DMCA takedown, and possible legal action depending on how serious the offense.

  • Import images may not be uploaded to your DeviantArt gallery.

  • Import Item Artwork (tack, items, etc.) meant to be displayed on a Tokota’s import image may be uploaded to your DeviantArt gallery only. However, you must reduce the opacity of the import lines to 50% or lower and credit Tokotas accordingly.

  • You may not copy or trace import lines.

  • You may not claim import lines as your own.

  • You may not copy or trace another Tokota’s design to:

  • Create your own Tokota design.

  • Create your own OC based on a Tokota you do not own.

  • You may not buy a Tokota design and use elements of its design on other Tokota designs without explicit written permission from the designer.

  • You may use your Tokota’s design as an OC (original character), but you may not claim them to be a Tokota, or to own Tokotas.

  • If you have an OC that shares a design with your Tokota and you commission art or crafts of that OC, it will not be usable in-game because the commission is of the OC, not the Tokota.

  • You do not have to officially decease your Tokota in order to create an OC based off of it.

  • Names for imports must be PG-13.

  • Swear words or slang for swears is not allowed.

  • Reported names will be investigated and inappropriate names will be removed.

  • Repeated instances of inappropriate names may result in a warning or ban.


  • 'Mature' works may be submitted to the group with the proper DeviantArt filters applied.

  • Depictions of nudity, sexual acts, or other inappropriate topics is prohibited from being submitted to the group.

  • You may not claim to own another user’s works.

  • All works must be uploaded on DeviantArt to be counted for HP, Rites, Rolls, or anything else applicable.

  • If you commission someone offsite to make a Tokotas art or literature piece for you, you may post it to your own DeviantArt only if you have explicit written permission by the creator.

  • A screenshot of written approval is required as proof in your deviation’s description.

  • Any references used in your works should be linked in the deviation description.

  • "Activity/Rite sheets," or multiple activity or rite images on one canvas, may not be submitted to a thread or for rolling or judging.

  • All activities and rites must be submitted as separate deviations for rolling and judging.

  • Activity and Rite sheets are allowed to be tracked for HP in a HP tracker, so long as it follows the Hierarchy Updates and Hierarchy System’s rules.


  • Do not edit comments in threads once you post.

  • Placeholder comments (and images) are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Replying to breeding or bank threads with the empty form, intending to fill it out later.

  • Submitting designs to Design Central without having filled out the import information first.

  • Submitting an empty deviation to get past timed upload restrictions during closing events such as holidays.

  • Submitting comments with the form not filled out to the maximum allowed per comment and editing later to add more is not allowed. These are considered cutting the line. This is including but not limited to:

  • Bank comments.

  • Faction Point comments.

  • These comments run as raffle tickets and are placed in order by submission to the log.

  • Do not hold conversations in replies to breedings. When splitting a litter, only one comment should be used.

  • Do not reply to litter comments as “to shrine” or anything similar.

  • Do not reply to activity results as “logged,” “to be redeemed,” or anything similar.

  • Do not reply to Broken Journals (10,000 comments or more) or journals close to breaking (8,000 comments or more).

  • Once a journal breaks, comments are no longer visible and render any genos and breeding permissions void.

  • Geno transfers may be posted on journals that are not yet broken.


  • User suspensions and bans are never made public.

  • Bans for USD/real life currency scamming, however, may be privately informed to other ARPG groups’ owners or staff by Tokotas noting the other ARPG group.

  • Suspension and Ban lengths depend on the severity of the rules that are broken, how many rules are broken, and for how long.

  • Warning system

  • Breaking minor rules, such as extraneous comments on threads, will result in a warning. Short to long bans follow after 3 warnings. This depends on severity.

  • Ban and Suspension Types

  • Tokotna account freezes

  • Nothing in your Tokotna account may be changed, bought, sold, transferred, or applied.

  • Section suspensions and bans

  • Tokotna account will not be frozen.

  • Some suspensions or bans may prohibit you from participating in certain areas of the group for a length of time.

  • Semi-permanent bans

  • Tokotna account will be frozen.

  • The group retains the right to remove any Tokotas, items, or TT as part of a ban. This is subject to a case by case basis.

  • For example: if items or TT were created by an exploit on

  • Permanent bans

  • Tokotna account will be frozen and/or deleted.

  • All accounts connected to the user will be banned from every aspect of the group.

  • All official Tokotas groups and accounts will block the banned user.

  • All items, Tokotas, TT, etc will be permanently revoked by the group and may not be sold for profit.

  • Attempting to circumvent a Suspension or Ban

  • Any attempt to circumvent a suspension or ban will result in a longer, more severe suspension or ban.

  • If you are found to be attempting to circumvent a ban multiple times, the ban may become a permanent ban.


Breeding Rules Journal

  • You cannot claim a breeding slot without written permission from the owner.

  • The user must be the owner of the Tokota at the time of writing a breeding slot permission.

  • Slot permissions must be posted to the Sire/Dam Owner Approval thread in the Breeding Requests journal.

