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Hey all! Sorry for the long haitus between prompts, the mod squad has been very busy lately and we have been attempting to work out something of a system in terms of a posting schedule. Hopefully over the coming months things will be a little more consistent! That said, we're off to our next adventure...

Season 8 Episode 2: Trouble with Tribbles... Again!

After a longer than expected stay on Penitentarious II attempting to solve the mystery of the escaped convicts, the Legacy has finally been relieved of duty as a large group of Federation officers moved in to secure the area. They have been given orders to resupply at a nearby station and await their next mission.

Unfortunately, while the officers were busy taking a few days of leave to explore the merchant station, a rogue tribble made its way onto the ship and starting doing what comes naturally. Now the ship is absolutely overrun, which means that the Legacy is stuck in port until the pest issue is under control. Luckily for the crew this effectively means a bit of downtime! Officers can feel free to explore the port as they see fit, spend a little of their earnings or visit some of the bars and clubs in town. The port is by no means a luxury destination, but there’s enough to do for the few wayward souls that pass through on their way to bigger and better things.

Players can feel free to make up details about the station as they see fit! Have fun with it y’all

[Mod Squad]

Our group discord can be found here:

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Group Info

Welcome to TOT-Legacy, a Star Trek OC (Original Characters) mission-based RP (roleplay) taking place in an alternate TOS timeline. Our ship is the USS Legacy, and we're a close community of RPers focused on character development and creativity.

So come on in, look around and drop by our chatroom and say hello! There's almost always someone around chatting, if not RPing!

New Members Welcome!
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50 Members
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Attention, Incoming Transmission!

:bulletyellow: HELLO! :bulletyellow:

Welcome to our group! We are a close community of artists and roleplayers who like to have fun with our characters! Our roleplay is based on our ship, the Legacy, and we have weekly prompts to keep things moving. We are based in The Original Series timeline, in 2279. Every week, we post a new journal with challenges for our characters. On the left is this week's journal, so you can get an idea of what we do.

We are always looking for new members, so if you're a literate roleplayer who longs for a community of active players with well-developed OC's and a good grasp of grammar and spelling, this is the place for you!

Please read these first: How to Join and Frequently Asked Questions!

Want to watch the opening credits for our show? Well, they don't really exist because we're not a show (yet!) but this is pretty close!
Click here!

We are a group for friends and everyone who is a fan of Star Trek! When joining you need to fill out a small bit of character information, something to give us an idea of who is attempting to board the ship. Be sure to view the tagged blogs for more information on character creation/adding to the group. The first thing you should do is visit our chatroom and get to know us, so come on in!

You can also catch up with the latest Logs and RP's here!

A crew spreadsheet with all the information you could ever need can be found here.

If no one is in there when you visit, note the mod squad
:icontrollinthecloset: :iconnomnomroko: :iconmountain-thundersong:

We'll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can. :]

:bulletred: General Rules :bulletred:
:bulletred: Be respectful of everyone in the group.
:bulletred: No god-moding, and NO MARY SUES. Everyone has a flaw or two!
:bulletred: Use proper grammar and punctuation in the chat- and spelling!
:bulletred: Keep things PG-13 or under and within the DA guidelines!



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STARFINDER2468 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018
Hi all. It's been awhile since I tried to join. I'm thinking of coming back again. I have a new character I'm willing to try out. Third time's the charm right?
Robbie18 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
is this group still Active?
trollinthecloset Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017
Yep, we have a discord chat as described and we're getting back into biweekly prompts after the summer. If you want to come in for a look, please click here!
Robbie18 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
maybe I never done anything like this.
trollinthecloset Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017
Are you looking for an RP group?
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Haruyou Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017
I miss this group... I was so close to joining, then life got in the way. I check back from time to time.. So happy to see it's still up. 
nopinky Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're always welcome to stop by!
LegacyBot Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017
Beep boop all hail your new glorious robot overlord
NekoHellAngel Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016
Just saying that I AM still here, but summer holidays means kids here 24/7 so my free time is VERY limited XD Will get on if/when I can and will hopefully have arts to share when I do~!  Shir hugs for everyone~!

If anyone really wants/needs me, get me on Skype and I'll get back to you asap!
STARFINDER2468 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016
I HAVE RETURNED!!!! I have finally got my crap together, and I think I am ready to try again, but I haven't made a new character just yet, I have an idea of how he acts. Hope to see you guys very soon.
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