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Alan Wake: Illuminated

"Beyond the shadow you settle for, there's a miracle, illuminated." -Sam Lake
Music while finishing this:
-Poets of the Fall - War
-Poets of the Fall - Children of the Sun
-Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son
Alan Wake and.... co + the Bright Fall folks?
Also it's been a while I haven't done huge sized art. I thought my flashdisk gonna die from this file X-X
Alan Wake c Remedy Entertainment
Fan art c me
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Alan wake was one of my favorite games, I love this!!
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Hahah. Didn't expect you like the game too. Speaking of that... Apparently Ilkka Villi (Alan's mo cap and live action actor) is friendly at horses too (Watched a tv series about him in a countryside and well... I think I should draw harpg with him lol) :)
Country Pup1b1l by toteczious   Country Pup1b1m by toteczious   Country Pup1b1o by toteczious  
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Oooooomg my day is made! This made me so happy
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I watched it from here. It's actually a cooking show mixed with diaries at the countryside stuff :D…