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Meelanik is an entirely selfish spirit whom devours the souls of other Tokotna residents to fuel his own hunger, making those spirits unable to reach the Ridge of Elders and find peace after death. According to lore, those trapped by his hideous jaws are doomed to spend the rest of eternity trying to escape from his belly, floating around in a void of space.

It is said that sighting this lumbering beast is a sign of impending death or famine, an omen for bad times to come. As he craves for the souls of all those struggling with the grip of hunger themselves, devouring them so that he might satisfy his own neverending starvation.
Coming into contact with this beast, prey animals will delve into madness similar to rabies and become so sick that they are unable to be hunted for food, starving his prey over a length of time before he moves in to swallow his well deserved meal.

He seems to have a taste for Tokota souls especially and seems mostly unphased by the anklebiter Sikrinerk, his arrogant personality making sure he at least thinks he's able to outrun them.

Original deity inspiration by Rupturedsouls123
Deity art by Rupturedsouls123
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