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WWS ZS0275 Lochan

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Oh my look at this boy! I already have quite the storyline in mind for him and his owner (who has no ref sheet yet) and who won't be part of Blue Crystal Stable since I've decided he and Josiah are going to be from a new stable! I am so excited! This guy really made me want to push myself, hence the non-flatcoloured ref! And yes anatomy is off on certain points, which mean I'll probably change his ref sometime in the future ^^; But in the meantime enjoy this beautiful boy!

WWS Lochan 

Bullet; Orange Dimer ZlesdinBullet; Orange 

❈ Basic Information 

    Registered Name: Weeping Willow Stable's Lochan
    Name meaning: "the eye" in Sanskrit
    Stable Name: None, don't you dare call him differently

    Breed: Zlesdin
    Gender: Stallion 
    Age: 6 years old
    Height: 174 cm

    Phenotype: Grey (on black)
    Genotype: EE/aa/Gg

    Lochan is a true Zlesdin at heart. He is extremely loyal to Josiah and values his rider's life more than his own. However the bond too quite a long time to be made, and still now Lochan doesn't tolerate everything Josiah does. Because of this bond, he has with Josiah and how well he responds to vocal command, he is often ridden with a rope, that Josiah doesn't even hold most of the time. He is more bombproof than a Centurion tank and has impressive stamina and seems to never run out of energy, or at least to use it as efficiently as possible. You will almost never see this guy go on a full-on sprint basically. He tends to have a neutral attitude towards other, but is always alert and won't hesitate to show you his personal space better be respected

    Current owner: Josiah Noy Silverstein
    Previous owners:
 Ignorant guy who couldn't tell the difference between a Zlesdin and an Akhal-Teke

Lochan was originally purchased during an auction by a man believing he was an Akhal-Teke. He later realized his mistake but that wasn't a problem. However what was problematic was Lochan's attitude, which this guy could not handle. As any bored Zlesdin would, Lochan acquired a huge amount of bad habits and was deemed a "very difficult horse". Because of this, he was sold again a mere 2 months later at an incredibly low price. Josiah's parents (who aren't exactly horse experts) bought him without questions and gave him as a gift to Josiah since until now he was just riding school horses and helping train future ones. 
Josiah had mixed feelings at first, he had always wanted a Zlesdin of his own and was fascinated by the breed but knew they had a difficult temperament. He started training by trying to bond with him, which didn't work quite well. However, as soon as Josiah would make him work, have him do small exercises and tricks Lochan started to warm up to him and slowly with the years the two became inseparable.

❈ Career 

    Disciplines: Endurance

    Show History: 
None yet

❈ Breeding / Lineage 

    Status: Closed Bullet; Red  
    Restrictions: Zlesdin or breeds acceptable for part-bred
    Breeding Requirements: N/A

    Bloodlines: Starter

❈ ZP Traker 

Registration ID: ZS0275
Registered - 1 ZP
Full-Body Reference - 3 ZP

Bloodline: 1 ZP for each name in pedigree
- N/A

Offspring: 1 ZP for every purebred offspring
- N/A

Show entries: 5 ZP for every show entry; 1st place +5 ZP, 2nd place +3 ZP, 3rd place +2 ZP

- Running free +3
Fiery And Bold - Collab / Entry for Bonfire Endurance | Training Event +5

Art by others: Horse drawn by another artist 1 ZP
Yhh +1

Total ZPs: 13
Level 2: Zayus 
Star! No Star No Star No Star No Star No Star No Star 


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Such a handsome lad! His dapples look lovely x)