8 sept part 2

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part 2 plot ,yes, I wrote these a week ago  to  use today 12 September  6 am, new York time
It was sunshine time. 6 am, New York was busy today, Monday. Today was the day for Matt to have a good week at  school . He sat across from Sam, a fellow student at Ilvermorny. When he heard the head mistress say. "All students go to your  classes immediently?" The head asked, "No , dadling,  quick  hurry , it is  almost 7 am.   Your  classes start at  8 am, ." All of  you leave now, to get to  class.   lol, Sam thought, wow,  the  stress of New York seems to be  spreading.
This morning his view of the beach side.  to the bay was, a mix of   foggy morning mystical feelings. He wondered what the rest of the  day would be about.
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