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Tofi 5773



Registered name: Tofi
Nickname(s): -
ID number: 5773
Owner: actually-a-dog 
Species: Tokotas
Breed: Canarctos dirus  [25%]
Gender: Female
Mane type: Yeti 
Genotype: Ee/aa/tt/MM/AA/nC/nG/nPng/nPb
Phenotype: Graying marked collared black piebald with accents (Pangare Carrier)
Height: 210 cm
Hierarchy status: Alpha
Rites of Fertility: Yes
Health status: Healthy.
Items: Hand paints

Personality: A bit older of a Tokota, she has some arthritis showing up in her hips, elbows, and other joints. Due to this, she is a bit more slow moving than when she was younger. She can still run and be ridden, but she will need to take medication to lubricate her joints and keep her out of pain when these activities occur. She is sweet and caring, a fierce protector of those close to her. She has an innate fear of swimming, and no one has yet to figure out why. She is friendly toward all creatures. Her handler had her certified as a therapy Tokota.

- Partnership trait:
    5+ point score benefit in all group-sanctioned 
    EnduranceLivestock herding/cuttingAgility, and Mounted marksmanship competitions.

- Aippaq's Navigation:
    25% chance to find up to three extra items on a caving expedition.

- Aippaq's Fortune II
Tier Two: Unlocked once Dominance is reached
Heterozygous genes have a +10% chance of passing on to offspring. Rare mane types (Including one carrying parent) have a +10% chance of passing on to offspring.

------------------------------------------ SSS: Baloo 1256
----------------- SS: Mowgli 2117
------------------------------------------ SSD: Aspen 1070
Sire: Bagheera 2839
------------------------------------------ SDS: Nanook 01
----------------- SD: Amsonia 429
------------------------------------------ SDD: Yara 130
------------------------------------------ DSS: Tonga 182
----------------- DS:  Drogo 515
------------------------------------------ DSD: Alpha Female 5
Dam: Nambra 4198
------------------------------------------ DDS: Alpha Male 2
----------------- DD: Daenerys 514
------------------------------------------ DDD: Oona 20

Design (c) Hlaorith 
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