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Hi all! DC is now open for February!

One small update about using PotA Tokens to add Double Merle, now that reviving dead pups is possible:

  • When adding Double Merle with a PotA Token, the DC admin will roll your penalties. Your tokota may roll healthy, any of the health defects, or death.

  • If you want to avoid infertility (or any other penalties), you may request DC remove an extra PotA Token if specified penalties are rolled.

  • To avoid going to corrections if your tokota dies, you may also request DC remove an extra PotA Token if the tokota dies. If revived, your tokota is fully healthy with no penalties.

  • If Box of Chocolates was used in the breeding, your tokota will only be rolled for non-fatal penalties, as it was not possible for it to die in the breeding.

Also, a reminder to complete your Tokotines card exchange and post them on your Tokotines breeding by Feb 13th at 11:59PM PST!

~ Crae



Hello all! ouo

Brief but exciting news from the TCA Rehoming Project!! :la: We have some lovely new tokotas up for grabs - looks like they've got some Tokotines spirit too. Go check them out when you get a chance! :heart:

~ Khaj



The Guide WF213 was tamed by Attemiff and Philzi WF216 was tamed by Dunrosiel !

That concludes this taming round. Please make sure to read the opening news below if you haven't already!

- Kass


Happy February everytoko! :heart:

Love is in the air as we bring you the sweet sweet news of a group opening! We have some interesting and important information below so be sure to read all of it! Especially the Stash Tracker part if you have any Stash Activity Trackers with unredeemed items! And what's this? Something new and exciting happening in Shrine...?

At this time the following sections are OPEN: Activities, Bank, Shrine, Rites of Fertility, Random Events, Continuous Events, PvP, Breeding, Bonding, Tribes, Hierarchy Updates, Faction Points

Design Central is still closed, and will be announced open at a later date. And now onto more exciting news and announcements, and as usual, some general reminders.


  • The most eagle eyed of you may have noticed the stealth update under the Tokotine Exchange title. This year, anyone who completes a tokotine will be rolled +1 bonus pup in their litter. If both partners complete a tokotine, they will each receive an extra pup. And yes, this applies to Akota litters also! So if both partners complete their tokotines, both will receive (at minimum) 2 pups for themselves from the litter!

  • Today is the last day to register your tokota for Tokotines 2021 so get on registering if you haven’t already!

Stash Tracker Transfers

  • If you have been around long enough, you might remember the Great Bank Migration(™). Those of you with unredeemed stash trackers can head over to Stash Tracker Transfers (also linked in Toko Tokens Bank) to get entire trackers redeemed at once, similar to the form from back then.


  • We’ve finally reached the Outpost goal of 100 tokotas bonded! Short mane is now available on akota imports!

  • Just a reminder that Rough mane is also available on akota imports!

  • A new group goal has been added to the Outpost journal! Go check it out and keep unlocking shiny new things for our akotas!

  • To encourage participation in group goals, we’ve decided to incorporate a special participation prize with each goal - an upload containing the newly unlocked feature. The winner is selected via RNG. With that being said, congrats to our winner for this group goal - Dendariiis! Your new akota should be transferred over to you shortly.

Discord Server Boost Rewards

  • We have introduced a new system of rewarding people for boosting our Discord Server. This way we can all enjoy lots of emojis and pretty banner art.

  • Every server boost you contribute to the Tokotas server may be redeemed for one of the following USD Shop Decor items; Sikrinerk Stone, Borga Stone, Aippaq’s Hand Paints, and Sivoganik’s Charm

  • To redeem these, you may post every 30 days in the Server Boost Redemption channel on discord with the provided form. A chat moderator will verify the boost and add the item to your bank account.

  • Your boosts need to be on the server for 30 days to get your first redemption.

General Reminders

  • We still have a couple tameable Wilds running around! So get your taming tokos and gear and get on taming!

  • Dominance Symbols cannot be the same color as any markings on a tokota. Hand Paint Dye rules apply to Dominance Symbols.

  • February is the last month with the current Continuous Event prompts so be sure to participate now if you want to do the current competition prompts!

  • New PvP prompts will be coming next month so be sure to get your fair share of the current PvP prompts while you can!

  • For Activities, remember to tick the “remove tribemates” box if your activity piece doesn’t involve any tribemates. Additionally Activities are no longer accepting Stash Activity Trackers at all; instead you must use regular dA journals as your activity result trackers.

  • Rites of Fertility information journal updates are in progress! Requirements and Applicable Bonuses will be listed clearly beneath each prompt in a similar fashion currently shown on Continuous Events.

  • Keep pressing that spacebar after links! You’re doing great! :thumbsup:

  • And last but not least, remember that you may not post to any thread or journal before the group (and that section) is announced open! Any comments posted before the group has been announced open will be deleted and you will need to repost.

Tokota of the Month

  • Congrats to Dunrosiel's Laika 48420 for winning Tokota of the Month for February 2021!

  • Be sure to vote for March Tokota of the Month here.


  • The quest has been updated. Be sure to check it out on the dA group frontpage if you haven’t already!

  • Quests will now be updated monthly instead of bi-weekly to give you more time to grab those sweet rewards!

Hierarchy Updates

  • We are making some changes to Passage of the Alpha requirements for infertile tokotas!

  • In the past, as infertile tokotas cannot have pups, they required 5 additional CE wins and an extra 100 HP on top of the 300 HP already required.

  • As of today we will be changing that, so it is more balanced with the dominant offspring requirement of breedable tokotas.

  • The new requirements will be:

  • An additional 250 HP (the same as a dom pup) for 550 HP total.

  • One extra Passage of the Alpha prompt.

  • The fourth prompt for infertile tokotas will be ungraded.

  • You can use a Stone of Aippaq in place of these requirements.

  • If you have an infertile tokota that just needs a few more CE wins have no fear! You have until the end of April 2021 to get those tokotas submitted to HU and have them confirmed for Alpha.


  • You are now able to shrine tokota slots, either slots to your own tokotas or slot permissions that have been written out to you. Only Full slots are applicable, Split or PotL slots are not. Slot offerings have their own thread over on the Shrine journal.

  • If shrining your own tokotas’ slots, the tokota whose slot(s) are being shrined, must have it’s AoAs earned, must be at least Average and it must have enough lifetime breeding slots available. Attempting to shrine more slots than the tokota has available is not allowed and if you are found to have overpromised/sold/shrined slots to a tokota, you will face serious consequences.

  • Slot permissions located in broken journals are not able to be shrined.

  • Tokotas whose slot(s) have been shrined cannot be shrined themselves for 3 months.

  • Everyone can shrine a maximum of 10 tokota slots a month.

  • Every slot is worth 1 Offering Token by default, and +1 Offering Token can be earned per slot if the tokota is Dominant or Alpha, or has a Rare Mane, A Hereditary Mutation or a Very Rare Marking. Maximum amount of Offering Tokens earned via shrining slots in a month is 20.

Important Disclaimer: All shrined slots may be used by the group to breed said tokota. The group does not enforce “no shrining” rules listed on breeding slots.

~Jill, Dun, Khaj, Furr, Paws, Copper, Kex, Sapph and the rest of the lovely Tokotas Admin Team

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