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Funny Note Q&A!

Ask the Funny Notes by TostyKresth87, visual art

Funny Notes: A Sandy Afternoon by TostyKresth87, literature

Tiny Toons: I'm With Stupid by TostyKresth87, literature

Tiny Toons: Fun Drazer (Part 2) by TostyKresth87, literature

Tiny Toons: Locked in the Looniversity! by TostyKresth87, literature

StoryToon Setup by TostyKresth87, literature

Tiny Toons: Snowball Effect by TostyKresth87, literature

Tiny Toons: Flowers for Sarah by TostyKresth87, literature

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Funny Notes: Afraid of the Dark by TostyKresth87, literature

Possible StoryToon Ideas by TostyKresth87, literature

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My Bio

Hey all you deviants! This is TostyKresth87, best known as "TostyKresth87 Productions" on YouTube, as well as the creator of the "Funny Notes" cartoon series. I am currently a 15-year-old artist/writer who is a big fan of cartoons, funny/cute things, music, and nostalgia! If you love any of those things as well, you've come to the right place!

This may sound cliche, but feel free to watch me and/or :+fav: my stuff! If you're mainly interested in Cars-related content, feel free to check out my YT channel as well!

ART STATUS: Requests: Temporarily closed (reopen on 12/5)

Art Trades: Open

Commissions: No

If you're interested in a request or a trade, make sure to read my Constitution for more information! It's pinned to my page right below this bio, so you can easily find it.

My friends (or at least people who I consider as friends):

@JHcomixofficial AKA @JHcomixIsCool/ @JHComix/@JHComix2 (best friend)

@rocketspruggs (co-best friend)

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"That's the Show!"

Favourite Visual Artist
Any cartoony artist (Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, etc.)
Favourite Movies
Cars (all 3), The SpongeBob Movie (2004), Space Jam (1996), and many more.
Favourite TV Shows
SpongeBob (and many other Nicktoons), Tiny Toons (and Looney Tunes in general), many other cartoons, and game shows.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Eminem, P!nk, Taio Cruz
Favourite Games
Minecraft, Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated, Cars the Video Game (2006), Cars 3: Driven to Win, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360, PS2, PS4, DSi, Switch
Tools of the Trade
Pencil/Pen, Paper, Crayola Crayons, Chromebook
As a person who has had a history of problems with requests, and conflicts with other users, I have decided to establish this set of rules, to prevent any future problems. Do not comment on this journal. If you have any questions, ask somewhere else. ----------------------------- Article 1: Requests, Trades, Gifts, and Fanart Part 1: Requests are welcome by many people, as long as they follow the rules below. Part 2: The franchises I will accept requests for include the following: Funny Notes/Tosty-Kresth related stuff Tiny Toons/Animaniacs/Looney Tunes Nicktoons/Nick Jr. shows Cars (either the movie or my own characters) Most other franchises (but it depends) Most OCs from other artists As for specific tropes, it depends on the type and characters. Part 3: I will not be accepting requests that contain the following: Fetish-related stuff (Fat, inflation, feet, vore, etc.) NSFW stuff Things I'm uncomfortable with drawing (Amendment 3) Anime MLP (no offense to any of my
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Request Box (temporarily closed)

If anyone has a request, submit it here! You can request up to 5 drawings at a time.

All About Funny Notes

Funny Notes: About the Toons by TostyKresth87, journal

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I'll do it.

Congratulations, you got the last request before they closed!


could you do Jungle Jasiri doing a cannonball into a mud puddle

{RQ} Jasiri as a Anthro Jungle Hyena

I don't really think I can do that.

I think I'm late but Happy Thanksgiving, Tosty!

Just wanted to say, Happy Thanksgiving!