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My Top 5 Favorite Pokemon by TotalPokemon My Top 5 Favorite Pokemon :icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 3 2 Another Manga Screenshot by TotalPokemon Another Manga Screenshot :icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 1 0 Wickarus by TotalPokemon Wickarus :icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 2 0 Vore Tournament 2 - Teaser by TotalPokemon Vore Tournament 2 - Teaser :icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 3 5
Elbia's Midnight Hunt (Vore)
It was late at night, the full moon having recently risen above the mansion that Shinichi Kano, the one in charge of teaching the people of Eldant about otaku culture, and many others were currently residing in. Among those other residents was Elbia Hanaiman, a werewolf girl who has taken up the job of drawing manga for Shinichi and the people of Eldant, and has been doing so for some time now. At this point in time, Elbia was currently sat on the floor of her bedroom in the mansion, humming happily to herself, fluffy tail wagging happily as she was working hard on the artwork for a manga she was particularly fond of.
“I wonder what exactly that rose perfume smells like~?” Elbia asked herself with a smile, referring to something in the manga, placing a finger under her chin in thought as she did so. However, soon after asking this, she could hear her stomach let out a loud groan of hunger, a slight hunger pain in her stomach soon creeping up on her as well. “W-What th
:icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 3 0
So I'm A Spider, So What? Volume 3 by TotalPokemon So I'm A Spider, So What? Volume 3 :icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 2 0 Pokemon X Wedlocke by TotalPokemon Pokemon X Wedlocke :icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 4 1 Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Nuzlocke Team - Kanto by TotalPokemon Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Nuzlocke Team - Kanto :icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 3 14 Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Nuzlocke Team - Johto by TotalPokemon Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Nuzlocke Team - Johto :icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 2 0
Nyan Koi GTS RP?
Would anybody be interested in doing a giantess RP as characters from the anime series "Nyan Koi!". I only just started the anime, and I really like it so far, so I'd like to RP it.
I'd prefer if you were the one to play the giantess, as I'm not really good with that sort of thing when it comes to playing canon characters. As far as rules go, my only major rule is that you don't control my character. Other than that, I'm not big on blood and gore. If you're interested in RPing this idea, please note me so we can discuss it.
:icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 0 2
Anihm Region Gym Leaders (Not Complete)
So, as a few of you may know, I've been interested in making my own fan made Pokemon region for a while now... So I figured I'd make a little post where I type down the ideas I have for the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champion of my region. As for the name of the region... It's just a working title, but I like how Anihm (uh-nim) sounds. The Gym Leaders listed are not in the order they will be battled in, just in the order I think them up. The Pokemon listed for them are not the Pokemon they'll have on their first battle with you, but rather their rematch teams. The teams given to the Elite Four and Champion, however, are the their normal teams.
Also, before we begin, allow me to explain what I mean when I say "Extra Pokemon" for a Gym Leader. An "Extra Pokemon" in this case is simply a Pokemon you can see them with, but they don't use in battle.
Note: All physical descriptions given on these characters are NOT final.
Gym Leaders...
Name: Roxie
Type: Water
Badge Name: ???
TM: Water Pul
:icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 2 13
Pokemon Trainer OC - Daisy by TotalPokemon Pokemon Trainer OC - Daisy :icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 15 8
Pokemon Journey - Chapter 2
DISCLAIMER: The following story contains Gijinka content. If this is something you do not enjoy or full on hate, then don't read it. The following story, while taking place in the Pokemon world, also replaces some main characters and some story events may not play out as in the games.
As the two neared the end of Route 1, the lovely town of Aquacorde came into view. The two couldn’t help but smile at the sights as they used to every time they passed through… “We’re still meeting the professor in the same place, right?” Jake asks as they enter town. “Yep! We’re meeting him right outside the café!” Ally chimes with a smile…
Right near the entrance to town was a large café with some outdoor seating, the place the two were to meet the professor… However, as they walked over, they could see the professor wasn’t there… The only other people there were a boy and a girl, both dressed in white. The boy had blonde
:icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 2 0
RWBY RP Anyone?
Anybody interested in doing an RP based on the show RWBY? If possible, I'd like to do one as an original character, with you playing some canon characters. And I'm only interested in RPing through Notes. I'd like it to take place during Volume 2, though I'm fine with any of them.
:icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 1 0
Pokemon Journey - Chapter 1
DISCLAIMER: The following story contains Gijinka content. If this is something you do not enjoy or full on hate, then don't read it. The following story, while taking place in the Pokemon world, also replaces some main characters and some story events may not play out as in the games.
The world of Pokémon… An amazing place inhabited by incredible creatures with incredible powers. A place where people as young as ten can obtain a Pokémon License and set out on an exciting journey to collect and befriend these creatures known as Pokémon… And soon, a boy by the name of Jake was going to be one of those people…
“Hmm… He should’ve been up by now…” Said a woman in her mid-thirties as she was looking to a clock hung on her kitchen wall… The woman stood a few inches over six feet tall with black shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, and light skin… The woman’s name was Julie, having a rather nice figure for her age
:icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 1 1
Pokemon Omega Ruby Wonder-Wedlocke by TotalPokemon Pokemon Omega Ruby Wonder-Wedlocke :icontotalpokemon:TotalPokemon 0 9


