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Be horrified. Or be excited - I don't judge.
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lycratv's avatar

Where is this from. I've seen another version of it that got much more detailed.

I think it's this series: Rats.

Rats Page 1
HOODME's avatar

I need to find this basement before her...

It's mine!!!!!!!

HOODME's avatar

If they have enough room, I take one.. for a long stay no problem

kyliemom's avatar

need this for my basement where do i get one (smiles)

Monk412's avatar

Kind of like the home version of the show "storage hunters." What a find. The previous owner had an interesting hobby.

salopeslut's avatar
exited of course!
FetishRubberFiend's avatar
Always read the fine print.
The door is set to 'Emergency Release Option: DISABLED. External release only. If she still has the key...

Also, as in 'Rats', ensure the life-support is operational.

Pity there's no visual VR; the hours (days...) will seem so lo-ong.
(and yes, I'd have a hard time resisting it too.)
= = =
Great short story, this is exactly what is in mind.  If I found this chamber, I will certainly do the same as well, not too concern anyone will find me at all.
ArachnaFonFenris's avatar
Hey, that's the "Rats " abstract!  But.. Why the door is opened? 
i would love to be her after making sure someone i would love to submit to knows where to find me

MasterJohn18's avatar
An interesting discovery indeed
RavenSaber's avatar
I want that be in it in a heartbeat
FlowyB's avatar
mate i f*cking loved that one
Perhaps the grandson finds her and keeps her from releasing herself. Soon the place would be his and she would be a lovely if unplanned addition. Im sure he could have her well trained by the time he became the owner of the house and her. 
Wonderful work; I can feel the urge to get into that suit AND put the hands into the gloves; why doesnt somebody build and sell that suit, sigh
Arctic--Revolution's avatar
Really fun outfit and I love the little story excerpt in there too. :) 
This is so hot, but I would also be afraid to put on the gloves, but it is also on the other side a big kick.
glorialatex's avatar
I would I am afraid put o nthe gloves as the suit is only complete with the gloves on
Spider900's avatar
Great work and story.
WarriorKing1's avatar
Rats Page 1 this seems to be the start of a full comic version 
LonaRubberdoll's avatar
be less horrifying if the suit had a timer which opened after a certain time :p
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