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Lorien 16665 by TotemSpirit Lorien 16665 by TotemSpirit
Registered name: Lorien
ID number: 16665
Owner: Wildfire-Tama
Breeder: SilverPocky
Species: Tokotas
Breed: Canarctos venatori
Gender: female
Age: 4 years
Mane type: Natural
Genotype: ee/aa/Tt/MM/CC/AA/nG/nL
Phenotype: marked collared greying lilac tundra with accents
Eye color: amber
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 800 lb
Hierarchy status: Submissive
Rites of Fertility: 0/3
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health Status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape. 

Personality: Lorien is a sweet tokota. She is shy, quiet, and avoids confrontation however she can. She is caring and compassionate, and has great empathy for others. But under her quiet front Lorien knows what she wants and has her own modest sort of drive, a drive for a life where she can help others and feel useful. She easily makes good relationships with others, but rarely are they close. She can be quickly overwhelmed by busy, loud, or crowded places, and unless she has a job to focus her mind on she will shrink into herself and search for an escape. This along with her shy nature makes her independent, and she is perfectly comfortable with being alone and wandering by herself, especially when she wants time to herself to gather her thoughts. 

She has traveled with her twin brother, Onyx, since she was born and cares about him more deeply than any other soul on earth. Although she is happy in her new home where she feels she has a purpose, she sometimes misses the days when they traveled together, and she often visits him when she has the time. 


------------------------------------------ SSS: Nostromo 2490
----------------- SS: Everest 6990
------------------------------------------ SSD: Taima 1255
Sire: Ezekiel 12185
------------------------------------------ SDS: Astaroth 7596
----------------- SD: Porcelain 10630
------------------------------------------ SDD: Brynja F8858
------------------------------------------ DSS: Vatu 1502 
----------------- DS: Rin 4804 
------------------------------------------ DSD: Felurian 2938 
Dam: Nightmare 11633
------------------------------------------ DDS: Zhenjin 4550 
----------------- DD: Jacinta 7447 
------------------------------------------ DDD: Tofi 5773 

Design (c) SilverPocky
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Submitted on
July 1, 2016
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