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Hello everyone~

We have a bundle of Tokotna updates to announce for you all! Jill and crew have been busy bees behind the scenes for the past few weeks~

Tokotna Updates:

  • Midnight Theme has been added to the Manage Profile page. This will be our standard Dark theme and you can all give Vysal a shout out for getting it done so fast!

  • Aurora Account Benefit Added!

  • If you have an Aurora Account then on your My Tokos page everyone can see a pre-generated note, this updates every time you update your tokota via edit or tack.

  • Generated Notes include UTs, HP Traits, Taming Traits, and Breeding Traits/Companions and are searchable

  • This means you have a custom note and a generated note for all your tokotas.

  • The following pages have been updated to the new layout and should be 100% functional now.

  • Manage Profile

  • My Tokotas

  • Redeem Codes

  • Profile Directory

  • Tribe Directory

  • Admin Directory

  • Tokopedia

  • Import Items Reference

  • All Member Resource Pages

  • A new section has been added to Member Resources to link to Import PSDs, Backgrounds, Event specific decor, and any other group assets for DC

  • Physical Traits guide has been moved to Tokopedia!

  • Directory Updates

  • Bank Directory has been retired, as this page was redundant.

  • Profile Directory has been updated with links to Banks, Tokotas, and Lore.

  • Profile Directory has been updated with a Candy Bowl to show users who have candy for ToT.

General Updates:

  • Two new pet rock variants have been added:

  • The Sike Stone has been added to the Trading Post!

  • Sheetrock has been added to… Well, keep reading :eyebrows:

  • A new stone has made its appearance, the Festive Stone!

  • This stone will allow you to apply backgrounds from our Event backgrounds to Tokotas of Average hierarchy or higher. This includes LoRE backgrounds, Gaskin, and our new Pumpkin Prowl background!

  • Please note that the Dark and Light Spirit backgrounds can still only be applied to Wild Tokotas!

  • This stone can be purchased in the USD shop for the remaining duration of Tokoween, and will return during future holidays.

  • This stone can also be found the Treatie Store~

  • The Toko Treaties Store has gone online and can be found on the left navigation bar.

  • You may purchase Festive Stones, Grab Bags, and other fun with your treaties!


  • Please remember that Profile links are mandatory for CEs/PvPs now! It’s where monthly limits are tracked and makes the work a lot easier for the admins doing the work!

Lots of Love,

Jill, Dun, Vysal, Kex, Ami, Shiba, Fluffy, and Disc



The new tokoween wilds are up! Go check the spookies out! 2021 Tokoween wilds!

The winners of the design contest are:

@Lachtaube, @Eemsart, @cry-bird, @Darkheartseer, @Tinadactyl, @Familyfriend, @Unknowntalent, @Mizie-Wolf, @Aeolusace, @Secretrealm, @Shiibasu, @lceshadow

Congrats to the winners! There was a lot of amazing designs. Winner and participation prizes have been added, and if you are missing yours then please note the group.

- Kass & Bark



Hello everyone, it’s Spooktokoctober and you know what that means… group opening of course! Be sure to read all of the exciting news below cus things are about to get pretty spooky!

The following departments are now OPEN:

Bank, Shrine, Hierarchy Updates, Random Events, Breeding, Continuous Events & PvP, Activities, Rites of Fertility, Design Central


  • You may have already seen the previous news but as a refresher, the long awaited Tokoween is here! Also it seems like Dr. Gaskin is back?! Be sure to check out both the Gaskin and Tokoween events if you haven’t already! Scroll all the way down to the previous news post for a more in-depth breakdown on what cool things this year’s Tokoween festivities contain!

  • It also seems the dark spirits are active, so be sure to keep an eye on our Discord server for whatever tricks (or treats, you never know) they may have up their non-existent sleeves!

  • Trick or Treating is finally back! It’s a little different from previously, you can check out the rules on the Tokoween Tokopedia! Head over to your profile to get started!

Tokota of the Month

Design Central:

  • DC’s Soul Pool stash comment form has gotten an update, there is now a line for allowing admins to take additional PotA tokens from your bank in case death or infertility has been rolled as a defect when PotAing double merle to your Tokota. You may remove these lines from the form if they’re not applicable.

  • Also remember that linking your Tokotna Profile on all DC stash forms is now mandatory (so admins can mark your monthly limits!) so make sure you’re not using old or outdated DC forms!