  • Tokota must have AoAs and be of at least Average hierarchy in order to be bred.

  • Submissive, Sterile, Infertile, and Tokotas out of usable breeding slots may not breed.

  • Submissive Tokota slots written on or before December 31, 2016 are still able to be used.

  • Any breeding using Submissive Tokotas has a chance at rolling an empty litter (no puppies).

  • Until the Tokota is breedable, the only type of deal you may make in exchange for a slot to that Tokota must include making the Tokota breedable.

  • Members may take on a deal to complete a Tokota's AoAs in exchange for a slot to it, or AoAs and HP to Average if the Tokota is Submissive.

  • Breeding slots may not be written out before AoAs are judged by an admin.

  • Breeding slots must immediately be available for use at the time they are written.

  • Both parties should be aware of the owner’s breeding slot rules.

  • Admins will only enforce “No Inbreeding”.

  • Any other rules will be up to the players to enforce themselves such as “No Reselling Slots”.

  • Deadlines or “must be used by” dates in breeding slot rules are not allowed.

  • New owners must honor breeding slots written by previous owners.

  • Admins can force write a breeding slot if the buyer has contacted the seller and has not received a response after a set amount of time, usually two weeks or longer. This rule can have different time frames depending on each individual situation.

  • Over-writing/over-selling breeding slots may result in sterilizing the Tokota and may or may not include a breeding ban for the owner.

  • If possible, the owner and buyer will be given a certain amount of time to work out unlocking more slots to the Tokota. The amount of time given is on a case by case basis.

  • It is up to the current owner to ensure they are not over-using or over-selling slots.

  • Gifting and reserving breeding slots

  • Gifting or reserving breeding slots to friends or other players is allowed, but not before the Tokota is breedable.

  • Gifting or reserving slots to yourself before selling the Tokota is allowed, however you must inform the buyer/make it known before selling.

  • Gifting slots to be used in raffles is allowed, but not before the Tokota is breedable.

  • Doing any of the above too often or without informing the buyer will result in a warning as it is misleading to buyers.

  • Trading and selling breeding slots

  • Trading slots for other slots, items, art, or currency is allowed.

  • Trading, selling, or promising breeding slots before the Tokota is breedable is not allowed.

  • Reselling breeding slots

  • If a player has a personal rule that you may not resell the slot to their Tokota, it is common courtesy to abide by their rules. The group does not enforce no reselling.

  • It is polite to contact the owner before reselling slots, even if they do not state it in their breeding slot rules.

  • Writing slot permissions for “unlimited breedings” or “until x outcome” is not allowed. A set amount of slots must be specified.

  • Breedings requests cannot be posted before both sire and dam both have their AoA badge posted on their Tokotna import. Any attempts to do so will be denied and may result in a warning.


  • Sale advertisements written with intent to manipulate users into consideration are not permitted within the group or the group Discord. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Medical emergencies.

  • Current Events (example: COVID-19).

  • Detailed stories and pictures.

  • Sales advertisements, as stated above, may not be written as the following examples:

  • "I need to sell X to eat this week."

  • "I need to make X amount to not be evicted."

  • Sale advertisements may be written as the following example:

  • "I have bills to pay so I'm selling these genos."

  • It is recommended that all transfers, including item or ownership transfers, not be done until payment is received.

  • PayPal is the only digital payments platform allowed for purchases. Other services like Venmo, Ko-fi, etc. do not have Buyers Protection. Using the Goods & Services option in PayPal gives you protection against scams or deals that fall through.

  • Selling a Tokota

  • Transfers must be made through

  • It is common courtesy to provide the buyer with an up-to-date HP tracker and make them aware of the amount of breeding slots written, and any ongoing deals with the Tokota, but this is not required.

  • Selling “Alpha-ready” Tokotas is not allowed for the purpose of profiting from a Passage of the Alpha Token. See more in Exploits and Loopholes.

  • Selling a genotype

  • Litter owner must reply to the litter’s comment to transfer the geno to another user.

  • Split litters must be divided between the two litter owners in a single comment before genos may be transferred to other users or uploaded.

  • Genos on broken journals and threads may not be sold or traded. This rule is subject to change if and only if DeviantArt fixes broken journals/comment threads.

  • Sellers may list PoTA potential, but cannot suggest that these potential markings are free or included in the sale, as buyers must gain the PoTA Tokens themselves.

  • Any deals concerning future payments such as “Take this Geno to Dominant” are not enforceable by the Group and you enter these deals at your own risk.

  • Selling designed, but not uploaded genotypes

  • Ensure the buyer is aware of any items, Soul Pool Water, or PoTA tokens needed in order for the design to be approved.

  • PayPal and Real Currency Deals

  • Funds should always be sent through Goods & Services (never Friends & Family) so you may file a dispute with Paypal if a deal falls through.

  • PayPal disputes are up to the buyers and sellers. Tokotas is not responsible for compensation on a user’s behalf.

  • If buying or selling with real currency, be aware that you must follow your local tax laws.

