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Anime Laura Selfie 3 by TotallyDeviantLisa Anime Laura Selfie 3 :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 4 0 Anime Laura Selfie 2 by TotallyDeviantLisa Anime Laura Selfie 2 :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 3 3 Anime Laura Selfie by TotallyDeviantLisa Anime Laura Selfie :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 4 0 A Beauty With A Beast (Screenshot from Late 2012) by TotallyDeviantLisa A Beauty With A Beast (Screenshot from Late 2012) :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 1 0
Courtney Gears' song - Ratchet's reply (Version 2)
You drove your captives to insanity
Now they're under your spell, chanting bitterly
I know a robot, but he's my buddy
So stop it now! The victims must be free!
I'm sure to confront you tyrants for equality
The poor organics need to get their old forms back
Put your evil plan to rest, as I protest
Clank and I will protect...all innocent life!
:icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 0 0
Sonic The Hedgehog With A Silver Rose From 2012 by TotallyDeviantLisa Sonic The Hedgehog With A Silver Rose From 2012 :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 9 2 Emazing by Emi Jones by TotallyDeviantLisa Emazing by Emi Jones :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 3 0 Old-School YouTube Support Stamp by TotallyDeviantLisa Old-School YouTube Support Stamp :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 13 3
Wedding Haiku
One of my best days
Is my glorious next step
To evolution
I dreamt of this day
After university
And my first paid job
From a prom princess
To a bright beautiful bride
I am a new dame
My dress is pure white
And the rings on the cushion
Are both shining gold
The vows have been said
Both families are watching
The two of us kiss
The knot has been tied
I will always love my man
Throughout my new life
I made it this far
From a Miss to a Mrs.
Hoping to age well
I am all grown up
My past is far behind me
I am a stronger woman
An era awaits
Full of love and excitement
For me and my man
:icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 2 0
Rasta Burger Rap
Rasta Burger is such a fantastic place to dine
The waitresses who love their jobs are looking so fine
The chefs are very happy to be part of the tribe
Prepare to get a dose of our Jamaican vibe
Every drop of our coffee will come out piping hot
Every bite of our burgers is sure to hit the spot
Our patties are made of pure beef, not out of the blue
Did you know that we even serve chicken burgers too?
Our cheeseburgers consist of very delicious cheese
Our burgers for vegetarians will aim to please
Our salads are healthy for people on a diet
Like the look of our bacon? Go ahead and try it
You cannot go wrong with a bunch of our salty fries
There’s a wide range of cold drinks for all you gals and guys
We provide the best service with friendliness and care
We hope you enjoy some fast food with Jamaican flare
:icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 5 3
Rule 63 Caliburn by TotallyDeviantLisa Rule 63 Caliburn :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 5 4 Female Dark Strider in Rinmaru Anime Style by TotallyDeviantLisa Female Dark Strider in Rinmaru Anime Style :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 2 0
Stridette - Ready For Battle
No one knows how I became the feisty Stridette
But some may believe it was involved with your threat
And some have told me that I am cunning, yet fair
Especially with a lovely rose in my hair
On my neck, I am wearing my hypnotic jewel
But it would not stand a chance in a callous duel
You inspire me as someone I want to face
You might be jealous of my fashion sense and grace
Call me insane, but I believe that we are even
Although I am sure that I will not be beaten
You are handsome and brutal, but watch your back
I am pretty and fearless, yearning to attack
You might have my soothing melodies in your head
My manicure consists of bruise blue and blood red
And my shoes are stained from my roaming in the dirt
The battle might begin with a friendly flirt
I do not wish to kill you, I just want to fight
Competing against the man in the dimness tonight
There could be more darkened people like us out there
Mostly black attire is what those people would wear
Some might feel the same away about y
:icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 3 0
The Sims 2 DS Twilight Book Cover Spoof Painting 2 by TotallyDeviantLisa The Sims 2 DS Twilight Book Cover Spoof Painting 2 :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 1 0 The Sims 2 DS - Twilight Book Cover Spoof Painting by TotallyDeviantLisa The Sims 2 DS - Twilight Book Cover Spoof Painting :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 0 0
Mature content
Epic Rap Battles Written for DeviantArt! (Ep. 18) :icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 3 0
Do you like my art? :) Do you also liek Mudkipz? :P


