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Welcome to toskals, a closed species created by Felix-Vulpes.

Join our Discord!

Toskals come in all shapes and sizes! To learn more about the species, please hop into our discord server, and our moderators and helpers will be happy to assist you with any questions you have.

We are a species that primarily operates on discord: You'll find adopt previews, advance notifications of when adoptables will go up, fun events for points and toskals, and plenty more, so we highly encourage you to join!

Quick Links

(MYO Information journal is currently in the works! In the meantime, feel free to either DM Felix-Vulpes or send a note to the group itself if you're interested in purchasing an MYO slot.)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • Gachas: August 22nd
  • Pup Rolls: August 21st
  • Pup Rolls: September 10th
  • Pup Rolls: October 2nd
  • Pup Rolls: October 22nd


All our roles are inherited from our discord server. We all work together to provide you the best experience we can in toskals!



Underlords (Admins)

:iconcybersix-data7: :iconryklav:

Warriors (Moderators)

:iconccshu: :iconpekoa: :iconhaylowzee:

Scribblers (Artists)

:iconccshu: :iconryklav:



General Species Information

In addition to those listed below, there are also two sub-species not mentioned: Apexes (male only, available once a month in auctions or flatsale raffles), and grunts (a semi-open subspecies). You can find more information about them in our References and Species Info gallery, and in this journal.

Want your own Toskal?

Looking to acquire your own Toskal? While they are a mostly closed species (read more on this below), there are many ways in which you can acquire your very own toskal.

Acquiring your own toskal

Adoptables: The most straightforward way of acquiring them: our artists will create adoptables from time to time (sometimes released exclusively on discord!) available for purchase.

MYO slots: These are available year round from the creator herself. See (this will be link to myo journal) here for more information!

Events: As mentioned above, we also have discord events throughout the year during which you can acquire your own toskal, so we highly encourage you to join our discord server in order to participate in these events!

Semi-Open Subspecies: Toskals also have a unique subspecies referred to as grunts (or brutes for the ladies). Every member is allowed to create one grunt for free, and obtains more grunt slots for every two regular toskals they acquire as well, so you can make grunts to your heart's content! (The first free grunt slot is non-tradeable as a myo slot, but the ones thereafter are!) Read more about grunts here.

Breeding: Lastly, Toskals has a very special system in place that allows you to breed existing toskals together for pups! You can read more about this below.

Toskals Point System

As a sign of gratitude to our community, we have a special point system in place where members of the community can earn points on art and stories made of their toskals. Members can redeem these points for upgrades to their toskals, free pets, and even a full custom from the creator herself! See this journal for more detailed information: Toskal Points System.

We are currently keeping track of points through a bot on our discord server. Unfortunately, we do require you to be present within our discord server in order to take advantage of the point system. If this is a problem for you for any reason, please note the group and we will discuss alternative options for you!


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TotemicAtomic Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2020
They kind of remind me of Vernids and Sergals... Either way it's a cool species and maybe I'll look into it more
Smallclawz Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm curious where you see sergal please explain im very confused (I kinda understand vernid bec ears are similar) but where do you see sergal? I'm meaning this in a 100% curious way, not trying to be rude at all
cranbxrrie Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2021
I can totally see a sergal in them. Since their snouts are thicker, they look kind of like sergal heads, shark heads, etc. Some of them have the big mane on the back, like sergals. I see a similarity in their eyes, too. 
Code-Shark Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Howdy, I am seeking some more information on Toskals in general, alas I do not have a Discord. Any opportunity to use Notes on DA
CCShu Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! We respond to notes as well, so feel free to send the group a note with any questions! Here's the link if you need it ->…
Code-Shark Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Just wanted to touch base, make sure everything is okay?
CCShu Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh yes, most of the questions you asked can only be answered the Fel, and she's still working on writing it all out, apologies for the wait!
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Code-Shark Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you, and very good. Note is away, I just hope I have not asked to many questions.
SkyeFairy99 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2019
How do I join the group?
CCShu Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
On the left side of the page, there should be a button to join the group!…

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