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Hello Tokotna! It’s that time again!

The following departments are now open: Bank, Shrine, Hierarchy Updates, Design Central, Continuous Events, PvP, Activities, Rites of Fertility, Tribes, Breeding, and Random Events


  • The USD portion of the Sale has been extended 3 days and will be open until June 10th 11:59PM PST

  • The TT portion of the thread has not been extended and will close tomorrow, June 7th 11:59PM PST

  • The Bank has opened but it does not mean anything will be processed by the end of the sale.

  • A quick reminder that the wonderful Dracostyx has added a special pack to our sale. These packs are only usable with Stryx imports, and all proceeds will go to the Trevor Foundation!

Anniversary Recap


  • Some beautiful new shirts have made their way into the Merch Store! Check out the new Courage, Pride, Harmony, Joy and Serenity Merch!

  • Aurora Accounts are available on the Store

  • Aga Charms are available on the Store



  • @Berkelis has moved departments to join the Breeding Team

  • Breeding is removing the “Buy For Me” option. You need to have your Fertility Supplements or Close Care in your bank when you post your breedings.

  • Starting in July, Fertility Roots will be changing to be the supplement needed for Starter Breedings only. This will replace using Fertility Supplements or Close Care in all Starter Breedings.

  • The Lifetime Breeding Tracker is being retired! You can now see your Tokota’s lifetime slots on their Tokotna Import, look for the Slots Button!

  • A friendly reminder to please double check your breeding forms. The forms on tokotna are a guide only so double check that everything listed can be applied to your breeding (swans cannot be used in akota breedings and if using a swan you don’t need to buy supplements for example - save yourself some that hard earned TT).

Rites of Fertility

  • The Rites of Fertility form has gotten an update! This should hopefully make things a bit more streamlined for everyone during the judging process. Please make sure you are using the newest form for your submissions.


  • Summer is upon us and per usual hunting has switched prey!

  • Corgi finally has a new use! Finding Talismans and Fertility Roots in all activities.

  • CW BETA - Creature Whisperer has been split into 3 traits; Creature Whisperer will now apply ONLY to Exploring and Caving, and we are introducing TWO new traits, with the same trait token cost: Companion Tracker and Critter Finder.

  • Similarly to Creature Whisperer, Companion Tracker helps you find relevant companions to the corresponding activity in Hunting and Dangerous Game, and Critter Finder does the same for Diving and Fishing.

  • During this Beta phase, everyone is able to have their existing Tokotas with Creature Whisperer traits changed to either Companion Tracker or Critter Finder traits over at Bank’s Tack Apps Thread! Switching traits at this time is FREE.


  • If you have had an activity roll from a PvP companion (Fox/Penguin/Weasel) fail, please send a note to the group to have that fixed. The companion information has been updated to clarify this on Tokotna as well.


  • A reminder for when you are making significant mane edits to your Tokota, to make sure that they do not mimic the appearance of other mane types.

  • When doing extensive line edits, make sure you have at least 25% of the original lines.

  • A reminder of a rule in the Decor Items Guide: “A singular item may be used for objects or physical edits, but not both.” You can use one item for an expression edit, but if you’re adding items like earrings or a hat, you would need a second item.

Slot Tracker

  • Slot Trackers have been added to! There is a new button on Tokota Imports that leads you to their slots trackers.

  • This tracker has taken the place of the lifetime breeding tracker and is already loaded with everything from the excel sheet. You do not have to take any action to move your Tokota’s used slots. When Breedings are rolled the Used Slots total will be updated.

  • Additionally, there is a Written Permission Tracker integrated into the Slot Tracker. This is manually updated by the Tokota’s owner to help them track their written perms. Admin will not update the perms with litter links or mark them as used.

New Quest

  • The Quest has been updated for the month of June

  • You're Doing It Wrong

As Tokotna turns another year older, Tokotas far and wide are preparing to celebrate. But not everyone celebrates the same way, and some Tokotas even disagree on how to properly celebrate. Depict your Tokota(s) quarreling about, rebuking, or even refusing how to celebrate the nation's anniversary. Feel free to elaborate in what way they would prefer to celebrate. Can they overcome their disagreement through compromise or giving in, or do they go off to celebrate in their own way? How does their attitude affect others?

Rewards for Completion

Plushie Choice Pack x 1

TCA Rehoming Project

Lots of Love,

Jill and the rest of the team~


Happy Friday Tokotna!

I'm here with amazing news for our community! Right now our TT/USD Sale is ongoing. Anyone who had taken a look has seen our Love For All Pack donating 100% of the proceeds and 75% of the rest of the sale to The Trevor Project. So far we have reached $6,000 for our donation and as if that news couldn't get any better. DracoStryx has decided to join in our effort as well, we will be adding their wonderful Pride Flags to our sale. These will be $2 each and 100% of their proceeds will go the Trevor Project as well. Now both Tokos and Stryx and rock their colors with PRIDE!

We will be extending the USD portion of the sale until the 10th, to give Draco's members some time to decide if they want to join in. The TT Sale part of the sale will end on the 7th as previously planned.

Lots of Love,



Hello Tokotna!

Welcome to Year 7 of Tokotas, we have a quick news post with a lot of information.

First, we have put up a 7th Anniversary Journal! Go check it out there are future spoilers and a ton of new content!

Second, we have a TT/USD Sale running for the next week! A couple highlights are the "Love for All Pack" all of the proceeds for this go to The Trevor Project and UT Mystery Genos. Get your orders in soon!

Third, we have Show your heART open for the 7th Anniversary as well.

Be on the lookout for a week of Discord Raffles in celebration.

Lots of Love,

Jill and the entire tokota's admin team...

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Happy June everyone :heart: