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Retiring From DeviantArt


Retiring From DeviantArt

I hardly receive elaboration for improvement Quietly, I describe how the outcome made me feel Unhappy, uncomfortable and unmotivated In the past, it was just my hopeful beginning Today will conclude my time as a deviant Drama and harassment just got in the way Eventually, this lass had about enough Very disappointed, I planned a time to quit I am still grateful for the amounts of acclaim All a few men cared about was my appearance Nevertheless, I shall continue to be creative To all my watchers, I thank you for your support A new pack of opportunities may await me, Regardless of socialising in social media Today, I say goodbye to my devian
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Around the World


Around the World

For years, we humans have been exploring a lot There's so many countries on earth, let's see what they've got Cheering for the Hollywood stars in the USA The Australian explorer smiles and says, "G'day!" The UK is honoured by the sweet Royal Family The holiday offers from Spain work best for me Speaking the language of love to your spouse in France The Chinese Bamboo flute seems to put me in a trance Learning hula from dancing ladies in Hawaii The anime characters in Japan look so kawaii Doing the Gangnam Style dance in South Korea Prepare to befriend the Egyptian Pharaohs, my dear We're having a fantastico fiesta in Mexico Let's eat pizza in

Around the World Once Again


Around the World Once Again

Once again, we shall pack our suitcases and such Since we love to discover new places very much We could be heroes who help the people in Africa We can go cross-country skiing in Antarctica I would be thrilled to walk on China’s great wall The Eiffel Tower in France is so incredibly tall Happy couples unwind in the gondolas in Italy There is some fine Indian bread for you and me The pyramids in Egypt are such a remarkable sight I will be quietly eating sushi in Japan tonight The festive parades in Brazil are so much fun I would go surfing in Hawaii under the sun Britain’s famous clock tower is classy and grand Our new German fri


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Greetings, people of DeviantArt! I have finally started a DeviantArt career! After two years, I have decided to redeem myself and expand my creativity with no regrets this year on DeviantArt! art may not to that good as some people would think, but it's better to be original and just show what you can do.

Hello once again, people of DeviantArt. After five years of showing what I am made of, I feel like it is time to move on from my DeviantArt days. I'm glad that I managed to improve my art style and got at least some recognition for a few song parodies and through some collaborations, but I feel like it is time to move on. Feel free to follow me on my Twitter.

Joined DeviantArt: 10th March 2013
Left DeviantArt: 8th October 2018

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2001, Where have you gone?
2002, Where are you?
2003, Come back! I beg thee!
2004, I miss you even more!
2005, Please be alive!
2006, I miss your old tricks.
2007, Are you in heaven?
2008, Please don't be late!
2009, You were so fine.
2010, I wish to see you again!

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Here is my Twitter in the link below:

Favourite Movies
Ice Age, Shrek, Disney's Snow White Harry Potter films, the Sonic Fan Film, Frozen, the Rugrats Movie
Favourite TV Shows
Regular Show, The Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, Pokemon, Dexter's Lab, Sonic Underground, The Simpsons
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Blue, Michael Jackson, Cheryl Cole, Duffy, Adele, Take That, Bowling for Soup, Five, Girls Aloud
Favourite Books
Tracy Beaker, Vicky Angel, Double Act, The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, Harry Potter
Favourite Writers
JK Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson
Favourite Games
Sonic Colors, Animal Crossing, Angry Birds, Talking Friends, Wii Fit, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, Rugrats Totally Angelica, Alice: Madness Returns, the Simpsons Hit and Run
Favourite Gaming Platform
Action, Adventure, Puzzle, First Person Shooter

Finally Retiring From DeviantArt

Finally Retiring From DeviantArt

Greetings, fellow deviants. I have an announcement to make. The 8th of October 2018 marks my official retirement from DeviantArt. Once the green jewel disappears from my profile picture, you will know that TotallyDeviantLisa will no longer be active. Why? Well, I’ll tell you all. The main reason for me leaving DeviantArt is because after all of the conflict I have been through and my decreasing motivation, along with how I may have been remembered as anything but an aspiring artist and writer, I believe that it’s not my kind of website anymore. Blame all the fetish requests and drama I had to face when trying to get recognized fo
Don't you just love it when a random deviant tries to hypnotize you through the notes without your consent? Ugh. -_-

Feeling better

Feeling better

I had a horrible headache this morning. I went back to sleep, dreamed and now my head feels a lot better. :)

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Good morning! ^_^

Happy birthday bud 
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Happy birthday.
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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday!