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ID 4480

ID: 4480
Species: Tokotas
Breed: Canarctos venatori
Gender: Male
Mane: Yeti
Geno: Ee/aa/tt/MM/CC/AA/nBr/nPb
Pheno: Marked collared black piebald with accents and bearmarks
Rite of Fertility: Yes
Health: Healthy

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: ID 462
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: ID 513
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: ID 19
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: ID 359
----------------- DS: ID 2198
------------------------------------------ DSD: ID 1699
Dam: ID 2427
------------------------------------------ DDS: ID 01
----------------- DD: ID 429
------------------------------------------ DDD: ID 130

Design: Hlaorith
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DrazziElder, hey Drazzi! I'm brainstorming for my boy Nazgul's AoAs and Saren is his papa, so I was wondering if I could feature him perhaps? c:

Maybe for some father-son bonding if possible!
DrazziElder's avatar
Sure thing. I'd love to see too. Saren is a great papa and he loves all his children....that's a lot of love cause he has dozens :D
ASTRAprojection's avatar
Oh cool! With Ghoul being sold as a pup, and raised by an adoptive mother, it course be something else to see some of his relatives during one of his important moments to support him!
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His name is Ghoul? Haha. Saren's half brother is also called Ghoul
Ghoul 8996
Can you note  me so we don't spam his import page pls?
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Psst DrazziElder can I use your boy in a few HP payments? (It's two exploration pics!)
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Reached Alpha status on 17/3/18
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Perfect Bloodline - Saren
2nd place in TQBA Three Pines Show - Perfect Bloodline Class - 2016
CE Event Trophy - Lineage by TokoTime
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Grey Pygmy Goat by TokoTime
Grey Pygmy Goat Companion ;;  Provides 3+ chance to inherit a trait from one parent.
Only applies to Saren 4480.
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Albino Raven by Innali

Raven companion: Inability to find trash items while exploring. Only applies to Saren 4480.

Earned through Rites of Dominance.

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Tokotas - Symbol of dominance by noebelle 
Reached Dominant status on 9/5/15.
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Arms of Akna - EXCELLENT - PL by noebelle
Arms of Akna - Excellent: 
Awarded to Saren 4480 on 8/8/15.
Certifies that this tokota is eligible to breed.
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Snowshoe Hare Spring Coat by Hlaorith
Snowshoe Hare Spring Coat Companion:  25% chance to roll an extra puppy in the litter (on top of the normal roll) 
Only applies to Saren 4480
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Reached Average Status on 7/17/15.
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07/09/2015 - pup was born to Reginald 513 and Azhela 2427.
Was bred by DrazziElder 
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What is his eye color? I'm designing one of his babes and I need to know ;A;
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His eyes are blue.
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