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11/24/2023 A short update as we all get ready to close for December.

Close reminder

  • The group closes for December, so remember to get anything you want done this year in before close!

  • FP will remain open for a few days in December (exact closing date to be announced) to let you get your remaining FP in for this round.

  • We’ll have two events to keep you busy over the holidays.

  • The on-site Shrine will be open over December with Borga’s shrine available, but you’ll need to have your shrine tokens ready for it.

  • Adventures will close for a few updates but reopen later in December.



- Rhi, Eva and Mono


The following departments are now OPEN: Random Events, Competitions, Brawl, Breeding, AoAs, Shrine, HU, Quests, Activities, Tribes, Design Central, Bank

Stories of Tokotna

  • Our first anthology is up for Preorder on Amazon! The official release date is December 1st, 2023 for Kindle and Paperback.

  • Hardcovers are likely going to be delayed, more updates later this month.

Tokota of the Month

  • This month’s ToTM is Synnove 32415, owned by @theasterik! To vote for December’s Tokota of the Month, respond to the form listed on this journal.


  • An icy new background joins the Borga’s Stone lineup! Verinant Valley by mothfet is now available for use!

  • Six new Toko Teddies that match our newest dominant companions, courtesy of Eli, have also arrived!

  • November is the last month for 2023 where all areas of the group will be open! Tokotas goes on a break over December, so make sure to get any time sensitive submissions in!


  • November's season of Brawl is now live! Let’s all get going and help Meztli uncover ancient scrolls!

  • Please remember to list your Faction Rank on your form! We don’t want anyone to miss out on more points to use in the brawl store.


  • As a reminder, if you’d like your alpha Tokotas to rolled as dominant this needs to be included on your breeding form. Tokotna will automatically add this to your forms if you click the ‘Breed as Dominant’ box on the top right of the breeding forms page!

  • The grace period for using Fertility Supplements on Standard x Dire breedings is now over, so please ensure you’re using Close Care.

Design Central / Upload

  • DA has made a change to how descriptions have to be edited. To edit a description you will now have to hit the ‘Submit’ button on, edit the description on DeviantArt, allow the edited description to save and then close the Deviation. Please be very careful not to submit imports as Deviations!

  • If you do not wish to use this method, we will accept a comment on the with the import information. Please ensure this is a separate comment to the DC comment information, and ensure they are not replies but rather direct comments.


  • Taniya and Tartok are slacking when it comes to deities, they have no minor ones to their names, unlike everywhere else. Check out the Deity Contest for Tartok and Taniya! Let’s add to our pool of fun.

  • Gaskins Corrections are closing on 13th November! Please make sure to get your corrections in if you haven’t

  • The Pumpkin Patch has closed for the year, but here are the links from it in case you missed any, or want to rewatch the videos Link Spreadsheet.

  • The Treaties Store remains open for November for you to spend your Treaties.

  • Make sure to check for Tokoween achievements at[YOUR USERNAME HERE]&tab=unlock (or click Profile -> Achievements -> On-Site Unlocks -> Check for Unlocks) before the end of November - the data used to see if you’ve clicked all the pumpkins will be wiped after that.

  • The pages for Unicorns and the Crystal Woods are up at last!


  • We now have an on-site Totem Tracker! Keep track of your progress towards unlocking all of the available totems and never lose a link again! This is available in your Profile dropdown.

  • Helpful features include:

  • Link storage!

  • Duplicate link detection!

  • Automatically numbered links!

  • 10% (rounded down) of the required number of links supported as spares, to make sure you get that unlock the first time!

  • Automatic links to the Quest, Bank, Recipe, TCA Rank and Alpha Tracker systems, so you can see where you are for non-link based totems as well!

  • Please put any feedback or bugs in the feedback forum thread, or note Tokotas for bugs if you don’t use Discord.

  • We’ve added Automated Group Goals to Tokonta! First up, we’re looking for Pirate Flags, and this is a community group goal. Instead of one person completing it everyone can add to the pile until we reach the unlock number. Wonder what’s waiting for release… Check out the first one on the Group Goals page or the home page to see where we’re at!

TCA Activities

  • As previously promised, we’ve revamped how all of Interaction works for TCA Tokotas; this includes Wilds, TCA, and Outpost tokotas. All will run on the same interaction system regardless of where you get them. Full details can be found at Wild Tokota Interaction Levels on Tokopedia.

  • All TCA Tokotas (wild, TCA, and outpost) before Oct 2023 have been updated to the top level. However, they do not have a domestication certificate and do not get the benefits such as TCA Frames. They also do not have the restrictions that come with the new system. If you want a domestication certificate, then you may do the prompts. However, your Tokota will be reset to Level 1 - Gaining Trust when you turn in the first prompt. Be prepared to deal with the restrictions if you take this path.

  • And finally… November’s TCA tokos are here! Come enjoy the aftermath of Tokoween with us!


  • Tribe Quests posted for approval in the month of November will be active for the month of January, as the main group is closed during December for the holidays.

  • When redeeming Tribe quests with active totems please specify which totem(s) you are using in your forms.

  • The only companion that can be applied towards tribe quests is the Zebra. Standard group quest companions do not work for tribe quests.

  • Gentle reminder to avoid double dipping, rites and collaborations must be listed separately in your TP redeem comment. The admin comment link should be used to redeem rite TP, and the deviation link should be used for the collab TP. For example, you cannot link to an admin comment and redeem collab and the rite from the same link.

Faction Points

  • Lore Keepers have surged forth like a steam train and have taken the lead! They will face -30% Faction Fatigue.TB had a previous win fall off and will face -20%, and PL will still have -10%.

  • With that said, here’s the results for the raffle!

  • In third place, we have @Poolpaw ! Your prize is your choice of 40 000 TT or x15 HP Tokens!

  • In second is @Toxiity ! Your prize choices are Silver Starter Slot, 40 000 TT, or x30 HP Tokens

  • And taking first place is @OnyxianARPG ! Your prize options are Elemental Heart, Stone of Aippaq, a Gold Tier Starter Slot, or an Abandoned Pup (Normal Build)!

  • Congratulations! Please note the group with your choice of prize!

  • PL, PB, LK, KS and TB reached tier five for the participation prizes! WT reached tier two prizes! All prizes will be deposited before the 10th, so if you submitted three FP in the previous round and your name is on this list, please note the group after the 10th if it isn’t there! If it’s not on the list, you didn’t submit three FP in the previous round!


  • The October quest raffle has been rolled. The winners are @lost-coati, @B3AR-CH13F, and @newt-onix! You’ll find your genos added to Tokotna.

  • As with other non-festive months, the November quest has a new slotless companion, the Cardinal!

  • There’s been a line added to the Tokotober Challenge turn-in form for the Introduction as this is required. You do get the rewards for it, but the quest raffle and Tokoween Totem unlock was only for the month of October.

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Thanks for all of the amazing things for this group that we all love! This year has been a whirlwind but what a whirlwind!! <3