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fixed taskbarsizing and added a second config with different popupstyle


Tiny config with popup and xtray (fades in in the bottom left)

There is also skins for Samurize, Rainlendar and a Visual Style.



Get the whole suite here click

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The LS code is a mess, I had to straighten it out and also the jdesktop area was completely wrong. I'm sure you guys are still working on this because it's not finished. One of the VS's has issues with the title bar. I fixed the LS as much I could. Hopefully you guys work it out.

The tray needs to have new hotspots and placed out of the way. The taskbar, clock and menu all need to be hidden during fullscreen or like I said fix the xdesktop area so that the window isn't behind it during full screen.

Overall good job, but work out the kinks and it'll be great. :)
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Thx for your reply. I tried to fix that. On my resolution there is no problem. Tell me if it works now ...:sun:
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It seems to be working fine one of my other computers, but I haven't tried on any others as I had already edited it, but thanks.
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great skin!
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Love the theme but it says that the theme.rc file can't be found when I try to install it :(
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That's strange. Can't explain that.
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okay it gave me the messege, didn't do anything for about two minutes, I went to reboot and it appeared! O.o lol that is strange.

And I had no idea it was as tiny as it is!
But my resolution might be larger than most too
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amazing skin!
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amazing release!!!
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it's AWESOME !

congrats and thanks for the hard work ;)
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Glad you like that...:sun:
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