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Hello all!

Bringing you brief news from the Outpost today. We have some new genos up for grabs!

This raffle will be open until 10 PM CST on September 30, so get your entries in while you can! :heart:

~ Khaj

* * *


Hello Everyone,

It’s that time again! Pumpkin Spice Season- I mean, Group Open~ As always, please be sure to check below for all the updates and reminders!

The following sections are now OPEN for September:

Rites of Fertility, Breeding, Hierarchy Updates, Continuous Events, Player vs Player, Random Events, Bank, Shrine, Faction Points, Design Central

Discord Server Boosting:

As some of you may know, we have been experiencing a variety of issues since instituting the Server Booster rewards earlier this year. From balancing the economy, to simply keeping track of how many times and when someone has boosted, this has been a growing problem for the past few months.

As such, we are retiring all server boosting rewards, effective as of September 7th, 2021

  • We appreciate everyone who boosts the server, and will investigate simpler methods to reward people who do in the future.

  • For anyone who has boosted prior to September 7th, 2021, please post a screenshot of the following screen in the Server Boost Redemptions thread.

  • We will be rewarding those who post 2 x Server Booster Thank You Gift to account for August and September.

  • Please post by September 30th, 2021 as the channel will be retired after that point. [IMG]

Important Reminders:

  • As a reminder, please do not upload imports, import backgrounds, and/or official group art onto or any other site (Google sheets/docs, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) as it is a direct violation of our copyright. If we ask you to remove an import uploaded elsewhere and you fail to comply by the given deadline, then we will take legal action.

  • Simply hiding the import image by making it visible only to you is still a copyright violation.

  • Additionally, please do not buy Tokotas through any site other than Deviantart and/or the Tokotna website. Doing so ensures that the seller does indeed own the Tokota in question and that if there is an issue, admins have the ability to help you.

  • Admins are unable to assist you if you purchase a Tokota outside of Deviantart/Tokotna and the seller does not actually own the Tokota.

  • Just a reminder that we do not allow Venmo transactions (or any other form of money transfer) as they do not have the same protection for buyers and sellers that Paypal does.

  • That being said, please only sell Tokota related things using Paypal via ‘Goods & Services’ to ensure the safety of both you and the buyer. The group will not allow or endorse any other method.

  • The group is also not responsible for refunding you for money you may have lost when not following our buyer’s safety rules.

Looking to Hire:

  • Faction Points is looking to hire one person! Please review the form on the Admin Applications page and send your note to TotemSpirit. It’s a monotonous job, but relatively easy!

Monthly Limits on Tokotna:

  • Monthly limits for various departments have been moved over to Tokotna! There is a link on your Tokotna Profile to your Monthly Limits, go check it out! Admins will update your monthly limits whenever you have Breedings rolled, submit new designs to DC’s Main thread and Soul Pool thread, participate in CEs and PvP, and Shrine slots.

  • Any monthly limit increasing bonuses should automatically show as active if applicable, for example from Totem or Faction bonuses.

  • With that being said, all monthly limit tracker sheets have been retired and will no longer be used for departments listed above.


  • Courtesy of our dear Shiba, we have two new starters joining the ranks. Say hello to Monroe & Atlas!

  • Our average Starters have received updates to bring everyone up to Dom!

New Decor:

  • We have two new Borga Stone backgrounds that might look very familiar from our deity contest winners; Udu’s Point and Overgrown Ruins are both now available for use!

  • A new Aga’s Charm frame has also been added, in the spirit of all the hunting updates. Nagruk’s Hunt is now available!

  • Aga’s Charm images have all been updated to include credit lines, please be sure you’re grabbing the right ones!

  • A section has been added to the Import Backgrounds Tokopedia page to show the currently available frames.

Item & Recipe Updates:

  • Large Item and Small Item have received some fresh art, courtesy of our lovely Daff!

  • We have some new crafting items; Paper, Glass Jar, and Inkwell!

  • These items come with a few new free recipes being added, and two rare recipes which more information about can be found down in our activities section~

  • A new item has been added to Fishing and Diving, Jar of Dirt, which can be opened into… well… Pile of Dirt and Shiny Pebbles :ha:


  • Hunting rules have been updated. We have removed the following rule: “You may depict your Tokota approaching, stalking, or bringing down the animal when hunting and fishing.” It has been replaced with the following:

  • Prey cannot be one species dressed up as a different species. This is confusing to rollers and your hunting piece will be denied.

