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Haven't posted in a good year! How are your campaigns going? I want to hear how your conquests are going. Really.

My own update:

Last journal entry I made here was when Steam's update destroyed mod capabilities for Medieval II. There have been workarounds, people have gotten mods to work again, I had issues, but tonight, somehow I got retrofit+GUAM to work again. So my huge English campaign is back in the books!

Currently though I'm working on finishing a Byzantine campaign (Crusades). Like the Seleucids of RTW, they're Greeks in a strange land, but have a very diverse and capable unit roster. Heavy infantry, missile cavalry, heavy cav. Boom done. I love these guys.

Have some smaller campaigns in RTW/BI at the moment too, which I've paused. A Sassanid campaign in BI, where I've begun solidifying Persian control of the Middle East, and currently conquering into ERE-held Anatolia. In RTW meanwhile, I have a Carthage campaign going. In this one though, I'm trying to play out the Punic Wars, but with Carthage winning: I've taken Sicily, annexed all of North Africa (leaving the eastern half of Libya to the Numidians, to act as a buffer with the Egyptians), annexed Spain, and am now getting my armies prepared to march through southern Gaul into Italy. Oooh yah.
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