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There’s a lot that’s been updated over our slightly extended close! Please be sure to read as there have been some major updates to Breedings and Activities.

The following sections are now open for July:

Bank, Breeding, Shrine, Hierarchy Updates, Continuous Events, PvP, Activities, Random Events, Design Central, Faction Points, and Rites of Fertility.

General Reminders

  • Do not DM or note admins for issues with their sections, please note the group instead. If you’re uncomfortable noting the group, please NOTE one of the Dads, @demonicrose or @barking-birds.

  • Additionally do not note admins about PSDs for wilds/raffles/outpost/tca/event tokos. Please note the group instead~

  • If you want your activity results on a specific comment thread, please have those comment threads hyperlinked at the top of your activity journal. Admins will NOT go through the journal to find the threads.

Updated Rules and Items

Some rules have been updated and changed, and some item descriptions are now updated to reflect how they work. You can search any Game Guides HERE. Just use the drop down to select Game Guides any time you’re in Tokopedia!

  • Breeding

  • Breeding Rules is now fully updated and on Tokotna!

  • Breeding - Base Coat Genetics

  • Breeding - Builds

  • Breeding - Marking Genetics

  • Breeding - Slots

  • Descriptions for several breeding items/traits/companions have been updated to be consistent and standardized. No bonuses have changed, simply the wording. These items include Fert Supps, Close Care, Swan, similar traits, etc.

  • Activity Rules has been rewritten entirely, and is now in two parts instead of three!

  • Photo Manipulations and Crafts have been updated with new rules to help elaborate on what is and is not acceptable.

  • Activities Visual Guide has all the art rules and some examples to help your images pass! - Please be aware that this guide will help with more than just activities! We may also continue to bring updates to this guide in the future.

The following have been moved to Tokotna as well:


  • Keeping 7 Designs per month this month! Submit your beans.


  • Be sure and review the rules above. As a reminder to returning players we are not allowing stash trackers, you must include the activity code along with the rest of the tokotas form. Also if you have a specific comment you wish your rolls to end up please remember it is your responsibility to directly link this comment, along with clearly making them available to rollers at the top of your tracker.

  • Also you may have noticed an error where giant squirrels were listed as dangerous Game on the TokoCenter journal and while they could be considered fearsome to some they have been now correctly listed as small prey that is year round, joining the ranks of bears and birds as part of the ongoing World Tour event. Keep an eye out for more World Tour things to come ;)

Breeding Updates

  • Fertility Root has been updated to be the supplement needed for Starter Breedings.

  • As previously announced, Fertility Supplements and Close Care will no longer be usable in breedings with Starters.

  • Akna’s Blessing has been renamed to Oona's Blessing

  • The trait’s bonus has also been updated. The base trait will now function as Fertility Supplements, and at dominant, Oona's Blessing II will be also usable as Fertility Root in Starter Breedings.

  • We have added a new trait, Amber's Blessing, to share the love to Dires~

  • The Rabbit Totem has been added as well!

  • This totem can be unlocked with old breedings, provided they are dated after February 4th 2019.

  • A new Totem line has been added to the Abandoned Puppy form, if you’re using the Rabbit Totem make sure to mention it (and link your profile) on that line!

  • Speaking of Starter slots… Many new faces have been added to the slot pools this month. Gold tier is looking pretty sharp, and as for Platinum, it’s had quite the boon of starters added.

  • Both Thread of Fate and Abandoned Pups have also been updated with these new starters, markings, mutations, etc.

  • Abandoned pups will also be receiving a boost to have Physical and Non-Physical traits pop up more often.

Aga’s Charm

  • New Frame Added: Aga themed (Yes, we know it is a bit silly it was called Aga's Charm and didn't have her frame yet)

  • You can find all released frames in the Aga's Charm Folder

Alastair 52742


  • Tribes can now change Showstopper and Specialist bonuses by redoing the achievements. Information is in the Achievement journal's FAQ.

Tokotna Updates:

  • HP Trackers have been updated with the ability to override HP to show in the Extra section

Faction Points

  • Points needed to be gained for rewards Tiers have been updated. For the next round, we will weigh based on the largest faction vs. total members in other factions. This is a test to help with smaller factions unable to achieve the set goals over the past months.

  • The form has been updated to require a link to your Tokotna Profile!

Knowledge Seekers win this round! Next round, KS will face -40% Faction Fatigue and TB will face -20% Faction Fatigue. The winners of the Participation Raffle for KS are:

  • 3rd Place: @puddabest Choice of 40 000 TT or x15 HP Tokens

  • 2nd Place: @MoonyArsaraidh Choice of a Silver Starter Slot, 40 000 TT, or x30 HP Tokens

  • 1st Place: @Lexii-Bunnii Choice of Elemental Heart, Stone of Aippaq, a Gold Tier Starter Slot, or an Abandoned Pup (Normal Build)

For Participation, LK made it to Tier 4, and the rest of the Factions made it to Tier 5!

If you submitted 3 FP in the previous round, your username will be on this list, along with the prizes. Please give us until July 15th to deposit these items to your banks. If your username is not on this list, you did not submit at least 3FP in the past month and will not receive prizes. Raffle winners, please note the group with your choice of prize! (If you submitted with a main account AND a side account and are not on the list, please note the group too!)


  • PvP scoring has been adjusted. You can still apply up to 50 bonus points, but now the RNG portion has been raised to 60 points. Nothing changes on the player end; this is more for your information!


  • In preparation of our big updates for Bonding we have gotten new art for the Bonding Badge. The previous art has been retired but remains on Tokotime for your enjoyment.

Bonding Certificate Tier 1

New Quest

The quest has been updated for the month of July:

Tell No Tales

A rumor is spreading around Tokotna about one of your Tokotas, based on a true attribute or experience of your Tokota, but the rumor doesn't tell the full tale. Depict your Tokota(s) hearing this rumor and/or setting the record straight or letting it go. Feel free to elaborate if your Tokota is humbled or humiliated by this rumor, how much truth there is to it, and how it affects their reputation among friends and/or strangers.

Rewards for Completion:

HP Token x 5, Common Trait Journal x 1


  • First a big congratulations to our winners for this round: @SpicedToast, @newt-onix, @phenaroo, and @xillicix!! Your genos have been transferred to you already via the Semi Customs log. You’ve also been noted your proofs for safe keeping. c: Enjoy!!

  • We also still have our on-going group goal. We’ve met all the Dangerous wins we needed - just a few more for Risky (3) and Safest (12) to complete the group goal!! We’re so close to that sweet, sweet new mane and raffling off an akota with that mane, you guys! It will be so soft … so silky. c;

Lots of Love,

Jill, Dun, Shiba, Bark, Disc, Furreon, Alcestia, Khaj, Sapph, Gecko, and everyone else.

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