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Double fiddle

By Toszum
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Playing with ideas. Enjoy
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I'm gay but I'm obsessed with humiliating bodysuit bondage, even more so when it's two subs so I find this HHOOTTTTTT.

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an ingenious contraption!
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I looooove the suits. I wish I was the one in pink.
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it may looks good. what are those tubed pumps connected to. is it to their venus along with the back-hole also. what is it used for.  ;) :P  were they delighted to be in this position. ;) :P
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As far as I know, they go to blow up balloons which can be put in the vagina or anus, and the part you see is the pump

Looks like something which would work for sensory deprivation torture.
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hmm why does the evil part of me want Becky to drop the key?
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but she has no chance of reaching it as is. Nice and safe against her chest where it cant be picked up. 
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you're not alone :P
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How perfectly delightful! :love: lovely situation to be in too ;)
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wow thats great! 
Would like to be the one playing around with them...

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Wow! Great job capturing the angles and shades!
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That's a great picture I love the metal bondage 
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They deserved this punishment
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I'm curious, how exactly are they supposed to release themselves from this? 
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Amazing, I love it! Lance 
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Wow this is really nice. I especially like the suits and ball gag. Would love that predicament...
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I feel like this needs to be expanded with a sequel.
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I really love this picture too its really delicious.
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Love the picture and I would love to be one of the  girls i nthe picture a lot
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