  • We also have a reminder about proof of ownership links. The litter comment from breeding admins should be linked as your proof of ownership if a litter belongs to you. If the litter does not belong to you, please use the geno transfer comment as your proof of ownership.

  • Frames for Meelanik and Borga are here! Talbot 52738 and Ísjaki 52740 are showing their respective deity’s frame off. Use an Aga’s Charm to add some extra flare to your tokos!

Continuous Events and PvP:

  • Linking your Tokotna Profile in your CE and PvP forms is now mandatory! This is so that admins can mark your monthly limits, as they are now on Tokotna!


  • Tribe Hunting & Dangerous Game prey pelts (both Regular and Primal Hunting) have gotten a rebalance in TT prices. The change is in effect immediately and the TT Calculator and Price Sheets on Tokotna (Member Resources) have been updated to reflect the changes.


  • Tokotna Profile links are now required on all breeding forms. If splitting with another user, you must include your split partner’s Tokotna Profile link as well - with the provided line on the form. If the profile links are missing from your breeding forms you will be sent to corrections!

  • Exquisite Bone Flutes are now able to be redeemed up to 4 times a month over at the Abandoned Puppies thread!

  • There is no form change for this, but please link your Tokotna Profile if you’re using a Bone Flute over at the Abandoned Puppies thread, so that admins may mark their use to your monthly limits <3

  • Moss, Restricted Moss, Moss Points and Merle with Moss Points are now available in the Abandoned Puppy, Bone Flute, Mystery Geno and Thread of Fate pools!

  • Moss Points and Merle with Moss Points are NOT available on Semi-Customs yet. They will be released at a later date.


  • We have 2 new Cross Mutation Starters! Bacardi and Haunter have travelled all a-cross Tokotna to join the rest of the Starters over at Gold Tier!

  • All our Starters that feature Moss related genes are now available in their respective slot pools! Cedar along with the lovely Alastair (with his Guardian Boon trait) have made their home in Platinum Tier, Smuggler’s Run has dashed into Silver Tier and last, but not least, the totally-not-named-after-a-typo Syarter has landed in Bronze Tier. Woo!



  • Banks (when using items) and relevant Tokota(s) (when using companions / traits) are now required to be linked.


  • The Monthly Quest has been updated!

The House on the Hill

Local folklore whispers tales of a mysterious house in the middle of nowhere. As the tales go, at exactly midnight witnesses see a light pop out of nothing followed by an entire house. The light is often seen wandering around the immediate area of the house. What does your toko see when they decide to check the tale out? Maybe it’s just swamp gas in Maquraq or maybe the house is really a lighthouse and the mysterious light is Eoghan looking for his lost companions along the coasts of Narnvak?

Prizes: Pumpkin x 3, Eoghans Lantern x 1

Lots of Love,

Jill, Dun, Shiba, Gecko, Cry, Daff, Mystic, Kex, CH, Alcestia, and the rest~



Hello everyone!

Sadly… This is not the news you’re looking for…

Because it’s even better news! Tokoween is here! Be prepared for a Spooky Month of Adventure! :confetti:

Things are a little different this year so be sure to take a look below!

  • Tokotna has gotten into the spirit and is dressed in its Tokoween best!

  • This marks the introduction of a much asked for feature for the site, themes!

  • These will affect any page in the new layout style, and can be changed from your Manage Profile page.

  • Currently the original Aurora Blue and the new Tokoween Orange themes are available, but we do promise the much asked for Dark Theme is in the works.

  • The Pumpkin Patch is back in action, and has settled into a new home on Tokotna!

  • More details on the new layout can be found on the event Tokopedia page.

  • Trick-or-Treating will be returning this year… but as you’ve noticed by now. It’s not live yet..

  • We’re making some big changes to make this gentler on the site, and we’ll have more details available when it launches!

  • Our annual Costume Contest is gearing up on our Tokoween Journal. Show up dressed in your best.

  • Our annual Creepypasta is up and running as will. Get your brains working and check out our Tokoween Journal.

  • Finally! After many rumors and much begging. Dr Gaskin has opened the gates to their Graveyard once more. Head over to see the details on our Gaskin’s Graveyard!

~ Happy Tokoween from your Spookiest Admin Team <3

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