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So, you want to be a member of the group? There's a few things you need to do first before you can start roleplaying with us.

First you need to fill out the basic information:

Name: If your character is an alien, make sure to stick to a cultural name!
Age: No younger than 22, please, or the equivalent of 22 in alien years. An older character means more life experience, and can be more fun! Most of our characters are between 25 and 35 years old.
Race: See below. (Remember! If you character is something other than Human, they probably grew up in a different culture, and would have different interests and would act differently than a human would. Their cultural identity would be completely different, so don't play them like you would play a human!)
Gender: We welcome non-binary genders, but for third genders and the like, please come prepared to answer any questions about practical issues such as the pronouns you would like us to use.
Rank:** When starting out, your character will be the rank of Ensign. (Exception: Regular crewmen are allowed, and can be promoted to petty officers, but will never be officer-class.) Also available are Civilian positions, such as visiting scientists, cooks, bartenders, etc. If you choose this, your character will not be in Starfleet and therefore will be restricted from certain on-ship activities, but if you don't want them to be an Officer in Starfleet, it is an option. Officers from other space fleets are also allowed (which is one option for species on the Restricted list). Their rank must be the equivalent of Ensign or below, and they will not get promoted.
Division: We're currently accepting characters in Engineering, Medical, Communications, Counselling, Security, Sciences, and Command.
History: Here you will want to include a brief history of your character. Ordinary can be extraordinary, here! Avoid wild and cliched backstories.
Personality: What is your character like to talk to? What are their virtues, their flaws? Keep in mind that shy people can be hard to play in a social setting, so use sparingly and with caution. How do they react to stressful situations, happy news, surprise parties? If you're not sure how your character's personality is formed yet, there are a number of development questionnaires that can be used. You can find examples of these here, and here.
Other: (optional) Any other information you think we should know.

It's preferred, but not required that you use one of these background templates:
USS Legacy Character Biographical overview - Blue by Trakker USSLegacy Character Biographical overview - Yellow by Trakker USS Legacy Character Biographical overview - Red by Trakker USS Legacy Character Biographical overview - White by Trakker

Also provide an image of your character! If you can't draw, that's fine, just provide a full physical description of them in your profile. Please, no scars, and please, keep your character's height and skin/eye/hair color realistic.

Then come to Chat to talk to us! Or stop by before to discuss your ideas-- we're always happy to talk Character Creation! If you have any questions or concerns, please come in chat so we can help you out.

Once your character is created, there is an audition period of about two weeks (14 days of RPing) more or less, where your character will interact with ours. This helps us see how you RP, how your character interacts with the rest of the crew, and how well you mesh with the group.

We look forward to meeting all of you!


Suggested Races:
:bulletgreen: Andorian
:bulletgreen: Bolian
:bulletgreen: Denobulan
:bulletgreen: Human
:bulletgreen: Ktarian
:bulletgreen: Tellarite
:bulletgreen: Trill (unjoined)
:bulletgreen: Zaldan
:bulletgreen: Troyians
:bulletgreen: Edosians
:bulletgreen: Efrosian
:bulletgreen: Arbazan
:bulletgreen: Any other species known to be a member of the Federation by 2269 at the latest (except those on the lists below). This is a handy list.
:bulletgreen: Human-populated colonies throughout the universe

Restricted Races: (subject to mod approval, only available starting with your second character)
:bulletorange: Aenar
:bulletorange: Bajoran
:bulletorange: Betazoid (or other empath/telepath, including but not limited to El-Aurians)
:bulletorange: Caitian *
:bulletorange: Orion
:bulletorange: Trill (joined)
:bulletorange: Vulcan
:bulletorange: Anything with a prosthetic
:bulletorange: Delta Quadrant species
:bulletorange: Crossbreeds
:bulletorange: Original Species
:bulletorange: Anything with a mental disability

*All Caitians must be raised by Caitians, either on Cait or a Caitian ship. Absolutely no Caitians who've assimilated into Earth culture!

Banned Races: (Not available under any circumstances)
:bulletred: Android
:bulletred: Cyborg (including Borg and ex-Borg, excluding people with prosthetics)
:bulletred: Half-Vulcan
:bulletred: Hologram
:bulletred: Q
:bulletred: Shapeshifters
:bulletred: Gamma Quadrant species
:bulletred: Non-Star Trek species

:bulletorange: Crossbreeds are allowed, but with restrictions:  
1. No more than two species are allowed in a character's ancestry  
2. The crossbreeding must be biologically possible.  
3. No Banned races are allowed in a character's ancestry. Restricted races are also subject to Mod Approval.

If you don't like any of the species suggested above, this Wikipedia page has a handy list of all races encountered in Star Trek. Races not listed above should be considered Restricted because they have so little canon information and might be hard to play, so check with a mod first!

If your character shows leadership qualities and you are active as a player, send in a promotion application! This application should detail both the character's leadership contributions and your contributions to the group, and will be considered by the mods for acceptance.
Second characters, (called Secondaries) can be introduced with the rank of Lieutenant JG, given that sufficient reason for this is supplied.
Additionally, NPC characters played during certain prompts can be brought on later as official characters, given mod approval. NPC characters can be any rank below Captain, on a case to case decision, but please refrain from making high ranking NPCs for the sake of having a high ranking character. That's called cheating and it is frowned upon in most societies.

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