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Erm.. NO

Saw an ad for a new game called TitanFall... And of course I had to make this once I saw the words on it. XD

Just a side note here: Don't write my name in a Death Note or anything, but I'm not a huge fan of Attack on Titan. That show freaks me out. I didn't think I got scared easily. I lived through Soul Eater, didn't I? Maybe SE's not as bad as I thought... Anywho, I actually did watch the first five episodes of AoT, but after every episode I had to watch an episode of Soul Eater and Naruto each to calm myself down. That, and I watched them late at night. Not good. I don't get nightmares, I just lay awake staring at the wall as terrifying images swirl around in my brain, so I got to sleep LATE. Same thing happened after my friend tried to show me D-Gray Man...

I didn't mean to tell you my life story, SORRY! If you've bothered to read this description until the end, that is... I'll shut up now.
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Not unless you got a Titan on the human side.