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Got a question? Post it as a comment here to get it answered. Most frequently asked questions will be edited into the actual post!

:bulletred: JOINING :bulletred:

To see how to join, go here!

Any questions about joining can be asked in chat or on this journal.

:bulletred: GENERAL FAQ :bulletred:

Q: What is the "Audition Period"?
A: During the audition period, you show off your RP skills in Chat and ease your character into life aboard the Legacy. The mods and other members will help you whenever you need it, don't worry. The audition period is about two weeks of RP time, subject to mod change.

Q: When does my audition begin? Is it from the moment I first show up in Chat?
A: No! Your audition begins when you start RPing, which is completely your choice after your character has been approved by the mods.

Q: What's Next Week's Prompt?
A: We don't disclose any information about the future prompts.  Half the fun is in the surprise!

Q: Can I suggest a Prompt?
A: Definitely! Feel free to note any ideas to the Group and it will be put into the pool!

Q: Why did you reject me from your Group?
A: Chances are, you either didn't read the join rules, you didn't listen to anything we said, or you lacked proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. We like to be able to read what you write. If neither of those apply: Your character was probably a Mary Sue, and would not be tolerated.

Q: What is a Mary Sue?
A: Please read the highly-informative Wikipedia article here. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Sue

Q: What is a self-insert and are they allowed?
A self insert is a character that is based on yourself. Either physically, or personality-wise, or both. He or she may also have a similar history or name. A variation on this is an idealized version of yourself or the exact opposite of yourself. We like characters to be original inventions, so self-inserts are not allowed.

Q: I can't get into the Chat! What do I do?!
A: Chat derps sometimes and doesn't let people in. Just be patient and refresh, make sure your plugins are up to date, and even try a different browser. If for some reason you can't chat with us, we'd love to have your art/writing contributions.

Q: Who can submit artwork?
A: Pretty much anyone drawing TOT:Legacy stuff can ask for it to be submitted. Anything and everything Legacy-related will most likely be accepted.

Q: Is there an age requirement to joining the TOT-Legacy?
A: Yes there is. The weekly prompts in the TOT-Legacy are generally light-hearted but on occasion we have prompts (like Mirror Verse) that will happen and our characters become a little bit more aggressive or lewd. Knowing this the admins have decided to set an age requirement for joining. 18 is the youngest we are willing to accept.

Q: Can my character be a Genius?
A: If you can PLAY a Genius, you can have one. If you can't act like a Genius, don't make one. You WILL be called out.

Q: What happens if I'm rejected from your group?
A: If we reject you, (which is unlikely unless you're super terrible and don't listen to ANYTHING we say) you must wait 6 months before applying again.

Q: Why are some species Restricted?
A: The reason varies. For some species, it's because we currently have a high number of active characters of that species, so their inclusion on the list will probably be temporary while we try to even out the numbers. For others, it's because there is very little canon information, so you would need to do a lot of world-building, which is difficult. Still others are simply very unlikely to be seen in Starfleet, so your backstory needs to be very good.

Q: What kind of RPs do you generally do?
A: Our RP is essentially character-relationship based: while action-oriented RPs do occur, they are fewer in number. The majority of RPs will be conversational, relationship-building interactions between your character and other characters. Because of this, it is recommended you do not create a character that is shy, reclusive, or fond of avoiding conversation or relationships with other characters.


Hope this helps, guys!

~The Mod Squad
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I was wondering when this is supposed to take place. Like is it closer to TNG stuff, or closer to the original five year mission?