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Sugarcube corner wallpaper*featured on EQD*

howdy everypony remember back when ah told y'all ah was workin on somthin big well here it is took me bout 6 weeks of free time to make so hope y'all like it its 5000 by 2813 so hope thats big enough for y'all hopin this here picture gets submitted to that there site *equestria daily* anywho hope y'all enjoy see ya round guess what y'all ah got my wallpaper in one of equestria dailys wallpaper posts yeehaww!!!



PSD [link]
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I used this piece in the VN/CYOA adaptation of ‘Brony Hero of Equestria’! Huge thanks for making such amazing art! Want to play? Download it at… !
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Hi! may I use the background for a fan-game project?
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as long as you give me credit
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Eeeyup! [link] Are You agree with this use?
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wow i didnt know sugarcube corner hass scootallo instead of a bird lol :p
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Looks great. Would you be able to post the source file?
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Thanks. Very well-organized. Have you considered using Illustrator for vectoring?
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i have done it before but no ive always used photoshop more so im more used to the shortcuts and where everything is in photoshop
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I know what you mean. The shortcuts are a bit different which takes some getting used to, but there are some features that make it better suited for vector creation. Planning on working with a lot of vectors down the road, it might be worth giving it another shot. Just a suggestion.
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cant hurt to be good at more than one program especially since i payed for it already i might as well
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I used a little tiny part of your awesome vector here because I couldn't be bothered making it myself =P
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thats alright sugarcube thats what ah'm here for
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Using these town view wallpapers i can probably make some kind of map of what Ponyville looks like.
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