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ZM0072 Tezcatl'poca



 BHEC 'SV's' ZM0072 Tezcatl'poca

ee/Aa/SbSb/ff (+Ee/aa/nPrl) // Mix sabino (sabino white) /w black chimera

Bullet; Blue Stable Name: Breezy Haven Equestrian Center
   Show Name: ZM0072 Tezcatl'poca (pronounced - Tess-cart-lee-pokar with silent 'ee')
   Nickname: Cat
   ID: ZM0072
Bullet; Blue Age: 6 years
Bullet; Blue Sex: Mare
Bullet; Blue Breed: Zlesdin 
Bullet; Blue Height: 16.1 hh
Bullet; Blue Weight: 1,110

Bullet; Blue Genotype: ee/Aa/SbSb/ff(+Ee/aa/nPrl) 
Bullet; Blue Phenotype: Mixed sabino (sabino white) /w black chimera

Bullet; Blue Disciplines/Skill Set: Eventing, halter, fox hunting, broodmare

Bullet; Blue Tack: 
Cat Tack by toskurra

Trainer(s): Ayn, Joseph


Tezcatl'poca knows how to charm the stallions, her finesse and beauty is second to none, making her irresistible to the boys. Her movements are graceful, agile and swift. She moves more like a cat, a jaguar of the night, rather than the 16.1hh mare that she is. Completely at home in the destruction of a storm, Cat thrives in cold, harsh weather. The grace of a thunderstorm within the night sky completely describes this girl's approach to life; Beautiful Chaos. She has the upper hand in life and she knows it, you only have to look at her to realize that. Chaos is her serenity, war and strife, enmity and discord - all of these are like stars in the sky to her. She thrives on destruction and hatred... anything that brings about an atmospheric unbalance is one with Tezcatl'poca. Often described as a "Smoking Mirror", this mare isn't all that she seems...

Bullet; Blue Other References

SV's Tezcatl'poca (Cat) ZM0072 by V838-Mon+ 3 ZP  Zlesdin Custom Import - V838-Mon by Zoubstance

Bullet; Blue Training / Recreational Images 

m e r i d i a n

Bullet; Blue Competition Entries

Bullet; Blue Bloodlines

 - Total Points: 22
Rank: Zayus

------------------------------------------------- SSS: Unknown
---------------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- SDS: Unknown
---------------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- DSS: Unknown
---------------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
------------------------------------------------- DSS: Unknown
---------------------- DD: Unknown

------------------------------------------------- DDD: Unknown

Breedings 0/5 Bullet; Red Not Open


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art / character (c) toskurra
original design (c) Zoubstance 

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what a wonderful Horse <3