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Hello, darlings!
You must be here, because you like "Total Drama Island" series and it's spin-off "The Ridonculous Race". I feel you, my siblings. But did you ever thought looking through groups submissions that you watch "Hell, that's not even TDI, why is it here?!" I did. That's why I created this group.

The difference between this group and others is that in this group there will be strict rules and criteria for the submissions. The most obvious:
- only clear TDI style (and it's "better" versions) allowed;
- fan and original characters allowed as well as canon characters, as long as they made in TDI style;
- no other styles, no random comics, no porn (there is already group for that).

Of course there is an exception from each rule, and if your skills are low, your work still can appear here, because maybe it came out great. In the same time, no matter how flawless your gallery of 500 drawings is, only a few of your works could be submitted in this group. Because reasons.

Please, remember!
This group wasn't made for "elite"!
This group wasn't made for making fun of low skill!
This group wasn't made to extol some individual TDI artists.

This group was made to collect all the good TDI drawings and make them an example of quality. Let's understand that and enjoy the view.
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Oh, my strict submission rules! Here they are!

Let's make it clear (again): the group was made to collect and show the High Quality Total Drama art, maybe for education, but never to insult someone.
So of course there will be some criterias for submissions:

- first of all every suggested for submission work should be made in Total Drama style (or be very close to it);
- so of course any traditional or 3D works are not allowed;
- porn is not allowed in this group;
- fetishes are not allowed in this group;
- yet erotics are allowed at the discretion of the administration
- this should be obvious, but of course traced and recolored works are not allowed;
- screenshots from the show are not allowed, except it's the HR background;
- drawings with huge watermarks are not allowed, because your fear of thieves prevents watchers from enjoying the drawing.

What folder to submit your work in? Let's see.

Canon characters and OC and fan characters should contain full colored digital works with the background  or clean line art.

Canon reference sheets and OC reference sheets should contain, of course, references that you made. No matter if it's static picture, rotating animation or the interactive flash with your OC characteristics - it should be submitted in this folder. Also every work that has no background should be submitted in this folder, except your work illustrates some actions (if you don't get it, then leave it at the discretion of the administration or ask).

Flash and GIF animations should contain animations and interactive comic. There is a lot out there now, after all those challenges.

Canon + OC should contain full colored digital works where TD and RR canon characters interact with your characters in any way.

Crossovers should contain full colored digital works with or without background where TD canon, fan or original characters interact with other fandoms in any way (Duncan becomes a Dragonborn, Lindsay becomes a fairy, Cortney becomes a Spider woman etc.). Also every elf, hobbit, anthro or furry, super hero that was made in TDI style should be submitted in this folder.

Sketches not nesessarily should be digital. You can submit pencil sketch as well, but it should be cleaned and well seen (no dark blurry photos of course)

Total Drama BG and props speaks for itself. This folder should contain high resolution backgrounds and props from the show with plain background or without it (because your props should be well seen as they could be used as references). Xara packs are allowed, but again it should be well done and of course usefull.

Your submission can be allowed, but the administration reserves the right to move it to another folder at any time. So, if your work was accepted, but you did not find it, then it is quite possible that it was simply moved.

I hope everything is clear now. Have a nice day and improve your art! :)
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