News and Updates - January 2021

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Hello all, some updates for you. Due to issues between Eclipse and, we will no longer be accepting trackers for anything except HP trackers. Admins can no longer comment on them properly, so we have made the difficult decision to disallow them. After today, anything with trackers will be sent to corrections.

For redeeming existing comments, a thread will soon be set up (or a thread has been set up, depending on when this goes out) where you may convert an entire tracker at once. The tracker will then be marked void and recorded. Anyone caught trying to redeem the same tracker twice will face harsh consequences, so don't do it!

We are also aware that Eclipse is no longer allowing comments with lots of links. Until this is solved, it is alright to add in a secondary comment with the rest of the links.

Also on the topic of links, Eclipse has developed a bad habit of changing them. Please ensure that you check each of your links after you have posted a comment to ensure that they all go where they are supposed to. This includes in HP trackers! All sections will be sending incorrect links to corrections as of today.

One final update; World Tour will be put on temporary pause while we work through finding solutions to the above problems. We will let you know as soon as we are ready to release the next area!

A few reminders as well:

  • The rule book has been updated. We highly suggest reading over it to ensure your game play runs as smoothly as possible!

  • Multiple sections are still hiring! Check the Tokotna front page for the full list.

  • We have noticed an increase in imports being uploaded/embedded off-site. Please remember that this is against the rules. If you have uploaded or embedded imports anywhere including Google docs, toyhouse, Google sites, or any other such website, please remove them immediately.


Happy new year to everyone!

The moment you’ve been waiting is here... The group is finally opening for the first time this year! And of course we have some exciting announcements for you:

What’s New? :eyes:

  • The following departments are open for January: Bank, DC, Design Den, Shrine, REs, Activities, Breeding, Bonding, Rites of Fertility, Continuous Events, PvP, Hierarchy Updates, Tribes, Faction Points (that’s all of them, huzzah!)

  • The Official Group Rulebook has gotten a much needed overhaul, so be sure to read it carefully. Many things have been added and a lot has been clarified.

  • The Suggestion Box has a shiny new journal! Be sure to go fill it with ideas~

  • Starter Slot Tiers have also gotten updated, some new faces have been added and some starters have changed tiers. Make sure that you have the correct tier slot when posting breedings with starters as these tier changes are in effect immediately!

  • A new Starter Slot Tier search function has been added to the Import Search page on Tokotna so you can now search for starters that belong to a specific Starter Slot tier!

  • A list of Tokotas in each Starter Slot Tier has been added to the Member Resources page on Tokotna for a convenient list of starters in each tier.

  • A long awaited TT/USD Sale will be happening in April 2021. More details will come as it gets closer.


  • Tokota of the Month: The same user is no longer allowed to win multiple times in a row. There will be a 6 month cooldown on the same user being able to win TotM again.

  • Tokotines is right around the corner, make sure to get your AoAs in by the end of January (1/31) for any tokota you plan on using during the event in February!

  • Note the group for PSDs of Event/Advent/TCA/Wild tokotas you’ve won/acquired.

Continuous Events

  • The Winter season has brought new wintery CE prompts along with it! Make sure to check them out!

  • New PvP prompts will be coming when the Spring season rolls over! So get all your PvP entries with the current prompts in while you can!


  • It is now Winter season, the following prey is in season: Bird, Coyote, Lynx, Bear, Caribou and Seal

  • Hunting and Fishing tack and companions can no longer be found in Exploring, they have been moved to be found exclusively from their respective activities.

Design Central and Design Den

  • Design Den is now located in the Design Central journal, rather than its own separate journal.

Faction Points


  • Tribe Tokotas now have their own page that can be found from the Tribe Hub, and will show all Tribe Owned Tokotas with quick links to their forms.

  • Keep your eyes peeled, as there will be a few more little functions coming live in the next few days for this page!

  • Your remaining Faction changes are now shown on your Manage Profile page.

  • With this, faction resets have been refreshed for the year!

  • Double Merles can now be searched for using the Import Directory.

  • Some new titles have been added to show love for Silky manes, Rough manes, and the Narnvak region!

~ Everyone on the Admin Team <3

© 2021 TotemSpirit
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If we can’t use stash for activity trackers what should we do? Upload the trackers as journals? Or is there an alternative? I’m a little confused.

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going forward we cannot use as trackers and to use journals as activity trackers. can still be used as HP trackers.

DO NOT upload your current activity trackers. you will lose you your results as comments are not transferred over.

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Ugh Eclipse is being such a pain in the rear end! Thank you Admins for your patience and diligence! ❤️