  • If your PayPal account is frozen for any reason, you will not be able to buy or sell for real currency within the group.


  • Re-joining the group if you have previously deactivated your DeviantArt account

  • Deactivated DeviantArt accounts may still be logged into. Once you log in, we require a screenshot from the page showing that you have successfully logged into that account. Your Tokotna account under your old DeviantArt name will be updated and all items will stay/be merged under your new name.

  • If you cannot remember your password, you must start from scratch. No old Tokotas or items will be transferred to your new account.

  • You may have two DeviantArt accounts: one main and one secondary (side) account. These accounts must be linked on in the Account Management thread for anything to be rolled, counted, or used.

  • Side accounts may not be Co-Owned with another user or registered to another user on Tokotna.

  • Do not create a second Tokotna account under your secondary DeviantArt username. The secondary account will be added under your main account in the Account Management thread.

  • Under no circumstances may you circumvent any group submission limits by using both your main account and side account. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Daily activity limits.

  • Monthly breeding and DC submissions.

  • Event entries.



  • Any bugs, including, but not limited to, item duplication or TT duplication must be noted to the group.

  • Taking advantage of any bugs is exploiting the system and will result in any false items or TT being revoked, and may or may not result in a ban.

  • If you are found to be purposely exploiting a bug, you will be permanently banned from the group.

  • Reporting a bug and not purposely exploiting the system will not result in a ban, but any false items or TT will be revoked.

  • Do not share your Tokotna password with anyone. You are responsible for anything your account does on the site.

  • Re-selling items (both physical and digital) for real currency at a price higher than their value on is prohibited.

  • PoTA Tokens

  • Selling Alpha-ready Tokotas with the specific intent to profit off of a PoTA token is not allowed. Similarly, you may not ask to purchase alpha ready tokos with the intent to purchase the PoTA token.

  • Repeatedly raising Tokotas to Alpha-ready and selling them would be in violation of this rule. The admin team will look at the history of each situation when making a ruling.

  • Under no circumstances may you circumvent any group submission limits by using multiple accounts.

  • Other members may submit activities featuring your Tokotas only if their Tokota(s) are also being rolled and/or if they made the activity image or literature.

  • Under no circumstances may you circumvent any group submission limits by using both your main account and side account. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Daily activity limits.

  • Monthly breeding and DC submissions.

  • Event entries.




  • As of 5/6/2021, Co-owning is no longer supported by the group and is in the process of being phased out.

  • Only two members may co-own a Tokota at a time.

  • In the case of one co-owner being banned, the banned co-owner must contact TotemSpirit to give full ownership to their co-owner.

  • Inactive, deactivated, or banned co-owners may not be removed from ownership of a Tokota without their express permission.

  • Co-Owned DeviantArt User Accounts are strictly prohibited.

  • You may keep logs on Co-Owned accounts, but the account may not be used for official comments or posting, included but not limited to:

  • Geno ownership transfers.

  • Activity result tracking.

  • HP tracking.

  • You may not add Co-Owned Accounts to Tokotna as your secondary or primary.

  • Co-Owned Deviantart Group Accounts are allowed.

  • They may be used for Group Ownership within a Tribe on Deviantart.

  • Co-Owned Group Accounts may not be used for official comments or posting, included but not limited to:

  • Geno ownership transfers.

  • Activity result tracking.

  • Posting breedings.

  • Posting tribe related comments.

  • You may not add Co-Owned Groups Accounts to Tokotna as your secondary or primary.


  • All above rules apply.

  • Please read the pinned rules in every channel as they vary and some rules may not be mentioned here.

  • Under no circumstances may you share any identifying photographs, images, or information including but not limited to:

  • Names.

  • Faces.

  • Addresses.

  • Phone numbers.

  • Topics must be kept lighthearted and PG-13. Moderators and Admins may ask for any topic to be changed or moved to DMs, even if not explicitly on the lists below.

  • Under no circumstances may you discuss or make conversation of (including, but not limited to):

  • Politics.

  • Religion.

  • Racist, sexual, homophobic, or hateful topics.

  • Detailed medical histories and/or surgeries.

  • Detailed bodily functions/gore, bodily fluids, etc. fall under this category.

  • Discussion of COVID-19 is allowed, but once again must be lighthearted and abide by the above rules.

  • Topics concerning other ARPGs is allowed, however:

  • The topic should not span several days, this server is based around Tokotas ARPG.

  • Bad mouthing other ARPGs is not allowed.

  • Recruitment for other ARPGs is not allowed.

  • Use the form in the pinned messages for your advertisements.

  • Do not post the same advertisement more than once every 24 hours.

  • Do not post the same ad in both a selling channel and a buying channel.

  • Discord Help channel is not for sensitive or personal topics, which should be sent in a note to the Tokotas group. These topics include:

  • Bans.

  • Suspensions.

  • USD sales issues.

  • Scams.

  • Do not ask about wait times in the Help channel.

  • Do not answer questions in the Help channel, only admins should be responding to ensure information is accurate.

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