Jynx Snowy Avatar by Pipparulez Jynx Snowy Avatar :iconpipparulez:Pipparulez 12 1 Which generation are you? by kawacy Which generation are you? :iconkawacy:kawacy 5,357 474 Training of bravery 1 by Zapor666 Training of bravery 1 :iconzapor666:Zapor666 241 2 CM: Pop Idol Merger by Metalforever
Mature content
CM: Pop Idol Merger :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 691 119
Already Full (F/f stuffing + VORE) by EllieMarina Already Full (F/f stuffing + VORE) :iconelliemarina:EllieMarina 697 44 Nepgear's Fate -(Vore Comic)- Commission by Kimeria87 Nepgear's Fate -(Vore Comic)- Commission :iconkimeria87:Kimeria87 321 22
Sonic Unleashed HD Version Review

Hello everyone! I'm the Jumbochamp and today we'll be looking at a game that gets really mixed reception among the fan base of the genre. Which fan base am I talking about? The Sonic fan base. Yeah, when it comes to this series, most of the games ranging from amazing, to fantastic, to Sonic 06. So since this year is Sonic's 25th anniversary and we're getting 2 different celebratory games (both of which I can't access because I don't have the systems), I thought it only fair that I do a review on one of the most critically mixed received games in the lineup: Sonic Unleashed... for PS3/Xbox 360...
Yeah, I know that there's a lesser-used version on the PS2 and Wii, but I prefer to talk about the better of the duo especially since I have played this game the whole way through and got every achievement inside of it. THAT is how much I liked it! Now for the rules. This will not be an analytical review, so I won't be going over the whole story this time li
:iconjumbochamp:jumbochamp 1 19
Hana's Cupholder by HanaChronicler Hana's Cupholder :iconhanachronicler:HanaChronicler 79 14
this must happen. it just has to. with all the crap that's come from cartoon network we have to get something good!
:iconjoshpoint0:joshpoint0 3 30
Shantae Ret-2-Gulp ! ( vore ) by Karbo Shantae Ret-2-Gulp ! ( vore ) :iconkarbo:Karbo 1,839 242 Rock Crystal Quartz by skelestag Rock Crystal Quartz :iconskelestag:skelestag 10 7
1000 Members Art Contest![2500 Points in Prizes!]
Ends March 1st
Hey there, do you remember when we last tried to hold a contest and it was an absolute mess? Well, here's another one- this time we won't make the same mistakes. Hopefully. 
We're currently at 901 members as of writing this journal, and to celebrate how much this group has grown, Gem-Adoptables is hosting an art competition. The grand prize for the winner will be 1500 points, with second and third place receiving smaller amounts. Runners up will get mentions.
So here's what you gotta do: Make an art piece featuring our mascot Goshenite! This includes digital art, writing, tradition forms- anything! If it belongs on DA it belongs in this contest. 
Here's the rules....
1. You can enter as much as you would like.
2. You must be a member of the group to win anything. (New members welcome!!!)
3. You have to be okay with the fact that all entries will be put on d
:icongem-adoptables:Gem-Adoptables 25 25
ADOPT - Spiderweb Obsidian  by No1fan15 ADOPT - Spiderweb Obsidian :iconno1fan15:No1fan15 5 11 Citrine Diamond Mural by Lady-Penumbra Citrine Diamond Mural :iconlady-penumbra:Lady-Penumbra 33 1
Story Teaser
Imagine a world where giants live in peace and harmony, cities that house both species and allow them to interact without conflict. Massive buildings, miles tall make up every city, bright lights, lots of noise and people bustling here and there, going about their lives. In the main city of Everdawn, capital of the first giant human nation, you can see a memorial to a strange looking man in a trench coat and wide brimmed hat, the only thing being visible of his face are his prominent eyes. At the base of this memorial, one could read these word.
To the man who protected our great city, and helped to bring about an age of peace and unity between humans and giants. He has saved this city and many others from destruction countless times  and we will be forever grateful
Our story begins many years ago, long before there was peace between humans and giants and where giants were set on making humans their slaves…
If you want more, be sure to post love in the chat and show your sup
:iconbloodrun500:bloodrun500 2 20
Goopy by Little-Hawk-Artist Goopy :iconlittle-hawk-artist:Little-Hawk-Artist 4 2


Welp, I just watched the trailer for the Detective Pikachu movie... And I no longer want Pokemon to be real. In all seriousness though, I thought it looked alright. I'll definitely be seeing it when it comes out.

But really, to any scientists out there working on bringing Pokemon into existence... Please don't make them look realistic. And to Game Freak, please never make a game where they look realistic. At this point in time, I can honestly say I don't have any Pokemon that I full on dislike. The worst opinion I have on a Pokemon is slight annoyance at worst. But if there was ever a game with a realistic look to it... I would definitely start to dislike some Pokemon.


United States


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I saw that there was a donation thing for points, so I figured I'd start one up because... Why not? Donate points if you want to, but I'm not gonna lie, I'll probably use them for commissions. But to be fair, a lot of people do that. Maybe I'll use it for something else in the future, but for now it's just kinda there.

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