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Sophia Princess, the Guinea Pig Princess

A Spong story
for ilvermorny fanfiction

In a tent palace there lived a candle maker, sunny mum guinea pig tamer named Sophia Princess. Sophia lived on a mushroom island in a diamond house. next to growing huge red strawberries field. Sophia sample bag tent pegs, filled with coins and a guinea pigs food, nor yet a damp oreo, blonde farsoo, scrawny Cinnemon bunn bunn lived in the tent palace with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a geanie pig-tent princess, and that was filled with happiness devine.

One day, after a troubling visit from the pixie Emily the best, Sophia leaves her tent palace and sets out in search of grubby Max of bees. A quest undertaken in the company of girls, fairies and brown hutch guinea pigs.

In the search for the pixie-guarded bees, Sophia Princess surprises even herself with her braveness and skill as a doctor of guinea pigs.

During her travels, Sophia rescues a piano, an heirloom belonging to Emily. But when Emily refuses to try feeding guinea pigs, their friendship is over.

However, Emily finds a wounded bee at the hive of max the bee keeper and emily is learning about the care of bees at ilvermorny . Sophia engages in some feeding guinea pigs.

Sophia accepts one of the three of Max bees honey pots and returns home to her tent palace a very happy princess..…

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