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Welcome to the Import Request and Report Page, the primary hub for tokota import information and manual ownership changes.

Information Change Requests

If you would like to decease, revive or sterilize your tokota, or transfer ownership of a tokota to another member (if one or both sender and recipient do not have an activated account) please reply to the corresponding comment linked below with the form filled out of your request.

Information Request

Revive or decease a Tokota, sterilize a Tokota, excess comment hiding, voluntarily adding birth defects to a tokota
Name changes, personality changes, etc. can be done via Tokotna by yourself and should not be posted to this thread!

Ownership Transfer

Transfer ownership of a tokota to another member. Only usable when either you, the recipient or both users involved do not have an activated Tokotna account. Posting in this thread when both users are capable of transferring the tokota(s) themselves on Tokotna will be denied.

Bullet; Green Ownership Transfers are currently Open!Bullet; Green

  • This is only for the current owner of the tokota.
  • You may only transfer 5 tokotas per comment.
  • All tokotas in a single comment must be transferred to the same user. Please make separate comments for transfers to different users.

Tribe Tokota Transfers

Transfer Tokotas to a Tribe, or from a Tribe to a member.

Bullet; Green Tribe Tokota Transfers are currently Open!Bullet; Green

  • Uploaded tokotas may be transferred to Tribe ownership for leasing, but they must be completely blank slates.
    • This means no tack, no companions, no Rites, etc. Their award wall should be entirely blank.
  • Tribe-owned tokotas may be transferred to members, but they cannot have been used in leasing.
  • You may only transfer 5 tokotas per comment.
  • All tokotas in a single comment must be transferred to the same user. Please make separate comments for transfers to different users.

Import Error Reports

Due to the occasional oversight and human error some tokotas (especially with older IDs) may be subject to errors that could interfere with future breedings, etc. This journal is here for members to report any uploaded tokotas (their own or another member's) that may have incorrect information or other general errors.
In the case of lineage errors please make sure to mention if the tokota has been bred!

Tokotna Import Information Error Reports

Please post all errors here!

Old outdated error threads (DO NOT POST IN THESE)

Tokotas with Incorrect Lineages
- Missing links, missing relatives, missing IDs, etc.
Tokotas with ID Double-ups
- Tokotas with the same ID, tokotas missing an ID...etc.
Other Errors
- Anything else that does not apply to the top two categories.


I'm moving accounts, do I need to transfer all of my tokotas to my new account?

We recommend that you link your new account to your current account on Tokotna, that way your Tokotas are already transferred, without the need to transfer all the DA imports, as both will appear when we search for ownership on Tokotna.

I don't have access to the account that owns my tokotas! What do I do?

Send a note to the group with any proof you might have that shows you owned the account at one point.

What do we do if we want to decease a tokota?

Comment on the Information Request thread and mention that you are deceasing your tokota. Please do not do so lightly. A permanently deceased tokota will not be able to breed, compete, or have its information changed and you may only revive a tokota once.

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Where can I fix typos with design credits?
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It does need to be in the correct thread in order to get looked at.
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Someone transferred a tokota to me via and it shows that it transferred in my notification but it doesn't show up in my tokotas page. Do I need to wait or what?
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Please post this into "ownership errors" over at Tokotna Import Info Error Reports - 2020 and we'll take a look at what's going on!

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Actually another quick question would deceased tokotas not show up in your tokotas or will they?
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Deceased tokota by default do not show up at all, there is a checkbox to the right of the page you need to click to show them.

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Ok I just realized that and I think that's what it is so I'm waiting for the group to update it (to get it revived)
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Ownership Transfer

Please note 
that instant transfers can now be handled by users themselves directly on through the Ownership button on a tokota's import page.
DA imports are no longer updated when transferred as they are being updated to the new formatting.

Reply to this comment and fill out the form below.
Only the current owner of the tokota listed on their import page may request ownership transfer to another member.
Maximum of up to 5 tokotas per comment.
Maximum of up to 1 member per comment.

Tokotna Import link: (Link to the import on 
New owner:
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Tokotna Import link: Mystery Toko 40159

New owner: @kiniya

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Already transferred. If you've transferred via tokotna already, please hide the transfer request next time.


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Thank you!

I have a tokotna now, and it’s Leafstep!

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Tokotna Import link: <a href='

Timber Howl 24453

New owner: Cirsilanne

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The Tokota's information has been reconciled, and updated to the new import format.



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