  • Prey must be depicted accurately to the species in build and color, and cannot be handlers/other ARPG species/anthro/etc.

  • If your handler or companion is the same species as the prey type, another animal of the prey type must be drawn/written.

  • As a celebration of Nagruk's hunt we have added two craftable hunting consumables and one exciting trait applied with an elemental heart! These do not apply to Dangerous Game or Tribe specific hunting prey.

  • Small Game Hunting License - Single use, one needed per Tokota. Allows hunting of small game out of season.

  • Large Game Hunting License - Single use, one needed per Tokota. Allows hunting of large game out of season.

  • Elemental Trait: Predator - Allows hunting of all game out of season

  • Also our hunting season has changed so keep in mind without one of these fun new items or the new trait these prey are currently in season: Rabbit, Fox, Birds, Giant Squirrel, Bear, Deer and Mountain Goats.

Design Central:

  • Both Main Thread and Soul Pool Thread have received a (late) addition to their Stash Forms - a link to your Tokotna Profile! This is to help facilitate the move to admins using and editing your monthly limits on Tokotna (and to easily check your Faction) so be sure to link your Profile!


  • Hunting Prey will be getting a price rebalance effective with October open.

  • This will primarily be focused on bringing Dangerous Game/Primal Hunting prey back in line with other activities. Some Large/Small prey pelts may also adjust in price however.

  • As with all past price updates, please be sure to have your pelts submitted to be redeemed by the end of September if you wish to redeem them with the old prices.

  • The free Creature Whisperer trait swap service has now concluded at the Tack Apps thread. If you wish to acquire Critter Finder or Companion Tracker traits to your Tokotas, you must purchase them with Trait Tokens from the Trading Post or acquire them via other means like trading.


  • Please ensure that you have the latest version of the Shrine Form Calculator! It has been recently updated. You can grab the updated version at this month’s Shrine of the Seven Stones which you can access through the Cycling Hub.

  • Additionally, please be sure to change really old geno numbers that have a period [ . ] after the number to have a parenthesis [ ) ] afterwards instead. Leaving the period after the number will change all geno numbers to "1.". This is because any number that ends with a period causes Eclipse to think you want a numbered list. This is the only change you are allowed to make to your genos that you are shrining.

  • If you find any bugs with the calculator, please note the @Tokotas group with all the information you can so we can look into it and fix those bugs! (Please list what geno you are putting in the calc, what the issue is, and so on.)

TCA Rehoming Project:

Faction Points:

  • A reminder in case you missed it above, FP is looking to hire one person!

  • The new Weighed Participation Goals are live this round, just as promised last round. A huge thank you to @northpaws for making this scale! <3

Token Brokers have won this round! Next round, Token Brokers will face -X% Faction Fatigue, and Knowledge Seekers will face -X% Faction Fatigue. The winners of the Participation Raffle are:

  • Third Place: @sercreepz Choice of 40 000 TT or x15 HP Tokens

  • Second Place: @Glacialis-Quasar Choice of a Silver Starter Slot, 40 000 TT, or x30 HP Tokens

  • First Place: @nobletraitor Choice of Elemental Heart, Stone of Aippaq, a Gold Tier Starter Slot, or an Abandoned Pup (Normal Build)

Thanks to the Weighed Participation Goals, you will notice that smaller Factions that work hard are rewarded, and bigger Factions that are carried by only a couple people face a slight penalty. You can see the result of this in action on the FP Participation People sheet for the last round. PL, KS, TB, and LK have all reached Tier 5! PB reached Tier 3, and WT only reached Tier 1.

If you submitted 3 FP in the previous round, your username will be on this list, along with the prizes. Please give us until September 15th to deposit these items to your banks. If your username is not on this list, you did not submit at least 3FP in the past month and will not receive prizes. Raffle winners, please note the group with your choice of prize! (If you submitted with a main account AND a side account and are not on the list, please note the group too!)

New Quest:

Winter is Coming

Winter seems to be coming sooner than expected. It’s a race against time to harvest the summer crops and gather wood to last through the winter. Depict your Tokota helping with a harvest, gathering wood, or otherwise preparing for winter. Do they stick to the task at hand or do they take a break to jump in a pile of leaves? (Squid?! How'd a squid get in this pile of leaves?!)

Rewards for Completion:

Squid x 2, Log x 2, Feathers x 2, HP Token x 3

Lots of Love,

Dun, Jill, Disc, Alcestia, Cry, Islua, Daff, Copper, and the rest~

© 2021 TotemSpirit
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