Sly Cooper by ryanhuertas Sly Cooper :iconryanhuertas:ryanhuertas 35 5 Pikachu by Bethybops Pikachu :iconbethybops:Bethybops 233 36 Lara Croft66 by Nicobass Lara Croft66 :iconnicobass:Nicobass 361 32 Link Card by LinkDoodle Link Card :iconlinkdoodle:LinkDoodle 360 41 Bratz World by Rsac3 Bratz World :iconrsac3:Rsac3 76 3 Koopalings by KatarinaTheCat Koopalings :iconkatarinathecat:KatarinaTheCat 22 24 The Thief and The Law by chao93 The Thief and The Law :iconchao93:chao93 194 42 Link by dmvcomics Link :icondmvcomics:dmvcomics 1,285 56 Lara relax by xxXOctoberXxx Lara relax :iconxxxoctoberxxx:xxXOctoberXxx 20 5 Me hugged Gary by KatarinaTheCat Me hugged Gary :iconkatarinathecat:KatarinaTheCat 7 28 Me in Spongebob's world by KatarinaTheCat Me in Spongebob's world :iconkatarinathecat:KatarinaTheCat 8 19 My Magnum Gold 2 by KatarinaTheCat My Magnum Gold 2 :iconkatarinathecat:KatarinaTheCat 2 16 Magnum Gold Ice Cream by KatarinaTheCat Magnum Gold Ice Cream :iconkatarinathecat:KatarinaTheCat 2 5 My Blueberry donut by KatarinaTheCat My Blueberry donut :iconkatarinathecat:KatarinaTheCat 3 2 My blue rose by KatarinaTheCat My blue rose :iconkatarinathecat:KatarinaTheCat 3 4 Me by Jerimin19 Me :iconjerimin19:Jerimin19 77 29



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Greetings, people of DeviantArt! I have finally started a DeviantArt career! After two hard years, one year of a miserable high school changing so much for the worst (2011) and the another year of trolling and lack of confidence on YouTube (2012), I have decided to redeem myself and expand my creativity with no regrets this year on DeviantArt! art may not to that good as some people would think, but it's better to be original and just show what you can do.

Joined DeviantArt: 10th March 2013

-----///-----Autism awareness
---|||---|||---I'm autistic and
---|||---|||---proud of it... well not completely
-----///-----put this on your
-----///----profile if you support
----///-----or have autism

My sense of feminism is this:
Male = Female
Not this:
Male < Female

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copy this to whoever's awesome to you!

:icondananana3dplz: You spin me right round baby, right round! Like a record baby, right round, right round!

2001, Where have you gone?
2002, Where are you?
2003, Come back! I beg thee!
2004, I miss you even more!
2005, Please be alive!
2006, I miss your old tricks.
2007, Are you in heaven?
2008, Please don't be late!
2009, You were so fine.
2010, I wish to see you again!

:iconmonroeplz: :iconike-plz:

Here is my YouTube channel in the link below:
Hold onto your sanity! We're about to talk a look at how Alfred Alfer, a crazy canine created by no other than Emily Youcis ruled the internet!

Journal History


I've been feeling rather nostalgic recently. After all, I am a 2000s kid. :)
Remember guys. I'm still retiring from DeviantArt this October. But does that mean I'm gonna stop drawing and writing? Nope!
I’d probably want a backup hard drive for Christmas 2018 or my next birthday. I don’t want to lose everything I’ve worked hard for throughout my college days and only uni year.
I hope all of my american allies are having an awesome 4th of July! :D
The real reason why I’m retiring from DeviantArt in October is because a few things I may not be able to get over until I reach my late 20s. 


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