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Region: Tokotna
Alignment: Light
Rank: Major
Portfolio: God of Sunsets, Dreams, and Protection
  • A young girl herding caribou or goats on desolate plateaus
  • An old shaman by the edge of Aippaq's Mirror
  • A mourning dove

Born from the sky of a setting sun and Aippaq's love for all under their care. She nips at the heels of dark spirits to keep them at bay and occasionally leaves them under Aippaq's watchful eye so she can round up stragglers. 

Most often said to chase dark spirits to keep them too tired to bother the living. The most common depiction is of her nipping at the heels of a straggling spirit. She is said to guide the lost souls of the dead to the Ridge of Elders so they may find peace with Aippaq. Invoking her name in the presence of a dark spirit is said to alert her to the straying spirit and bring her running to your aid. She is said to chase bad dreams from the minds of children, so her likeness is often sewn into children's blankets and other knick knacks.

Original deity inspiration by DarkHeartSeer
Deity art by DarkHeartSeer
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Love him! He's like a barbary/longmane/yeti hybrid I dig him/her/it!
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my gosh, they are so gorgeous!!! can't believe you chose them as a sprite companion for the 3rd tokota anniversary! it's such a lovely thing to do <33
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I do not care if this toki is a god. I WILL HUG IT!
Let me hug you! 
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DarkHeartSeer amazing job, I knew they'd be picked <3
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She's so pretty~
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this is really interesting
nekonotaishou's avatar
this is really interesting
MistMasquerade's avatar
i think im in love *^*
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Oh dear goodness I love her
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So fluffy Heart 
Beautiful design  
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praise thee be our toki gods
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