News and Updates - November 2020

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Hey guys, just a few short (but important!) notes for you today:

  • This year's Advent Calendar is now open! You can enter the event just by signing up, and if you want to earn yourself an extra ticket (and a mysterious prize?) you can make a gift entry before December 25th.

  • Faction Points: A reminder the current round ends this month and next month is a dead month, so be sure to get in all those shiny FP as soon as possible.

  • And finally just a reminder because there are only a few days left in November, the Group will be fully shut down during the whole month of December. Everything will be on ho-ho-hold ( :ha: )so make sure to get in all your last-minute essential toko-ing before the close.

Have a lovely evening/afternoon/morning and Happy Turkey Weekend to my neighbors to the south,




Hey everyone! We're here with a very belated news for Tokoween 2020!

  • Participation prizes have been awarded. If you didn't get your Black Cat yet please note the group and let us know!

  • Who will be the hallowinners this year? There were so many awesome entries, it'll be hard to decide! Please vote for your favorites in each category here! Voting will close in a week. (November 29th, 11:59PM PST)

~ Paws



Hello all! c:

We have a new round of tokos up for grabs through the TCA Rehoming Project! Make sure to check them out. :la:

This raffle will end November 30 at 9:00 PM CST. Plenty of time to get your entries in. Good luck to everyone who enters! :heart:

~ Khaj



Happy time of day everyone and happy group opening! :eyes:

Be sure to read all of the news, as we have some super important announcements and exciting news this November!

The following departments are now open: Bank, Shrine, Hierarchy Updates, Rites of Fertility, Activities, Breeding, Design Central, Continuous Events, PvP, Random Events - everything is open! :la:

News and Announcements

  • The Group will be fully shut down during the whole month of December to give our lovely admins a much needed Howliday break and time to work on some neat projects in preparation for the next year ;)

  • A brand new Rough Mane has been unlocked!

  • Rough is an uncommon mane, meaning it will be similar to Half and Short manes in terms of mane rarity

  • If you want to try for the new Rough mane, waiting until Monday (9th of November) will be necessary! It is not on the breeding roller yet.

  • To learn more about the Rough mane, check out the Manes journal (which will be updated with information about Rough very soon so stay tuned!). Rough mane import files are also coming soon~

  • We have some new Special Base Coat and Rough Mane starters!

  • Some of these starters sport familiar Special Base Coat colors such as Melisandre red brown, John brown and Keeper of Souls tawny - now available in starter form!

  • While they make their way to the Starter Prize Tier journal you may check them out on Tokotna using the Import Search!

  • The new starters will not be in Starter Slot pools until January.

  • Sivoganik Plushies will be available on Monday (9th of November), stay tuned for the announcement and more information!

World Tour

  • Be on the lookout for exciting updates (including Faction Brawl news) next week!

Taming, Raffle and TotM winners!

Gentle Reminders

  • Corgi and Focus Leash removals over on the Item Application thread will be around until November 30th, after which Bank will no longer be offering free removals. Be sure to get your free removals in before it’s too late!

  • There are still a couple tameable Tokoween Wilds untamed so be sure to check them out if you’re potentially looking to tame a wild this Tokoween!

  • We’re past halfway to meeting the Outpost Bonding Goal so keep on bonding those tokos and let’s get this exciting unlock for Akotas! :eyes:

  • We’re still seeing issues with linking across the group here and there, so be sure to always press spacebar after pasting in a link to a comment (so that it gets bolded and underlined) to ensure that your links lead to the correct place! Links not leading to where they’re meant to will be sent to corrections.

  • Remember that on Tokotna Activity Forms we have a “Remove Tribemates” checkbox that you should be using if your activity image has no tribemates present. Checking the box removes the tribe benefits/traits/companions from the form that are not applicable without a tribemate present.

  • Another reminder that you may not have comments on deviations disabled for activity pieces, or your activity piece will be kicked from the TokoCenter group! Admins must be able to comment on your activity piece in case it requires corrections.

  • And one more activities reminder - if you’re doing Tribe Activities, be sure to use the Tribe Activity Forms instead of the normal forms! The Activity Code is slightly different for Tribe Activities so making sure your forms are the most accurate will make for happy and speedy activity rollers!

  • Borga’s Shrine is opening on the Tokotna website in December automatically so be sure to prepare this month if you plan to give Borga any offerings!

And last but not least, we have a New Quest for November!

Snowy Memories

As the days grow colder and nights stretch longer, Tokotna anticipates an annual climate staple: snowfall. The first snowfall is always cause for celebration—or dread, depending on your perspective. With the first snowfall, many tokotas think back to the first time they experienced snow... Were they just a pup, or already fully grown? How did they react to the cold? What about their first snowy view? Depict your tokota's first encounter with the cold powdery white stuff.


Warm Blanket x 1, Home Cooked Treats x 2


11/6 - 11/30 ends at 11:59 pm PST (Tokotna Time)

~Furr, Kass, Bark, Copper and all the other lovely admins

© 2020 TotemSpirit
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What a surprise, indeed! I honestly didn't think I had a snowball's chance in hell to get her, but I guess I was proved wrong. :giggle: At least this provides me with the perfect excuse to get on the CE and PvP grind again. Thank you so very much!

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Oh, looks like I missed another important update while I was away. What changes are happening to the corgi? I've looked back through the previous news journal trying to find it and I can't seem to locate the announcement ^^;

(I have an "activity" toko with a corgi and trying to determine whether I need to get hers removed or whether the "new" benefit will still work for her :P )

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Corgi and Focus Leash are being retired as exploring companions/tack and being moved to have different uses. Whether or not they will be returning to (different) activities or even to activities at all is still undecided. Their future uses will be announced later on during World Tour. I would suggest getting them removed since it's completely free right now, as you can always reapply them if you decide they're still a good fit for your tokotas.


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Ahh I see, I'll hop across and get them removed then just in case! Thanks very much for the response! :D