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Cannoli WM244 has been tamed by @aracollie! Congratulations!




Spekkoek WF243 has been tamed by @newt-onix! Congratulations!

Tokotines Reminder!

If you want your Tokota to be breedable for this year’s Tokotines (February) you must post to the AoA judging thread during January! There are no guarantees that any AoA’s will be judged before the registration for Tokotines closes in February. So get your tokos AoA’d this month!




Got a few pieces of news today!

Financier WF242 has been tamed by @Berkelis! Congratulations!

We have a few departments looking to hire some people!

  • Activity Rollers

  • Writers and Coders for World Tour - use your best judgement for examples and such if you have experience. You can hear a bit more about this position on the latest Tokotas Podcast.

Please review the form on the Admin Applications page and send your note to TotemSpirit.

-Sapph, Islua, Dun, Jill & Friends



Hello Tokotna!

PVP Folders have opened up for entries! A Small Reminder that PVP Prompts will change with the next Season Change in March!

New Wilds are up! Check out all the details on our new Wilds Journal for 2022!

Lots of Love,

Jill, Dun, & Kex



Happy 2022 every toko!

We have a lot of updates and changes that the team has worked hard on over the December break! Please read below for the changes and updates.

The following departments are now OPEN: Breeding, Bank, AoAs, Hierarchy Updates, Random Events, Shrine, Activities, Continuous Events, Faction Points, Design Central

What’s new?:

  • The Tokotna site now has two new themes: Ornamental red, and Spruced Up green!

  • Tokotna site import pages have had an update!

  • The site now also has a cool new Game Guides page, which can be found at any time on the left side of the page on the TokotNav.

  • Not every item has an entry yet, but we will be updating the page as they’re created!

  • The group’s front page on DeviantART is also being slowly updated to link the tokotna pages for entries.

  • The game has introduced a new build over December! Dakinos are now in the game, and how to breed them can be read about here.

  • Though Tokharas are on the list, they are not yet released.

  • Abandoned Dakinos are not yet available in the game, and are not included in shrine.

  • If you didn’t catch our livestream on December 4th, dires now have updated breeding odds, including a Dire Save Chance that eats into your odds of getting a standard build, in turn giving a small percent chance to roll the next available lower percentage. You may view all the details and breeding percentages here.

  • More information in the Breeding section below!

  • Normal build and toki build males will no longer be able to unlock 65 slots for a total of 100!

  • More information in the Hierarchy Updates section!

  • We have four new backgrounds! One is free, one is available using a Borga Stone, and the other two are available with the purchase of a Sikrinerks Stone.

  • Don’t forget our Snowfall background was added to the Festive Stone… I wonder what will come next! :eyes:

  • Many new Starters have been added!

  • We have many winners in our AM/FM Starter Design Contest! We got 14 new Dire Starters including 10 75% and 4 50% Dires!

  • @Athallia

  • @Vulpine-Poltergeist

  • @Skryzein

  • @AeolusAce

  • @DarkHeartedSorrows

  • @AVlC

  • @DaffoDille

  • @CH-Travels

  • @DarkHeartSeer

  • @phenaroo

  • @Silver-Ouroboros

  • @SapphireSquire

  • @aracollie

  • We have new items! Nagruks Charm allows for pre-made and approved animal art on your import, and Aurora Paint allows for a cool new Dominant Symbol when updating your tokota to dominant (more restrictions apply). Both can be found in the Trading Post!

  • There are new Unique Traits in the game! They are: Limit Breaker, Counterfeiter, Blessed Union, Gaskin Experiment, Unique Heritage, Middle Child. You can read more about them in the Breeding section below.

  • Unique Traits that work exclusively on, such as the Shrine traits and both the new crafting UTs must have a Bonded Tokota to work.

  • This is to ensure balance, that a user must actually use the tokota at least once to benefit from the traits. (Such as you need to make an activity to take advantage of the forager or tailor traits.)

  • All Boon Traits will continue to work without being bonded until March 1st!

  • The Crafting Genie UT has been removed from the game. It will not be returning, though we now have Limit Breaker and Counterfeiter, two new crafting focused UTs. Both traits are more restricted in use.

  • Any genos with the Crafting Genie trait are still able to be used, but the trait will not be included upon upload.

  • The Previous Journals Log and Returning Players Guide will be getting an update. The files are too large for tokotna to host on one page, so we will be splitting it into a page per section and linking off to them from the main page.


  • Co-owning is now obsolete! no longer supports it, and any leftover co-owns are unable to be used in any way except for giving up your half of the co-ownership. If you have an inactive or deactivated co-owner, please note @Tokotime with proof of trying to get into contact with your co-owner or their deactivated account.

  • Remember that if you want your Tokota to be breedable for this year’s Tokotines (February) you must post to the AoA judging thread during January! There are no guarantees that any AoA’s will be judged before the registration for Tokotines closes in February. So get your tokos AoA’d this month!


  • Breeding has a New Roller with all the changes for the Breeding Rebalance 2022. There may still be a few visual bugs, we will work them out in the next 48 hours. Jill is the Case!

  • There are now two separate threads for both regular and starter breedings. The old roller and the old odds will be removed after February. In March, the game will proceed with the new breeding odds and the new roller only.

  • Breeding Corrections for both threads is condensed into one corrections thread.

