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Region: Tokotna
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Major
Portfolio: Deity of Life and Death, God of Tokotas
Forms: Shown

God of Tokotas. Worshipped by local Tokotna tribes as a deity of life and death.

Original deity inspiration by noebelle
Deity art by DaffoDille
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Egg 1 by TokoEvents
I’m new to tokotas, please lend me a hand,

What journal should I read so I won’t get banned?

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lol i just used your cool media! sorry for contacting you I'm kinda new and didn't know it was a kind of feedback lol.
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What exactly is tokota lore? This tokota is so beautiful 0v0
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if tokotas looked like these i would be so interested in the breed XD so beautiful!
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Is this a Tokota god?
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Its so spiritual and beautiful
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This takes 'starmarked' to a whole new level.
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Can we get this girl a guy? XD Like the Toko God of hunting or exploration or whatever? nobelle
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Pfft. I realized that a long time ago. But I'm on a phone, so... Meh.
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meh meh meh meh xD
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how big is it o.o
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um may i do like an animation thingy to this song and have this beauti as the moon?…;

excuse the mlp i cant find another english version to it? :3
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nvm i got permission ^.^
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D: Holy moses those eyebrows
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I was clicking through my toko import messages and this popped up. I thought it was someone's sparkle toko, but this guy is actually really cool :3
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