  • There are new traits and items: Ardent, Bedes Blessing, Blessed Union, Breeders Box, Gaskin Experiment, Kino Tonic, Stout Heart, Unique Heritage, Limit Breaker, Counterfeiter, Middle Child

  • The Ancient Blood trait’s second tier now unlocks at dominance instead of an Elemental Heart upgrade. Since only nine people have ever unlocked this, their EHs have been refunded.

  • Some Starters have been shuffled into different tiers! Akotas have moved down to Gold, and rare mane Akotas are in Platinum.

  • Dakinos may tentatively be added to the pools in March.

  • The new Breeding UTs will NOT be available in the starter slot pool for six months. As talked about in our livestream on January 1st, these UTs have been given as limited semi-customs to previous Crafting Genie owners as payment for the money lost when CG was removed from the system. The six month wait is to allow the old CG owners to have ‘pseudo starters’ for the traits. These traits include: Gaskin Experiment, Blessed Union, and Unique Heritage.


  • Crafting Genie is no longer able to be unlocked.

  • For all your other Tokotna account related needs please head over to the new and fresh Account Management journal.

  • Regular Tack Application thread and Soul Pool Application threads have been combined into just one thread for all your applying needs. Not many people used the regular apps thread so we combined them into one! :ha:

  • Stash Tracker Transfers journal has been retired.


  • Six new prompts for the Rite of Merit, available for any build, have been added! Dakinos and Tokharas will share ‘build only’ prompts with Standards and Tokis respectively.

Hierarchy Updates:

  • During the podcast on December 4th, we revealed that normal and toki males will no longer be able to unlock 65 extra slots.

  • Barely 0.023% of males have these slots unlocked, and only 22 out of over 50,000 tokotas have used more than 55 slots.

  • To help aid this change, we have increased the maximum female slots, and given both dires and akota more slots. Our Slots Guide has been updated to reflect new slot counts for all builds, and the pdf of the changes can be found here.

  • Females normal and toki builds can now unlock +5 slots per 100 additional HP after dominance, just like males. This brings their new grand total to 60 slots!

  • If you find a mishap in your female slots and find yourself oversold from the coding mishap, please note the group! No one will be in trouble for this.

  • Males now benefit from Aknas Presence, the slot giving both males and females a total of +5 to their total slots. The second tier was redundant and has been removed.

  • If the full total of 65 extra male slots has been previously unlocked or are unlocked during January, you keep those slots!

  • When the group opens for February, males will no longer be able to unlock 65 extra slots.

  • Akota Slot Unlocks is changing from 150 HP per unlock to 100 HP per.

  • They still only unlock 4 Slots maximum and their new unlock total is 400 HP.

  • If you have previously unlocked slots and now qualify for more, you may resubmit to the thread to gain those slots.

  • Female Standard Slot Unlocks are changing from +2 per unlock to +5 per.

  • Additionally, their maximum unlock is changing to 20 Slots.

  • If you have previously unlocked slots and now qualify for more, you may resubmit to the thread to gain those slots.

Random Events:

  • Stay Classy Tokotna!


  • Shrine also has a shiny new journal!

  • Certain slots in the Pyrite Slot pool may be purged quarterly (every 3 months) to keep the slot pool fresh and interesting!

  • The first Purge happened in December so consider giving those Pyrite Slots some love!


  • We are now in Winter! Please check out Seasons & Prey for full details.


  • Outpost is closing its doors for good and merging into the TCA. A new quarterly event will take its place in March!

Continuous Events:

Design Central:

  • The Decor Guide has been given a much needed update. Hand Paints and Scars now have an updated way to measure how many are needed in a design, so go check it out! A PSD file is also linked on the guide with Large Item, Small Item, Hand Paint, and Scar size circles.

  • There are now special base starters for Mythic and Vine Brown!

  • Some guides, including Barring, Wolverine, Lacing, Roan, Shadowmarks, Extended Marked, and Extended Dun, which previously only had Standard Build ranges now include ranges for all builds. All other guides with build ranges have also had Dakino ranges added.

  • Lacing range has been significantly increased, particularly on the top of the neck. Enjoy having some additional possibilities when designing Lacing!

  • DC forms have been updated to include a line for your Monthly Limits instead of the Tokotna Profile, Proof of Items, and Lioness Totem lines. Your Monthly Limits link can be found on your Tokotna Profile.

Faction Points:

Prestige Breeders really pulled through the last round, earning First Place! Wilderness Trackers came in a close second, and Lore Keepers right behind in third! Good job everyone!

In the next round, PB and LK will face -10% Faction Fatigue. TB and KS will have -20% Faction Fatigue. Our Participation Raffle winners for Prestige Breeders are:

  • Third Place: @Berkelis Choice of 40 000 TT or x15 HP Tokens

  • Second Place: @Northpaws Choice of a Silver Starter Slot, 40 000 TT, or x30 HP Tokens

  • First Place: @craeve Choice of Elemental Heart, Stone of Aippaq, a Gold Tier Starter Slot, or an Abandoned Pup (Normal Build)

Unfortunately PL did not reach Tier 1 for prizes this round and have yet to win a FP round. KS has unlocked Tier 4, while PB, LK, WT, and TB have all unlocked Tier 5.

If you submitted 3 FP in the previous round, your username will be on this list, along with the prizes. Please give us until January 15th to deposit these items to your banks. If your username is not on this list, you did not submit at least 3FP in the past month and will not receive prizes. Raffle winners, please note the group with your choice of prize! (If you submitted with a main account AND a side account and are not on the list, please note the group too!)

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